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Overview | Hustlers University Review

Welcome to this Hustlers University Review. In this article, you will learn exactly what to expect inside Hustlers University, my own experience, and will be able to walk away knowing exactly what involved and what to expect.

Update: Hustlers University 2.0 is now known as “The Real World,” and is basically the same product with more additions.

Update: For those of you who want to join Hustlers University, I also have a bonus bundle exclusive to Self Made Newbie readers, which you can find details on at the bottom of this page.

What Is Hustlers University Exactly?

There are a lot of Hustlers University Reviews out there, but I’m aiming here to give you the most comprehensive, non-bias insight you can find.

Hustlers University is a community product and series of programs created by Andrew Tate. For those of you who don’t know, Andrew Tate is a former 4x kickboxing world champion and serial entrepreneur, involved in money making methods such as Webcam studios, OnlyFans management, running Casinos, Digital Products, Crypto, and likely a lot more.

Most people know him for his hard-hitting, truth-bomb style of content that he has become very famous for on Twitter and Instagram.

Hustlers University Review
Hustler university review

Hustlers University was originally a digital product released by Tate which taught 100 lessons that he had learned on his climb to multi-millionaire status, similar somewhat to Tai Lopez’s 67 Steps, but a lot more practical. The goal was to teach real life lessons to those looking to gain financial freedom in life, and it was honestly an extremely packed product with some life changing lessons.

Hustlers University 2.0 builds on the concept and actually includes the original lessons within one of the community channels in written form.

In simple terms, Hustlers University 2.0 is a discord community that builds on the origonal program and aims to guide those wanting to start a freedom business online.

Joining Hustlers University – What to Expect

Upon joining Hustlers University you are guided by the hand via an intuitive hustlers university 2.0 discord bot that they’ve managed to create a seamless experience with.

The likes of which I’ve never seen on a Discord. It’s really quite impressive how they’ve put it together.

Hustlers University Review
The guided steps ensure you optimally start off on the right foot.

Note that there is no Hustlers University 2.0 download. Everything is inside the discord.

Initially you are guided through the rules and guidelines of the community and then you are quizzed on your situation with regards to how much time and money you currently have. Depending on what you answer, a recommended course of action is given to you and the correct discord channels are opened for you to access and learn more.

An examples of the questions you are asked is what category do you fit into:

  • Time Poor and Cash Poor
  • Time Rich and Cash Poor
  • Time Poor and Cash Rich
  • Time Rich and Cash Rich

So if you answer Cash Rich and Time Rich, they might recommend getting into an area where ad spend is paramount such as with E-Commerce, and the E-Commerce related channels/tutorials will open up for you.

If you answered Time Poor and Cash Poor, you might be recommended to get into Copywriting or Freelancing due to the fact that you require no start up costs.

Along with this guidance there are also tutorials unlocked regarding Affiliate Marketing, which is a great way to make money online for any beginner regardless of their situation.

The guided bot moves you through the program ensuring you’re ready to take each step

Hustlers University Review
You are guided to the best business model for your financial / time situation

The reason Hustlers University is laid out this way and the reason you are guided this way is because if you were to open up ALL of the channels from the get-go, it would be very easy to become overwhelmed by the amount of information and tutorials on all of the areas that are taught inside Hustlers University

There really is A LOT of different topics being taught there and I became overwhelmed myself as I did try to just unlock everything at once. Not recommended.

Is Hustlers University A Scam?

So far in this hustler’s university review, we’ve covered all the basics, but many of you want to know if it is a scam or not. This is a common question I get asked in my YouTube comments and I always give the same answer. No.

And to those asking is hustlers university a pyramid scheme, the answer is also, “No.”

For those of you who follow my channel, you know that I am often unveiling scammy products that are released. This is one of the themes of my channel where I teach people how to identify scams and marketers trying to trick them psychologically with copy.

In short, I know a scam when I see one.

My definition of a scam is something that has huge discrepancies between what is promised on a product’s marketing and what is actually delivered. The internet marketing niche is obviously ripe with this, that is promising riches to people using a “New Secret Hack To Push-Button Profits” and the like but then ultimately delivering a garbage product.

Hustlers University is definitely not this. In fact, I can say quite honestly (as you will find out) that Hustlers University is a $1,000 product packaged down into a $49 product.

How do I know this?

Hustlers University Review
Nobody with Andrew Tate’s net worth has made anything like this

The instructors for one are all entrepreneurs and experts from Andrew Tate’s War Room, a product that is around $5,000 a year to join. These guys are no slouches and have their own products, businesses, and thriving social media profiles in their own right. While they don’t have Andrew Tate net worth, they do have a respectable net worth themselves.

You have everyone from Copy Experts to Seasoned traders giving out trading signals in both the stock and crypto markets, and every other type of expert in between.

Their own products alone would likely fetch for the same price, so to have them all teaching within a single community makes Hustlers University 2.0 extremely undervalued. There simply isn’t another community out there like it, giving away as much as they are with as much guidance.

