Chris Johnson Reviews - Cyber Money Course Review

Chris Johnson Reviews – Cyber Money Course Review

Chris Johnson Review
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Chris Johnson Reviews – Overview

Welcome to this Chris Johnson Review, or more specifically a review of his courses Cyber Money, also known as Fort Knox, The Golden Wealth Package, but with an additional Options Trading Course thrown into the bundle (while also being 60% cheaper). If you’re wondering, “Is Chris Johnson Legit? Are the courses legit?” you’re in the right place.

Chris Johnson Reviews

This is an in-depth review, so when you reach the bottom, as my gift to you I’ll be throwing in a bonus bundle of my products, for free that is going to make building an online business easier than its ever been.

To begin, Cyber Money and Fort Knox, The Golden Wealth Package are all bundled products (multiple products in one) and are by Online Entrepreneur, self-made millionaire, and army veteran, Chris Johnson. The bundles include everything you need to make money online through the 2 primary stages of wealth creation.

  1. Selling Information, products, and/or services for money
  2. Putting your earnings to work to make more money

The layout of Cyber Money (Fort Knox, The Golden Wealth Package) has kept this in mind and is therefore an awesome all-encompassing package for those of you who are starting to make money online or have tried and failed and require some structured mentoring/fundamentals.

Cyber Money and Fort Knox, The Golden Wealth Package included and are structured as follows

Business & Social Media CoursesStock Market Courses
6 Figure Side Hustle ($40)Stock Market Gems ($40)
Twitter Money ($40)Dividend Income Empire ($40)
Profit King ($25)Intro to Options ($40)
B.O.B IG Course
Courses listed in the recommended order of completion depending on your focus

What Makes both Cyber Money such a steal is that they essentially include all of Chris Johnson’s courses bundled together into one, which means a HUGE saving, compared to if you bought them individually.

Chris Johnson Reviews
Despite being almost identical both courses sit within Top 10 Courses on Gumroad, Including claiming the 1st place spot

Chris Johnson Review – Who is Chris Johnson?

Chris Johnson, who goes by the name Wealth Squad Chris on Social Media, describes himself on all platforms as an Army Vet and Self-Made Millionaire.

Cyber Money Review
Chris Johnson – @CJ_Johnson17th

He is the owner of Seventeenth Watches, as well as an accomplished investor and educator. He has created courses up and down the wealth creation ladder, which no doubt reflect what he has learned on his journey to creating wealth online.

As mentioned before, the journey is:

  1. Selling Information, products, and/or services for money
  2. Putting your earnings to work to make more money

He is also the founder of Wealth Squad, a community that discusses generational wealth, stocks, options, investing, business strategies, and more. Chris Johnson is also a well-known figure in the Money Twitter, and Black Wealth Niche Communities on Platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

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Chris Johnson Review | The Content

Both Cyber Money and Fort Knox, The Golden Wealth Package are a bundle of Chris Johnson’s best-selling courses. While these courses all operate independently of each other, there is a linear flow you can follow or the best way to go through them depending on what your goals are

If you are a newbie, it’s best to start with the Business Building & Social Media related courses before moving on to Stocks and Investing.

Make the money, then make the money work for you or “Get Money, Buy Income.”

Business & Social Media Courses

The following courses are related to starting a business online and making money with Social Media.

  • 6 Figure Side Hustle
  • Twitter Money
  • Profit King
  • B.O.B IG Course

1. 6 Figure Side Hustle

6 figure side hustle review

6 Figure Side Hustle is ultimately stepped one of where you need to get started and is also where Chris Johnson got started with his 6 figure brand, Seventeenth Watches.

In just a few hours, Chris goes through how he built up his brand while helping you to avoid the mistakes that he made which meant he wasn’t able to get Seventeenth Watches off the ground until roughly 2 years after starting it. This will not be the case for you, however.

This course is focused on building your very own E-Commerce brand and takes you through all of the crucial stages

Finding a Product – How to find the right product the first time and avoid months of time wasting

  • Pricing – How to price products correctly to maximize your profit. Despite popular belief, selling for cheap often means fewer sales.
  • Effective Branding – How to create a brand that people relate to and become fans of so your business can succeed long-term and bring you passive income down the line.
  • Email Marketing – Ever heard the saying, “the money is on the list? – Many E-Com brands make 30-50+% of their income from their list. Email is still extremely profitable and understanding Email marketing is crucial for maximizing profit.
  • Store Setup – Learn how to set up your store and what apps you should run to make it work well.
  • Scaling Tips & Tricks – Learn the tips and tricks that are going to help you scale your business as fast as possible.

