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Wealth Squad Reviews | Overview

Welcome to this Wealth Squad review, which is a subscription group created by Investment Twitter Influencer Chris Johnson. For those of you who don’t know him, Chris came into prominence on Twitter and Instagram over the last 2 years or so offering Investment related content as well as courses relating to making money online and Investing in the stock market, a lot of the time with a focus on how to earn passive income with dividends.

Cyber Money is considered his fundamental flagship product, which I reviewed here.

Chris Johnson continues to post free content on his Social Media channels and recently opened up a paid subscription members group called Wealth Squad, which is advertised as the place where he posts more regularly and offers more on-the-spot picks and investment advice as the market is happening.

wealth squad reviews
Chris Johnson

Subscription groups are a big thing lately I notice as naturally, a reoccurring income is better than customers just buying a one time product. You see this everywhere, from groups like Wealth Squad to apps like Photoshop all becoming subscription-based over the last few years.

While this is annoying in some instances, for keeping your finger on the pulse with regards to investment picks and advice it actually makes sense as the market is constantly moving and changing.

Wealth Squad Reviews | What is the Wealth Squad?

On Chris Johnson’s Twitter account the pinned tweet describes the Wealth Squad as

A community to discuss, learn, and collaborate with other members and our experts. We discuss categories such as: Stocks, Options, Dividends, Flipping, Sneakers, Real Estate, E-Commerce, Branding, Taxes, LLC’s, Fitness/Health, Crypto, Amazon, Ebay, and even more.

We now have almost nightly lessons where you can ask questions with our experts and they go over their topic. Can’t make the day? Don’t worry, all lessons are recorded and you can watch at a later date. 25$ / Month cancel anytime.

Wealth Squad Reviews – Chris Johnson (Twitter)

This pretty much sums it up as well as I could put it. The all in one community for “get money, buy income,” the slogan of Chris Johnson.

In essence, the Wealth Squad is (on-going) sequel or follow up product, which was created for those looking for premium content after going through Chris’s Cyber Money course, or just wanting to find out more about what he invests in after seeing snippets on Twitter.

Despite what I think about Wealth Squad, it’s no denying that Chris has been successful with investing over the past 10 years, which is how long he says he’s been involved with investing in the stock market.

Like me, most people are not trained or skilled investors and would much prefer someone else with more knowledge do the work for us and provide guidance, a pathway, or even exact picks and trades we should pay attention to or take action on.

The advantages to this are that if you are sitting there with money in your hand, but don’t feel confident in your ability to invest it optimally, it’s a much more attractive prospect to be in constant contact with the guy driving the lambo on Instagram, who seems to always be making the right picks, and just following him.

Instagram can be deceiving however, but more on that in a second.

wealth squad reviews
The Wealth Squad Emblum

Wealth Squad Reviews | What’s Inside?

Wealth Squad is a paid community made using launchpass.com as the paywall, and discord, which is where everything is actually happening. In a nutshell, Wealth Squad is basically a discord forum and sub-forums.

For those unfamiliar with Discord, it’s free to download and is essentially a forum/chat with multiple channels that you can be part of depending on what you need. Similar to forums and sub-forums.

With the Wealth Squad Discord channel you have a huge number of different categories of channels or sub-channels. There are channels for

  • Introduction Channel / Wealth Squad University
  • Newbie & Support
  • Stocks
  • Flipping Products
  • Business
  • E-Commerece
  • Real Estate
  • Credit
  • Personal Finance
  • Crypto
  • Forex
  • Health
  • Ebay
  • Amazon
  • Canada
  • Misc.

Within all of these channels, there are also sub-channels. For example, under the Stocks channel, there are channels/chats about dividends, stocks, options etc.

Below is what you should expect to see inside discord as far as channels and sub-channels go.

wealth squad reviews

While this looks expansive and appears to be about everything, I find it spreads everything a bit too thin. A lot of these sections aren’t really active despite how it may look in the screenshots.

I think Wealth Squad would be better off being more focused to Investing and the Stock Market since thats where most of the action is anyway and thats where the majority of the expertise is.

This is consistent with his products also as I’ve found that while his investment products are quite good, there are much better products and experts out there when it comes to the other channel subjects, namely Crypto, E-Com, flipping, Amazon, and E-bay.

Having said that, the Stocks channel and sub-channels are active with discussions going on everyday.

Sometimes, you find expert advice and picks, but a lot of it is also speculation amongst members, and while this can be addictive to read, be excited about, and fantasize about hypothetical gains, it’s not why you should be joining a community like this. You should be joining to B-Line it to known experts and get their picks and knowledge, not hear about what bigjohn12369 has to say.

If you’re you’re looking for random speculative conversations about what is or isn’t going to “moon,” there is plenty of that on Twitter.

wealth squad reviews

Wealth Squad Reviews | My Experience

Since earlier last year, I’ve become a member of a few communities online. For reasons I mentioned earlier, I think the sense of having a live community of filtered, high-value knowledge is simply better than browsing through Twitter and other Social Media platforms.

