3+ Best Teleprompter Software Compared (2023)

3+ Best Teleprompter Software Compared (2023)

Thanks for checking out this article on 3+ Best Teleprompter Software in 2022. Recently there was a survey done in schools that asked kids what they wanted to be when they finished school. The majority of them said they wanted to be content creators.

In only the past 10 years, content creators on platforms like YouTube and TikTok are increasing at a rapid rate, and competition in many niches is becoming more fierce than ever. The software is decreasing the need for professional teleprompter hardware.

Best Teleprompter Software
telepromter software

With that in mind, it is only normal then that the quality of content is really starting to matter more than it used to, and various companies are catering to content creators who want to give their videos that extra professional edge with tools ranging from filters to text-to-speech software.

One such tool that is slowly becoming popular is teleprompter software. The reason is that it simply saves time editing.

Even a 30 minutes video can often take hours to edit as you need to scroll through the entire timeline watching the entire thing to ensure you find everywhere you messed up so you can add a jump cut.

Creators have realized that to avoid this time-sink, it’s much easier to get things right as you’re recording, and thus the demand for teleprompter software was born.

Below are what I’ve found to be the top 3 best teleprompter software currently leading the market based on users and technology.

best teleprompter software
best teleprompter software

What Is The Best Teleprompter Software?

Teleprompter SoftwarePriceFree Trial?Mobile FriendlyVideo / Script EditingDevice Synching
SpeakflowStarter: Free,
Plus: $10/month,
Pro: $15/month
PromptSmartStarter: $99.99/year,
Team: $199.99/year,
Enterprise: Custom.
BigVuStarter: $14.99/month,
Plus: $39/month,
Workgroup: $149/month.
Mobile: Scroll Left & Right

1. Speakflow (Best Option If On A Budget)

Best Teleprompter Software


SpeakFlow is a cloud-based power prompter that can be accessed via any device and is one of the best teleprompter software available today that can be accessed across multiple platforms and devices.

The goal of this app is simple, upload or create a script, turn it into a teleprompter, record, edit, and there you go.

Speakflow aims to be an all-in-one tool that allows users to make the most of their devices. Me personally, I’d much prefer to write out video scripts on my Mac for the sake of speed and then be able to open and record on my phone. This makes Speakflow an attractive choice for teleprompter software.

Best Teleprompter Software

Speakflow has many convenient built-in features including a unique auto-mode, which allows your teleprompter to scroll at a consistent pace so you can find a groove and limit mistakes and pauses. Essentially, you can adjust scrolling speed.

Speakflow is also great if you’re working with a team as you are able to share recordings due to the cloud-app nature of the software, and the fact you can get started for free, it makes this one of the best free teleprompter software for Windows 10 and Mac.


As far as pricing goes Speakflow makes it easy to get started with a free version allowing you to create unlimited scrips and experience the primary features like auto-scroll and recording video.

For extra features, such as sharing, unlimited flow, mirror text, and bookmarking the plus version comes in at $12/month.

A Pro version is also available, which includes the overlay teleprompter, synching, and team invite options. This is the more enterprise version coming in at $19/month.

If you have the money available upfront there is a 20% discount on all plans if you pay anually.

Best Teleprompter Software

Bottom Line

Speakflow is a great option if you’re looking to try out decent teleprompter software with all of the main features you’ll probably be looking to use, in addition to some nice extras.

While it doesn’t have an app, it is able to be accessed across all devices via the cloud making sharing and synching easy if you choose to pay for those extras.

2. PromptSmart (Best Professional Option)

Best Teleprompter Software


PromptSmart is another of the best teleprompter software. In fact, they literally call themselves the number one brand for teleprompter software and video solutions on their front page. This platform is available on all devices from mobile to PC/Mac as a cross-platform suite.

It is undoubtedly a professional teleprompter software due to its ability to display the teleprompter on multiple devices for multiple users, which is great if you are several people reading the same script, like a new channel. Each anchor can do so from different devices.

Another great feature is the VoiceTrack technology. While you can set a speed limit on the teleprompter, you can also scroll the text as you speak.

Other professional features are available with regard to fine-tuning your teleprompter from margin adjustment to limit eye movement as well as various font adjustments.

Best Teleprompter Software


While PromptSmart might seem the most expensive at a glance, their Starter Pack actually works out to be only $9.99/month or $99.99/year, saving about 20%.

The Team Plan comes in at $19.99/ month or $199.99/year, giving a similar discount of about 2 months out of the year free if you choose to think of it that way.

Best Teleprompter Software

Bottom Line

This is one of the best teleprompter software options for professional tweaking as well as catering to those who require multiple devices and cross-platform syncing. For those people, PromptSmart is an attractive choice.

Those who also like a lot of remote control over what they’re seeing will also like this option as it allows lots of adjustments with regard to how the words are being displayed, allowing you to edit text, fonts, colors, and margins for an especially comfortable experience.

3. BigVu (Best On-The-Go Option)

Best Teleprompter Software


BigVu is a teleprompter app for the Web, iPhone, iPad, and Android. Its simplistic design and features make this a great all-in-one teleprompter app for those of you who want to record quick videos on the go.

Many consider this to be the best teleprompter software for creators on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube shorts as they’re all shot on mobile as it shows up right on your video recording interface.

