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Todd Capital Options and Wealth Building Community Course Review Summary

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Todd Capital Options and Wealth Building Community Review | Overview

Welcome to this Todd Capital Options and Wealth Building Community Review by Todd Capital. I’ve done a few Todd Capital reviews, as he continues to be a leader in the making money and investing communities online and on Social Media.

His most prominent of flag ship course was his Stock and Options trading course (Review Here), which literally flew off the shelves and made a lot of customers very quickly start making a lot of money with the knowledge that Charles L. Oglesby III (The person behind Todd Capital) was teaching them.

Over last couple of months, the testimonials from those who have gone through his courses have been more than most, even when compared to much larger influencers. This is undoubtedly a testament to the quality he is producing and information he is passing on.

For those who don’t know Charles, here’s a quick bio before we move onto the nitty gritty.

Todd Capital Reviews - Options and Wealth Building Community Review

What is the Todd Capital Options and Wealth Building Community?

Todd Capitals Options and Wealth Building Community is an expansion that was created for those who were hungry for more after going through Todd Capital’s programs.

Lets face it, most of us are not professional CFPs or Investers like Charles, and maybe we want to be just lead to the gold by hand, by people who know more than we do, and who have more experience.

It reminds me of a quote I think about often.

Survival machines that can simulate the future are one jump ahead of survival machines who can only learn on the basis of overt trial and error. The trouble with overt trial is that it takes time and energy. The trouble with overt error is that it is often fatal. Simulation is both safer and faster.

Richard Dawkins

In other words, sometimes it’s better to just go straight to someone who has the answer than to keep failing on your own, which wastes time.

That’s is why this community was born. And, I see more and more similar communities popping up all over the place in multiple communities and niches for the same reasons. People simply want a single “goto place,” that they can check in on and keep their finger on a constantly changing pulse, and make/copy moves as they happen.

This is especially in demand with something like investing and option where opportunities can appear and be missed within days or even hours.

Join the best Community for Current Stock/Options Information and Signals

Todd Capital Options and Wealth Building Community Review | What’s Inside?

Todd Capitals Options and Wealth Building Community is centered around a Facebook group, which currently boasts over 5,000+ members 

At the time of writing this, the community has over 5000+ members.  

The Group and Tutorial Bank

The community has seven admins who answer questions, moderate the group and provide tutorial videos to common questions. Upon joining the group, many members comment on the amount of golden advice they found just scrolling through the most recent posts and videos.

However, don’t feel like you are missing out as there is also a bank of prior tutorial videos that you can go through on topics you may have missed or are curious about. At this stage, so much has been covered and you’ll find some incredible information in there.

Weekly MVP Calls

As well as everything going on in the Facebook group, there are also weekly MVP calls where top traders are interviewed and offer group members tips, tricks, commentary, and recommended moves to make.

Having direct access to professionals like this is really something else. I’ve found out about crashes about to occur in this group and saved $1000’s that I would’ve otherwise left sitting there as well as been in the know about stocks that are about to blow up much earlier than I would’ve known about on my own

Daily Conference Calls

As well as the MVP calls, there are conference calls hosted at least once a day. In these calls the group discusses trading, technical analysis, and there’s a Q&A. There are channels for members involved in many different areas, from real estate investing, to vending, to e-commerce.

Todd Capital Options and Wealth Building Community Review | My Experience

My personal experience in the Todd Capital’s groups have been great. I’m at the stage where I’m not actually out looking for courses anymore as much as I am communities that allow me to be privy to information as it happens.

While I would recommend learning fundamentals as a beginner for whatever it is you want to get into, I would further recommend decent groups to be a part of with whatever it is you are pursuing.

I’m currently a member of both the Business Development Mastermind Group (check it out) for the business building as well as the Options and Wealth Building Community for putting my money to work, and using it to make more money with Stock / Options.

As I mentioned previously, being part of groups allows me to avoid looking at all of the fluff on Twitter and Social Media and have a one-stop shop. I probably find something useful in these groups a few times everyday.

I tend to think about opportunity cost a lot, which is the price you pay for something you aren’t doing. So if I wake up in the morning and read Twitter, thats time I’m spending not just reading things that are actually helping me earn money.

Now when I wake up, I’m able to immediately go to the REAL information and check into the targeted communities I’m a part of, and immediately get information on the market, learn what other people are doing, and often copy what smarter, better investors are doing.

As I mentioned earlier, there has been more than one occasion where I’ve been able to make huge gains I would’ve otherwise missed, and mitigate huge losses I would’ve otherwise suffered due to the information in these communities.

Todd Capital Options and Wealth Building Community Review | What People Are Saying

While I can only speak on my own experience in detail, the review’s on Options and Wealth Building Community really speak for themselves and my experience overall seems to be far from unique.

The 5000+ member community has grown quickly and continues to grow for a reason as well as the results these people are getting.

A member 5x’ing their share
A member quickly hitting their first $1000 day
A member making 38x their money options trading

This is literally a daily occurrence within the community and there is a lot to be learned from people posting their wins as it highlights stocks you should be looking at.

Most of my portfolio is a result of copying what other smarter people are doing. Tying back to that quote earlier, I’m not trying to be the best investor if I can have the information I need on hand from people who have been in the game longer than myself.

Todd Capital Options and Wealth Building Community Review | Wrap up

Not to beat a dead horse, but for those out there who want to keep their finger on the pulse and feel they’ve learned enough of the fundamentals, joining a community like this is the best, logical next step for you.

If you want to not only learn something, but keep up to date with it, whether thats investing or learning how to play chess, the best place to go is obviously where there is a bunch of enthusiastic and smart people talking about that thing none stop and providing daily, hourly, minutely value on it take on board and take action on as it happens.

If you want to keep your finger on the pulse when it comes to investing, be onboard when big plays are made, learn about things happening early so you mitigate potential losses click the button below to get onboard.

Options and Wealth Building Community Review | Bonuses

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I hope you got value from this, and thanks for reading this Options and Wealth Building Community Review.

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Thank you again for reading this Todd Capital Options and Wealth Building Community Review. I know you’re going to get a tonne of value from the group, and I’ll see you inside!

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