How To Make Money With Hustlers University?

This was another common question I received on my videos, and recently I made a full video dedicated to answering this very question. What is the best way to approach Hustlers University.

In short, your overarching goal should always be to “Get Money And Buy Income.” That means, to focus on getting steady cashflow first using the guidance that Hustlers University offers. After you manage this, you should focusing somewhat on investing in order to to make your money work for you (Pimping out your money).

The recommended ways to make money with Hustlers University are dependent on how you answer the initial questions that are asked when you first join the Discord.. They are:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Freelancing
  • Amazon FBA
  • E-Commerce

Essentially you are given all of the primary, staple, fundamental ways people actually make money online. No push-button scammy software here, you will need to do the work.

What I Don’t Like

You’re likely asking yourself at this point “Is it really so perfect?” and the answer is no. It’s not going to be perfect for those of you out there who believe in shiny objects and get-rich-quick. Like I said before, this is not a scam and you will need to do work.

ALL of the primary ways to make money online are given to you with in-depth tutorials that are constantly being updated and improved upon.

The only thing I would’ve liked to be added was a section on running ads. It is mentioned briefly in initial stages of joining Hustlers University, but within the Affiliate Marketing portion they don’t touch on any tutorials regarding Google or Social Media ads. Perhaps there’s something to learn in the E-Commerce tutorials, which i’ll need to take a look at at some point for any gold nuggets I’m not aware of.

What I Like

The things I really like about Hustlers University is that it’s constantly being built and updated. When I first joined 7 months ago, it wasn’t like it was now, especially with the initial guidance questions and tutorials. It really feels like your hand is being held and you have support there. This is a really nice touch that I’m sure a lot of you will like a lot.

I like that the different areas are taught by instructors that have been hand picked by Tate. With his reputation on the line and his disdain for losing, you know he’s going to only select those who know their stuff and this much is obvious very early on.

Finally, and perhaps a third thing I like is the community is active and positive. As the saying goes, “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” If you find that in your life you are surrounded by lackluster individuals, it’s a breath of fresh air to be around the energy Hustlers University has. People are in there to learn, connect, and win.

Hustlers University Review
A Professor and elder member encouraging a new member to get involved

No matter the route you take to building your freedom business rest assure that there’s 100’s of people in the same boat as you that you can reach out to and connect with at any point, which includes the instructors.

This is extremely valuable as you’ll no doubt find out.

My Final Thoughts on Hustlers University

After reading this entire Hustlers University 2.0 review, you’re likely asking, is it worth joining hustlers university? Does hustlers university work? Is hustlers university 2.0 legit?

If you are somebody who is stuck in a life where you feel you are underachieving and you believe you’re destined for bigger things, and better people in your life, there is nothing like Hustlers University out there.

If you can find it, leave a comment. But as far as I’m concerned, there is no community teaching as much, by so many experts, inside a community of this sort and size anywhere.

Hustlers University Review
As of Sept 14, 2022 there are over 60,000 Members

It simply doesn’t exist.

Everyone inside is or has been in the shoes that you are in now, and there are countless (at this point) success stories that are shown inside and outside from Hustlers University Students.

At this point you can either continue on looking for other shiny objects and spending large amounts of money on testing whether you like E-Com, freelancing, etc or just dive right into a single community program that has it all in one place.

Hustlers University Review
Hustlers University Review
A few (of many) wins posted by students

Is There A Hustlers University Alternative?

As I said there is no replacement for Hustlers University if you want diversity of ways to make money online, and then learn how to invest that money when you start finding success with your business and getting some regular cashflow.

I’ve already said there is nothing like it out there, and if you’re wondering. “Is hustlers university 2.0 legit?” – Then the short answer is, yes.

If you’re a follower of mine and you’re thinking, “Chris, what about your SLVRSPN program?”

The difference is really to do with size. Hustlers University is like it says. A University. You have lots of instructors teaching a diverse range of different things from making money to investing it. The SLVRSPN program is like having a private tutor and teaches you one specific skill, Content & Affiliate Marketing.

In short, SLVRSPN is specialized,. It teaches you how to build a Content & Affiliate marketing business start to finish with specific, spoon-fed (hence the name) steps from understanding the community, finding products, to building specialized funnels using specific traffic getting methods.

There is no Content Marketing portion to Hustlers University and the Affiliate marketing portion isn’t their primary focus. If you want to specifically get into Content and Affiliate Marketing, I would go with SLVRSPN, but if you want anything else, including a more diverse range of experts, go with Hustlers University 2.0.

I have both. Maybe the best answer is to do that also.

“What about the bonuses you mentioned?”

As I mentioned at the beginning, I do have a bonus bundle to show my appreciation for those of you checking out my Hustlers University review and supporting my content.

You can find all about them on the next page. For those of you asking for a Hustlers University 2.0 coupon code, I can assure you they do not exist.

If you have any questions, drop them in the comments below. Thanks for checking out this Hustlers University Review!

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