Despite being available on desktop via the Web, BigVu is really catering to those using mobile to record and perhaps edit their content. If you’re looking for solid iPad iPhone teleprompter apps, this might be the one for you.

This does not mean it is by any means limited though by what you can do. BigVu has a range or professional-grade features and tweaking options to ensure your teleprompter videos come out great.

Best Teleprompter Software

Not only can you record video while your teleprompter is going simultaneously, but you’re able to make adjustments everywhere from text size to speed and position of the words.

There are also pre and post-recording options that allow you to fine-tune your scripts and add backgrounds, captions, and branding to your videos, meaning it’s possible you may not even need a 3rd party video editor.


BigVu is the pricier option by a small margin offering 3 plans that can be paid monthly or yearly with a discount. Standard stuff.

The Starter option is $14.99/month and allows videos up to 9 minutes long and would be best suited to those producing short-form content on social media using their mobile phone only. It allows up to 2 devices and a single user.

The Plus option is also for 1 user but allows Desktop use, 59-minute videos, live streaming, and customizable fonts. Naturally, this option is catered to those doing more long-form content like YouTube streaming, and is $39/month.

The final Workgroup option is similar to the Plus, but for those working in a team where a shared workspace and media library is needed, coming in at $149/month.

Best Teleprompter Software

Bottom Line

This would be my recommendation as the best teleprompter software for those who are serious about content creation on Social Media and includes everything you really need as far as a decent customizable teleprompter with ample editing options.

A One-stop-shop, if you like, and one I’ve used for my Mac teleprompter software.

You’re able to edit scripts and timing before recording, as well as record and read off the teleprompter simultaneously allowing for a seamless and efficient recording, editing, and uploading experience all in one place.

To Wrap Up

Thank you for checking out this article on the best teleprompter software. I’ve tried to go beyond the teleprompter software mac reviews, and have tried my best to include as diverse of a range as possible, but you likely see a lot of similarities with regard to what is on offer.

Luckily you are able to test out some of these products with a free trial and see which one you like the most, so I’d recommend right-clicking the red buttons in this article, opening a few tabs, and trying them out.

All of the options require a very low monthly fee that would pay judging by the amount of time (and money) you’d likely save editing video.

For those asking, Is there a teleprompter app for desktops? – all of these options can cater to this due to their cloud-based technology.

I’m excited to see where this technology goes and the ways in which people utilize it. I’ve already seen it used everywhere from creators teaching photoshop to be used in my local BJJ training facility.

Thanks for checking out my review and comparison and good luck going forward and finding the best teleprompter software for you.

best teleprompter software

FAQ Section: Teleprompter Software

  1. What is the best teleprompter for a laptop?
    • The best teleprompter for a laptop often depends on the user’s specific needs. However, many users find that teleprompter software with features like adjustable font size, browser compatibility (including Chrome), and the ability to download scripts from cloud storage like Google Drive, iCloud, or Dropbox to be highly beneficial. For beginners, it’s essential to choose software that offers tutorials and a user-friendly interface.
  2. Can I use my computer as a teleprompter?
    • Absolutely! Many teleprompter applications are designed for computers, allowing users to transform their screens into effective teleprompters. These applications often support various features, such as voice recognition, voice activation, and text speed adjustments. Additionally, some software solutions offer a “mirror mode” for use with a teleprompter mirror, ensuring that the text appears correctly when reflected.
  3. Is there an app that acts like a teleprompter?
    • Yes, there are numerous teleprompter apps available for both iOS and Android devices. These apps can turn your smartphone or tablet into a portable teleprompter. Some popular features of these apps include background color customization, watermark removal in the premium version, Bluetooth connectivity for remote control, and the ability to add subtitles. Some apps, like the Teleprompter Pro and Teleprompter Pro Lite, even offer widget support for quick access.
  4. Can I use Zoom as a teleprompter?
    • While Zoom is primarily a video conferencing tool, it’s possible to use it in conjunction with teleprompter software. By adjusting the webcam and screen settings, users can maintain eye contact during a Zoom meeting while reading from a teleprompter. Some teleprompter software integrates with Zoom, allowing for seamless video content creation. However, for a more dedicated experience, it’s recommended to use a teleprompter application or a video teleprompter kit.
  5. Who controls the speed of a teleprompter?
    • The speed of a teleprompter can be controlled by the user or a designated operator. Many teleprompter software solutions provide tools like keyboard shortcuts, countdown timers, and even voice-controlled scrolling. Some advanced models also offer compatibility with devices like the Apple Watch for added convenience.
  6. What are the benefits of a teleprompter app?
    • A teleprompter app offers portability, allowing users to practice or deliver scripts from anywhere. They often come with useful features like voice activation, adjustable text speed, and the ability to change background colors to suit different lighting conditions. Moreover, apps like the Parrot Teleprompter are designed for both beginners and professionals, ensuring a wide range of functionalities.
  7. How does a teleprompter app work?
    • A teleprompter app displays a script on the device’s screen, allowing the user to read while maintaining eye contact with the camera. These apps often support importing scripts from email or cloud storage platforms. Some apps also offer features like voice recognition to adjust the scrolling speed based on the user’s pace.
  8. How do you control a teleprompter?
    • Teleprompters can be controlled using various methods, including keyboard shortcuts, remote controls, and even voice commands. Some teleprompter software also integrates with devices like Bluetooth remotes or the Apple Watch for more effortless control.

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