2. Twitter Money

Twitter money review

Upon learning the basics of setting up an e-commerce store, it’s recommended that you start looking at Twitter Money. Twitter is a great way to build passive and free, organic traffic to your stores.

A lot of people call Twitter their high-way billboard. If you use it correctly, you can get thousands of views to your profile easily, which in turn gets people to your site and buyers of your products.

Most people use Twitter to consume, you’re going to start using it to create and sell. Make Twitter work for you, not the other way around. Chris goes into the ins and outs of using Twitter to get sales to your stores.

From following these strategies, he was able to make $236,000 in 6 months and $310,000 in the last 4 months purely from Twitter traffic. $0 in ads, and this course goes into the “HOW” – a great 2nd course to follow on from after you’ve built up your store.

3. Profit King

profit king review

Profit King follows on from 6-Figure Side Hustle, and goes more in-depth on maximizing profits by understanding what the best products to sell are. This course may as well have been called Product King, as this is the primary focus, and makes an excellent addition to 6-Figure Side Hustle.

Topics covered inside Profit King:

  • Product Finding – Chris teaches you where to look when it comes to finding products with huge profitability potential,
  • Efficient Product Research – You’ll learn how to discern whether a product is a waste of time or if it’s going to get you money in the bank, along with the wisdom to know the difference.
  • 7 Profit King Product Recommendations – You’ll be given a list of products that work and are worth selling immediately.
  • Vendor Management – You will learn exactly how to communicate with vendors/manufacturers to ensure your relationship and selling process goes as smoothly as possible.
  • BONUS Pre-Order Strategy – You will learn how to order and sell products from the vendor in the right way so you avoid losing money but also move towards bulk buying upfront so you can ship faster.

4. B.O.B IG Course

b.o.b ig course review

Build or Bullsh*t is a one-hour Instagram course that, similarly to Twitter Money, is going to help you to build a massive traffic source from Instagram so you can in turn sell more products.

This is the only course within Cyber Money and Fort Knox, The Golden Wealth Package that isn’t able to be bought on its own, although that doesn’t mean it has no value.

Chris has amassed close to a quarter of a million followers on Instagram in a very short period of time, and this alone makes him worth listening to.

In the B.O.B IG Course, similarly to his other courses, Chris teaches you the ins and out’s of what worked for him to build a profitable Instagram. Obviously, unable to share the golden nuggets in this review, but there are a lot, making this a great addition to the package.

Stock Market Courses

The second part of both Cyber Money and Fort Knox, Golden Wealth Package you could lump together into a stock and trading category.

The general goal of all of these courses is to make money, then put that money to work to make more money. These courses aim to fulfill the second part of that equation.

1. Stock Market Gems

stock market gems review

Probably my favorite out of all of the courses, Stock Market Gems is a 2-part course that covers everything you need to know about investing in both long-term stocks and swing stocks and the fundamentals of each.

Unlike many other popular investing courses, Chris can explain everything without making you feel bored, which is an under-appreciated aspect of all of his courses.

A comparison would be Todd Capital, who while has amazing courses in his own right, was unable to hold my Interest as well as Chris, and included too much theory for my taste.

Chris teaches you what you need to do to make money in the stock market with the essential fundamental knowledge you need to not mess up. Nothing more, nothing less. You may also note on the Stock Market Gems sales page, Chris states:

“This is not an end all be all course /video there are many other books, courses and lessons you need to learn to keep your skills sharp. The stock market takes consistency and discipline to master, those are things I cannot teach, you must find them and develop them yourself

My intention with this course is to help someone who has no idea what a stock is and get them to buy stocks now and sell them for more at a later date.”

Chris Johnson – Stock Market Gems

As an overview, the topics covered are:

  • What is a stock?
  • Why do stocks rise and fall?
  • When should buy and/or sell stock?
  • How do you avoid losses?
  • How do you create a watchlist?
  • What are Municipal Bonds
  • How to find stocks that pay dividends 

The Golden Nugget in Stock Market gems (for me at least) is Chris’s chart/graph settings for predicting whether a stock is worth investing in or not.

