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Agency Navigator Review – Is The Iman Gadzhi Course A Scam?

Welcome to this Agency Navigator Review. This is Iman Gadzhi’s flagship program and builds upon his YouTube and Social Media content surrounding becoming an entrepreneur by going down the path of building your own digital marketing agency.

The agency or SMMA model of online business became a thing around about 2015 when Instagram started really taking off and Facebook was still a prominent Social media platform for all ages and demographics.

I first heard of this business model from Tai Lopez, who seemed to be the first person to popularize the SMMA model, not to mention making money online. I even found and took his program on building an agency and gave it a go.

Following this, a lot of other smaller channels and coaches emerged teaching their own methods.

One such person was Iman Gadzhi who built up a following with his own unique approach to content and teaching people about the agency model. What made him stand out was that he was very young and therefore more relatable to that demographic.

Whether he was legit or not was yet to be seen. He did however seem to have a lot of money.

Agency Navigator Review
agency navigator course review

Agency Navigator Review | What is Agency Navigator Exactly?

In this Agency Navigator review, we will go deep into what you can expect. Agency Navigator is Iman’s flagship product, which teaches you how to start your own successful agency and become an agency owner, following in his footsteps.

This has become somewhat of a standard modus-operandi of business Gurus online. Sell a method to making money, flex a little bit, and release a course showing how to do it. It’s somewhat cliche, but admittedly effective.

The Agency Navigator course is a program with 8 sections. It has over 50 hours of video. There are nearly 70 videos. They are all high quality, shot in 4K, and 30-60 minutes long. You also get the main program, community, weekly Q&A calls, and a private Facebook group.

Agency Navigator also includes the Agency Navigator FAST TRACK, which is an intensive version broken into 6 weekly masterclasses.

Agency Navigator Review
Grow Your Agency / Agency Navigator

Module 1 – Laying your Foundation

Module 1 introduces you to the agency incubator and gives a high-level overview of the program getting your groundwork sorted out before progressing onward.

  • Program Principles
  • Agency 3.0 Model
  • Niche Discovery
  • Service Selection
  • Code of Honor
  • A Craftsman Tools
  • Loading the Rifle

Module 2 – Mindset

  • Preparing the Vessel
  • Mental Metamorphosis
  • Monk Mode
  • The War Path
  • Social Engineering 101
  • Pragmatic Day in Life
  • Keeping a Tight Ship

Module 2 goes into mindset and is a common module of many online programs. The goal is to do the mental groundwork so you know what to expect and what is required from you to succeed.   

Module 3 – Systems and Processes

Module 3 gets somewhat technical and dives into what systems you need to have set up before you start, such as pricing and getting paid.

  • Pricing Guideline
  • Pricing Services
  • Paid Trails Playbook
  • Attracting A1 Clients
  • Finances
  • Getting Paid
  • Communication and Retention

Module 4 – Finding Leads and Setting Meetings

Module 4 gets into the nitty gritty of what it means to be an agency, which is finding lead and delivering the services. This module focuses on your offer and multiple lead generation methods.

  • Outreach
  • Creating An Irresistible Offer
  • Finding Leads and Qualifying
  • Paid Strategies for Lead Generation
  • Organizing Leads
  • Profile Funnel 
  • LinkedIn 101
  • LinkedIn Automation
  • Cold Email 101
  • Cold Email Automation
  • Upwork

Module 5 – Sales and Follow Up

Module 5 is all about what comes after the lead generation, which is sales. This module takes you through everything that is involved with the selling of your services, from frameworks to scripts.

  • Cardinal Sins of Sales
  • Sales Sub-Communication
  • 1 Call vs. 2 Call Frameworks
  • 1CC Sales Script 
  • 2CC Sales Script
  • Paid Trial Methodology
  • The Objection Obscenity
  • Refining Your Approach

Module 6 – Service Delivery (Fundamentals)

Module 6 goes into the next phase, which is delivering on your service, which comes after you close a client. This teaches you how to perform what you’re being paid for, which is Facebook ads, funnels, and campaigns.

  • Kick Off and Onboarding Call 
  • Facebook Ad Fundamentals
  • Facebook Hygiene and Avoiding Bans
  • Tracking
  • Funnels and Offer Fundamentals
  • Science Behind Creatives
  • Reporting 101
  • Crafting Copy That Converts
  • Campaign Structure
  • Communication Schedule / Keeping Clients in the Loop

Module 7 – Service Delivery (How to Advertise)

Module 7 dives deeper into delivering your services and gets more practical with how ads work and how you can build upon ads with things like custom audiences, and budgets.

