Wealth Squad Reviews - Honest Review & Recommendation

Wealth Squad Reviews – Honest Review & Recommendation

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Wealth Squad Reviews | Overview

Welcome to this Wealth Squad review, which is a subscription group created by Money Twitter Influencer Chris Johnson. For those of you who don’t know him, Chris came into prominence on Twitter and Instagram over the last 2 years or so offering Investment related content as well as courses relating to making money online and Investing in the stock market. He shone a lot of light on how to earn passive income with dividends among other investment tips.

Cyber Money was his initial flagship product, which I reviewed here.

Chris Johnson continues to post free content on his Social Media channels and in 2021 opened up a paid subscription members group called Wealth Squad, which is was initially advertised as a place where he posts more regularly and offers more on-the-spot picks and investment advice as the market is happening.

wealth squad reviews
Chris Johnson

Subscription groups like the Wealth Squad are a growing thing lately, naturally as the idea of reoccurring income is extremely attractive to product creators and businesses. Why charge once, when you can charge 12 times a year?

You see this everywhere, from groups like Wealth Squad to apps like Photoshop all becoming subscription-based over the last few years.

While this may strike you as annoying initially, it does actually make sense when continued work and value is being pumped out. For example, Chris and his team are constantly keeping their finger on the pulse with regards to investment picks and advice as well as sharing this information day in day out.

For these reasons alone, I was happy to join the Wealth Squad and other groups.

Wealth Squad Reviews | What is the Wealth Squad?

On Chris Johnson’s Twitter account a pinned tweet describes the Wealth Squad as:

A community to discuss, learn, and collaborate with other members and our experts. We discuss categories such as: Stocks, Options, Dividends, Flipping, Sneakers, Real Estate, E-Commerce, Branding, Taxes, LLC’s, Fitness/Health, Crypto, Amazon, Ebay, and even more.

We now have almost nightly lessons where you can ask questions with our experts and they go over their topic. Can’t make the day? Don’t worry, all lessons are recorded and you can watch at a later date. 25$ / Month cancel anytime.

Wealth Squad Reviews – Chris Johnson (Twitter)

This pretty much sums it up as well as I could put it. The all in one community for “get money, buy income,” the monicker often used by Chris Johnson.

The Wealth Squad was created for those looking for premium content after going through Chris’s Cyber Money course or for those just wanting to find out more about what Chris actually invests in after only seeing snippets on Twitter.

A quick glimpse at Chris’s social media and it becomes immediately apparent that he has been hugely successful with investing over the past 10 years, which is how long he says he’s been involved with trading and investing.

The truth is, most people are not skilled investors and would much prefer someone else with more knowledge to provide guidance, a pathway, or even exact picks and trades that we can take action on.

The advantages to this are that if you are sitting there with money in your hand, but don’t feel confident in your ability to invest well, it’s a much more attractive prospect to be in constant contact with the guy driving the lambo on Instagram making the right picks, and just following him.

wealth squad reviews
The Wealth Squad Emblum

Wealth Squad Reviews | What’s Inside?

Wealth Squad is a paid community created using launchpass.com as the paywall, and Discord, which is where everything is actually happening. In a nutshell, Wealth Squad is basically a discord community consisting of many channels from Investing to Online Business.

For those unfamiliar with Discord, it’s free to download and is essentially a forum/chat with multiple channels that you can be part of. Similar to forums and sub-forums.

With the Wealth Squad Discord channel you have a huge number of different channels. There are channels for:

  • Introductions
  • Wealth Squad University
  • Newbie & Support
  • Stocks
  • Flipping Products
  • Business
  • E-Commerece
  • Real Estate
  • Credit
  • Personal Finance
  • Crypto
  • Forex
  • Health
  • Ebay
  • Amazon
  • Canada
  • Misc.

Within all of these groups, there are also sub-channels. For example, under the Stocks channel, there are channels/chats about dividends, stocks, options etc.

Below is what you should expect to see inside discord as far as channels go.

wealth squad reviews

As you can see there are a huge range of topics being discussed. Most of the channels are packed with value on their respective topics, although it feels as though most people are there for the stock and options plays as well as the Crypto calls.