I value my time more, and while we are all guilty of a fair bit of aimless Social Media browsing, I wanted to optimize those moments, so that when I was chilling or taking a break, I still wanted to be reading or looking at things worth looking at.

If I’m not actively doing something, I at least want to be passively taking in optimal information, which you simply don’t get on standard Social Media platforms.

With investing, I find it particularly important as I’ve said. I could go without being part of a men’s community or a fitness community, as the rules for success in those areas remain constant. I’m in those more for to pick up, share, and socialize with like minded people as it keeps me motivated.

In comparison though, being part of an investment group is 10x more important due to the fact that it’s the opposite of constant. The markets are constantly changing, dangers are constantly arising, and opportunities are constantly being presented. If i was to recommend joining any community, it would be an investment one, FIRST.

Having said that, I don’t actually find Wealth Squad to be my first choice of Investment groups for reasons I touched on earlier. I find that for the price and the expertise-on-hand doesn’t align for me as well as the group I ultimately chose to remain a part of, which you can find out about here.

I like to give everything a chance, but ultimately I’m going to go with that which has the most actual value, not hype, not biggest influencer running it, and not the flashiest. But, the one were after joining a few at the same time, I can look at which one contributed to my bank account increasing the most made me the most.

Always, follow the facts and figures. Which one is ACTUALLY the most value? and the one ACTUALLY giving you the picks that make you money?

Wealth Squad Reviews | What People Are Saying

Naturally with any influencer in any niche with an info product, you’re only going to be privy to the wins, not the losses. Chris’s Social Media is no different. It’s stacked full of wins, and testimonials of wins, and videos of wins.

The thing with Options trading is, it ultimately carries a lot of risk, and therefore it ultimately isn’t going to be all wins, or everyone would be a millionaire.

Are people winning in Wealth Squad?

Wealth Squad Reviews | Testimonials

wealth squad reviews
wealth squad reviews
wealth squad reviews

One thing that is important to remember that online, these people are predominantly marketers, so everything you see on Social Media has been strategically place there to make a product look amazing.

Nobody is naturally that altruistic towards strangers, so beware of people overly announcing that they want you to succeed.

People ultimately really want themselves to succeed, and every tactic and marketing ploy is there to get sign-ups at the end of the day.

I mean, if you found the secrets of how to constantly win at something, would you be out there telling strangers just because you really want them to succeed, too? People you’ve never even met? Probably not. You might be able to help them, but you’re trying to make the money off the Info product first. That’s the game.

Having said that the Wealth Squad will give you picks here and there. As I said, the groups are spread a bit thin and I did spend most of my time just reading through what other members had to say, and they were ultimately people I didn’t know or trust. I still only paid attention to Chris’s picks, which are fine.

However, holding out for one person is something I didn’t like that much. In the current community I’m in, there are a lot more experts, a lot more calls, and a lot more contact with the people who know what they’re talking about. With an investment group, this is the real selling point for me, and it should be for you too.

Remember, the point of joining communities is to B-line it to the experts, so you don’t have to waste time becoming one yourself. Success values speed.

Wealth Squad Reviews | Conclusion

First, thank you for checking out this Wealth Squad review. There are likely a lot of Wealth Squad reviews out there, so I’m trying to be as legit as possible.

To wrap up, Wealth Squad is a reasonably good community for Investing and trading stocks and options. Outside of these areas, such as with regards to crypto, e-commerce, Amazon etc, you’ll find that the content is average. YouTube has much better content.

Ideally, I think Wealth Squad should be targeted only to investing, and more effort put into giving people what they want and doing collaborations with other investors who are able to take questions and communicate with the members.

Wealth Squad often feels like it’s just another, perhaps more targeted, investment Twitter.

Will you find good picks? Sure. Does Chris know what he’s talking about? Yes. But for the price tag, I don’t think you’re getting as much effort put into the group as you could be.

Wealth Squad Review | My Recommendation

After joining, 3-4 groups at once, and analyzing my results from picks from both groups, as well as the overall value I was getting from each groups, I ended up leaving Wealth Squad in favor of a community that offers more of what I mentioned above, which is Todd Capitals Options and Wealth Building Community.

I just feel like a lot more effort is put into the community on a regular basis. Not to mention that Charles Oglseby III (Todd Capital) is a seasoned investor with extremely high level credentials to back it up. I wouldn’t be surprised if Chris was actually a student of his. If anyone can confirm this, let me know.

There is also a lot more consistent effort put into the group in the way of groups calls, guest speakers, interviews, and Q&A forums/events very regularly. The expertise on offer is just from more people, more often, and more tailored. It makes sense that there are currently 5000 members.

To read a full review of Todd Capitals Options and Wealth Building Community – Click here. I’m currently giving away a FREE, Exclusive Bonus bundle to those who check it out.

I hope you got something from this review. I tried to include everything I could, but if you have any questions, leave a comment and i do reply to everybody.

Thanks for reading.

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