  • Traffic Warmth
  • Interest
  • Custom Audiences, Exclusions, and Combinations
  • Lookalike Audiences
  • Launching Your First Ad
  • How To Test Audiences and Find Winners
  • Load Balancing Budgets
  • Utilizing CBOs
  • The Two King Metrics
  • How to Read Your Dashboard
  • Retargeting 101

Module 8 – Service Delivery (Local Business or Lead Gen)

Module 8 is dedicated to those going into lead generation and how to get set up offering lead gen or local business services.

  • Core Concepts to Keep in Mind
  • 9 Funnels for Lead Generation
  • Facebook Native vs. Funnel Lead Generation
  • Content and Creatives
  • Automate Lead Flow to Your Client
  • Industry Specific: Gyms 
  • Industry Specific: Chiropractors

Agency Navigator Tools and Resources

There are additional tools and resources outside of the core course material.

  • A Financial Planner, Lifetime Value Calculator
  • Scheduling tools
  • Success Calendar
  • Outreach and Accountability trackers
  • Budget, Revenue, ROI, and ROAS Calculators
  • Weekly Q&A
  • Plug & Play tutorials, templates, scripts, contracts,etc
  • Access to a private community

How Much Does Agency Navigator Cost?

Agency Navigator costs $1499 and includes:

  • Agency Navigator
  • Agency Navigator FAST TRACK
  • All of the aforementioned resources and tools

What is APEX?

Apex is essentially an Upsell to the Agency Navigator program and has been designed to take the client from 10k to 100k a month.

This high ticket model I’ve seen this in other programs, and to me, it often just seems like a way to cash grab from the successful students who have proven their income. This makes closing the sale on the student easier.

Is Agency Navigator a Scam?

While Agency Navigator isn’t an outright scam it has developed a reputation for being ineffective. My definition of a scam is promising something that doesn’t deliver at all. With information products, it’s hard to consider them an out-and-out scam because information products require that you apply yourself.

I’m sure if you truly applied yourself to the Agency model, worked hard on the lead generation, got on the phone and fearlessly tried to close clients, and perfected your deliverables some people could make it work.

But who really wants to do all that?

Agency Navigator Review

How to Make Money With Agency Navigator

Despite all the scams and shiny objects out there, there are only a handful of ways to make decent money online and the agency model does fit in on that list of fundamental ways people make money with an online business.

As I touched on earlier, the way to make money with an agency basically boils down to managing your time in 2-3 different areas every single day.

  • Lead Generation
  • Sales
  • Delivery

All of these areas require different skill sets, which is why the best agencies out there are ones who outsource these skills.

In order to find true success, you’d need to grasp lead generation, which I believe most people can do but can endure further costs for software to do it at the rate and automation you want.

You’d need to be able to pick up the phone and sell, which is where I’d guess 99% of the people fall off the wagon, and delivery, which I think is also learnable and one of the easy parts once a client gives you the ad budget.

What I Don’t Like

I don’t have any personal grips with Iman as much as I do with the entire Social Media Marketing Agency and Digital Agency business. To me, this model has a lot of pitfalls and is easily my least favorite online business model, and for a few reasons.

  • Everything is admin and admin is boring. Emails, Selling, Facebook ads.
  • It’s not a business built around passions and interests, which also makes boring
  • Cold selling on the phone is soul-crushing for the vast majority of people
  • Lead generation tools can cost $100’s per month

What I Like

There is a small % of people out there who will take the bull by the horns and go for it, and I believe those people are those who are just born sellers and people persons.

These people will likely be able to learn deliverables and lead generation and then have all bases covered. As I’ve said, the agency model is a fundamental online business model that exists and works. It’s not a shiny object.

However, from what I’ve seen, it’s a specific type of person who succeeds with it. I believe non-sellers may grasp lead generation and delivery, but procrastinate with and even loathe the selling.

Agency Navigator Review

My Final Thoughts on Agency Navigator

Thanks for checking out this full Agency Navigator Review. I’m not entirely sure who Iman’s target market is or age group, but I’d recommend anybody to think long and hard about forking over a few thousand dollars for this program with the promise of building a 5-6+ figure agency.