I actually think it would be better off being more focused to Investing, Crypto, and trading since that’s where most of the action is anyway, and thats where the majority of the expertise is.

I think by being too diverse in many different areas, it can often be confusing as to where to go and what you should focus on. I also feel that while Chris is a great Investor, there are better people out there to learn about Ebay, FBA, E-Commerce, and Fitness from.

Having said that, the Investing and Crypto related channels are active with discussions going on everyday. And, lets face it, that’s why everyone joins the Wealth Squad.

One thing I would avoid if you are new to investing is that there is a lot of speculation amongst members going on in the chatrooms, and while this can be addictive to read and be excited about, it’s not why you should be joining a community like this.

You should be joining to B-Line it to known experts and get their picks and knowledge, not hear about what bigjohn12369 has to say.

A lot of people who are in investment communities are newbies and are unable to hold onto money. They must ALWAYS be betting, even when the markets aren’t looking good and it’s best to do nothing. It’s extremely important you don’t get overly excited and start trading and taking advice from amateurs. Remember why you are joining.

If you’re looking for random speculative conversations about what is or isn’t going to “moon,” there is plenty of that on Twitter.

Having said that, if you do approach the Wealth Squad in the right way, there is no reason why you shouldn’t find success if you play it smart. More on playing it smart further down.

wealth squad reviews

Wealth Squad Reviews | My Experience

Since earlier last year, I’ve become a member of a few communities online. I think the sense of having a live community of filtered, high-value knowledge is just better than browsing through Twitter and other Social Media platforms.

I value my time more, and while we are all guilty of a fair bit of aimless Social Media browsing, I wanted to optimize those moments so that when I was chilling or taking a break, I still wanted to be reading or looking at things worth looking at.

If I’m not actively doing something, I at least want to be passively taking in worthwhile information, which you simply don’t get on standard Social Media platforms.

With investing, I find it particularly important. I can easily go without being part of a dating community or a fitness community, as the rules for success in those areas remain constant.

Conversely, being part of an investment group is 10x more important due to the fact that it’s the opposite of constant. The markets are constantly changing, dangers are constantly arising, and opportunities are constantly being presented. If i was to recommend joining any community, it would be an investment one, FIRST.

Having said that, and this might come as a shock…

I wouldn’t actually recommend Wealth Squad as my first choice for learning how to trade and invest. As someone who went through Chris’s Cyber Money program and who is in the Wealth Squad and Close Friends Group, I don’t think I would’ve been able to benefit from the Wealth Squad nearly as much, if I didn’t go through Cyber Money first.

In addition to that, with Chris’s newer (and cheaper) Close Friends Group, I find that the knowledge shared in there plus the knowledge taken from Cyber Money might even be a better starting point for beginners (and it’s cheaper).

In fact a bunch of my most successful trades have actually come from knowledge shared in the close friends group, which is $40 less than the Wealth Squad.

Wealth Squad Reviews | What People Are Saying?

Naturally with any influencer who has an info product, you’re only going to be privy to the wins, not the losses. Chris’s Social Media is no different. It’s stacked full of winning trades, positive testimonials, and videos of wins.

The thing with trading is that it ultimately carries a lot of risk and is therefore isn’t going to be all wins, otherwise everyone would be billionaires.

So, are people actually winning in the Wealth Squad and the Close Friends Group? See for yourself…

Wealth Squad Reviews | Testimonials

wealth squad reviews
wealth squad reviews
wealth squad reviews

In short, there are successes happening every single day inside the Wealth Squad and from the Close Friends Group, and I’d go as far as to say there aren’t any other groups out there quite like them.

Chris and his team continue to give some amazing picks on the regular. However, like I said before, I generally find it best to only focus on what Chris is doing and the plays he is making and not getting caught up with what random people in the chatrooms are doing, despite how fun it is to talk and speculate.

This is another reason why I absolutely advise/recommend going through Cyber Money first, so you have a concrete foundation and can form intelligent ideas around investing. This stops you getting sucked in so easily with all the chatter. It’s also why I recommend the Close Friends Group, because it means you are only focused on Chris and what he is doing via his calls on Instagram. You can also get a better feel of how he operates.

Remember, the point of joining communities is to B-line it to the experts so you don’t have to waste time becoming one yourself. Success values speed.

Wealth Squad Reviews | Conclusion

First, thank you for checking out this Wealth Squad review. There are likely a few Wealth Squad reviews out there, so I’m trying to be as honest as possible.

To wrap up, Wealth Squad is a one-of-a-kind community for Investing, trading, and Crypto. Outside of these areas such as with e-commerce, Amazon etc, you’ll find that the content is average, but I don’t think people join Wealth Squad for this reason anyway, so it’s ultimately not an issue.

If you’re looking to get into Investing, you have built a solid foundation in Cyber Money, and you are able to resist speculation and chatter, I think both the Wealth Squad and Close Friends Group are worth joining. There aren’t many experts on Chris’s level out there who dedicate time to helping others and have such a huge value giving Social Media presence.

My Final Recommendation

After giving it a lot of thought I actually have 2 recommendations for the 2 types of people I imagine are reading this review.

If you are already somewhat familiar with Investing, you’ve tried it before, or if you are looking for something to move onto after completing Chris’s Cyber Money program or another Investment program, I think the Wealth Squad is the best community there is.

If you are an absolute newbie, and you’re looking to join Wealth Squad and get rich quick, I honestly feel you may be setting yourself up for a loss. Due to the lack of foundational knowledge, newbies have a habit of being sucked into whatever anybody else says.

I’ve seen it happen in many groups where the market isn’t primed for making moves, and newbies are sitting there with money burning a hole in their pocket making moves given by other random newbies who are in the group.

Don’t let this be you!

The antidote to this is to first build up your fundamentals, so you are able to immediately tell if the person you are talking to is smart or just spouting uneducated nonsense.

Remember, something like 90% of people who get into investing LOSE money, so don’t be so proud as to think you can just walk in and 10x your money without building a base of knowledge first.

For those people, I would recommend you:

  1. Get Cyber Money and LEARN! – It will save you money and pay off massively after you’re done. It will only take 1-3 days to go through. What’s a few days gaining knowledge when there’s potentially $1,000’s of your money on the line? Please Just Be smart.
  2. Join the Close Friends Group – You can get up close and personal with Chris on his private Instagram and learn A LOT just from seeing how he operates. He also gives some great picks in this group also that I’ve seen big returns from. It’s also cheaper than Wealth Squad.

I really can’t emphasize enough how important it is to play it slow and steady if you are new. Remember, 90% of people burn their accounts and I bet every single one of them thought they were different and it wouldn’t happen to them.

“Slow and steady wins the race.”

Warren Buffet

Need To Make Money First?

Chris Johnson has a brand slogan, which is “Get money, buy income.”

It’s important to remember that one comes before the other.

Many people make the mistake of getting into investing, but hardly have any starting capital to work with. If you have under $5000, I’d say you’re still in the “Get money” stage, which is ok.

I mean if you traded $5000 and got a 100% return (rare) you’d still only have $10,000. To make a substantial amount of money in a short period of time, you’d need to 2x’ing again and again, which is nearly impossible.

The fastest way to make money is by creating a working online business or side hustle. This will enable you to make over $10,000 much quicker than ‘hitting and hoping’ in the stock or crypto market. Especially now.

What you need is CASHFLOW

If you’re looking to make more cashflow and you’re new to making money online, I’d recommend joining my SLVRSPN program. It is called SLVRSPN (silverspoon) because it has been designed in a way that literally spoon-feeds you the steps required in order to build a successful business online.

You honestly just need to follow along and do what is said.

With most courses and programs out there, people teach you from the point of view of their own history and what worked for them, “I built a huge following like this, now you try.” They’re attempting to teach you how to fish while not understanding that you have different attributes and timing to them.

With SLVRSPN, you are taught how to fish, but you’re also just given the damn fish. As long as you remain consistent and follow along, It is literally FAIL PROOF.

If you are someone who wants to start a working business online, click the button below. For a limited time, you can get started with SLVRSPN and join SLVRSPN community for FREE when you buy Cyber Money OR join Chris’ Close Friends Group – Simply click one of the buttons below.

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