I’d recommend asking yourself questions relating to what really goes into the day-to-day running of an agency.

Get away from just thinking: “An Agency can make me money and I can flex like Iman.”

Instead, ask yourself.

  • Are you going to do boring admin lead generation every day?
  • Are you going to be willing to pick up the phone and cold-sell business owners as a newbie?
  • Are you confident that you can spend their money wisely and deliver a service like Facebook ads?
  • Are you going to miss the little $1000 you need to pay for the course?
  • Can you afford a few hundred a month for lead generation tools?

Is There an Agency Navigator Alternative?

Thanks for checking out this article, which hopefully goes beyond the Agency Navigator Review Trustpilot.

I personally can only stay motivated when I’m doing something I really want. For me, that is the real success of a business. By having something built around you, you can also guarantee less competition as nobody can beat you at being you. It also allows you to pivot as you grow as a person.

These reasons and more are why I’m a huge advocate of content and affiliate marketing. Combining these together allow me to serve a niche or community I’m interested in, and make money with recommendations and products I can stand behind.

The best part is, you don’t need to cold call or do tonnes of admin. You’re essentially being paid to talk about something you want to talk about.

People talk about passive income a lot, and the content and affiliate marketing model allows for this, unlike an agency, which requires constant attention and delivery on client requests. With content, the work is front-loaded, meaning you complete it, and let it generate traffic and revenue passively.

After having traded the Agency model, the Ecom store and drop shipping model and affiliate marketing, it turned out to be a very easy choice.

If you want to learn about how to start a business in Content and Affiliate marketing, I currently have a free masterclass you can take by clicking the button below and learning all about how it works.

Thanks for checking out this Agency Navigator Review. Click below!


  • What does Agency Navigator do? Agency Navigator is a product of Iman Gadzhi’s online courses, marketed as a comprehensive guide to building a successful digital marketing agency. Despite promising tactics for client acquisition, lead generation, and managing paid traffic, the true effectiveness of the course’s strategies has been a subject of ongoing debate.
  • How did Iman Gadzhi make his money? Iman Gadzhi is said to have started his own agency, which he claims became a leading digital marketing company. However, most of his wealth seems to come from the sales of his online courses, including Agency Navigator, casting doubts on his real-world business success.
  • Is Agency Incubator worth it? Despite numerous Iman Gadzhi reviews and some Agency Navigator success stories, a larger number of students have raised concerns about the course’s value. Prospective students are encouraged to critically evaluate these claims before investing.
  • What business did Iman Gadzhi start? Iman Gadzhi started an online marketing agency, which is said to have achieved a high level of success. Yet, the primary focus of his career appears to be selling online courses like Agency Navigator to aspiring agency owners, a fact that brings his actual industry experience into question.
  • Is the Iman Gadzhi course a scam? There have been numerous claims labeling the Iman Gadzhi courses as an “Iman Gadzhi scam”. While there are some Agency Navigator success stories, an increasing number of dissatisfied students question the course’s authenticity and value, making it essential to investigate further before enrolling.
  • How do I log into my Agency Navigator account? Despite the alleged ease of use, the Agency Navigator login page has been reported to be problematic. Users often find difficulties logging in using their email/phone and password due to technical glitches.
  • What if I forgot my password for Agency Navigator? If you’ve forgotten your password, you may attempt to recover it by clicking ‘forgot password’ on the Agency Navigator sign-in page. However, some users have reported problems receiving the necessary email to reset their password, adding to the course’s overall usability concerns.
  • Is Agency Navigator legit, according to Reddit reviews? Agency Navigator has been widely critiqued on Reddit, with users often questioning the course’s legitimacy. Although there are some positive reviews, a majority of users suggest that the program may not provide the promised value.
  • Is Agency Navigator worth it? Given the high cost of enrollment and the numerous complaints related to the effectiveness of the course, many conclude that Agency Navigator might not be worth the investment. The potential benefits are often seen as overstated compared to the actual learning and results achieved.
  • What do I do if I’m unable to sign into my Agency Navigator account? Users experiencing difficulties signing into their accounts are often left with little assistance from the support team. Issues range from incorrect password prompts to complete account lockouts.

If you encounter such problems, you’re encouraged to contact the often-criticized Agency Navigator’s support team.

As with all online courses and programs, it is crucial to conduct extensive research and apply critical thinking before investing time and money. Beware of overstated claims and always strive to make informed decisions.

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