Even after my own deeper study into the stock market, I still employ Chris’s strategy and numbers when it comes to which moving averages I want to see on my charts.

Probably my favorite course out of them all.

2. Dividend Income Empire

the dividend empire review

After you build up a foundation in the stock market, the Dividend Income Empire should be able to get you even more excited.

For those of you who don’t know what a dividend is, it is a monetary reward for owning stock in a company. This is one of the most fundamental ways to make passive income since most companies pay their stockholders a dividend every 3 months. The more stock you own, the more you get.

Dividend Income Empire takes what you already know from Stock Market Gems and focuses deeper on those stocks that are owned by companies that will literally pay you money every quarter.

Topics covered:

  • Dividends in General
  • Active and Passive Income
  • How to think about compound Interest
  • Reinvesting
  • Which Companies to Invest in (Dividend Aristocrats)
  • Mistakes to Avoid
  • Diversifying your portfolio to stay safe

3. Intro to Options (Cyber Money Only)

intro to options review

Intro to Options is included in Cyber Money, but not Fort Knox, Golden Wealth Package. It is an advanced program that deals with options trading. The reason I say advanced is that options trading carries a much higher risk.

While buying stocks is technically a risk, it’s a risk in the sense that your current job is risk.

  • Is it possible your company goes under and you lose your job? Sure.
  • Is it possible that your company goes under and you lose that one particular stock? Sure.

But, in the latter, you won’t lose everything as you still have other stocks, in other companies, in other sectors

You bet on the idea that the billion-dollar company you’ve invested in won’t go ass up and crash leaving you with nothing, and that’s a pretty low risk. Investing in general large company stocks is a fairly risk-free endeavor.

Options are different, however. You’re trading more so on positioning and whether the stock is going up or down. It’s the gambling side of the stock market. The part people are thinking about when they talk about the stock market is risky.

Having said that, it can be fun, and it can yield bigger quicker returns.

In Intro to Options, Chris goes into strategies you can employ in order to get into options trading as well as tips, advice, and mistakes to avoid.

I don’t do options trading, but for some, it’s what they love.

Chris Johnson Review – Conclusion

Thank you for taking the time to read this Chris Johnson’s Cyber Money Review. I know that half of you have a Cyber Money Review and some are looking for a Fort Knox, The Golden Wealth Package Review.

The fundamental differences are essentially Cyber Money gives you more for less since you get everything in Fort Knox, The Golden Wealth Package PLUS the Intro to Options Course for 60% less price.

I can’t tell you why this is, but it’s likely a temporary thing, so get in on Cyber Money as soon as you can if you are interested in learning a whole lot about how to find success online.

If you’re wondering what kind of results people are having with Cyber Money, check these out. There’s a reason Chris’s courses are the number #1 and #6 best-selling products on Gumroad.

Chris Johnson Reviews - Cyber Money Course Review
Chris Johnson Reviews - Cyber Money Course Review
Chris Johnson Reviews - Cyber Money Course Review
Chris Johnson Reviews - Cyber Money Course Review
Chris Johnson Reviews - Cyber Money Course Review

My Final Thoughts

Cyber Money is a value Mega Bundle, a diverse range of products at an extremely good price. If you follow all of the programs I’ve laid out, it documents exactly what Chris had to do to get to where he is. A literal roadmap, if you like.

A lot of people think that Chris is only an investor, but if we call back to what I said earlier, investing won’t get you anywhere unless you’re already making the money needed to invest. Remember, “Get Money, Buy Income”? That is exactly the process Chris followed.

Within this bundle, he has inadvertently documented his entire process from start to finish. He succeeded in E-Com with his watch brand and teaches you how to do that. Then he succeeded in investing with Dividend stocks and trading, and he teaches you how to do that also.

If you follow along, you have a crystal clear roadmap that has already been shown to work. This is exactly the kind of thing I like to see.

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. It’s like the once richest man in the world once said,

“We take the best ideas from someone else.”

Sam Walton, Founder of Walmart

The path has been laid out, and all you need to do is walk on it too and follow the breadcrumbs, which is exactly what this bundle offers as you can see from the stream of success from the students above, as well as a 4.9/5 rating after a whooping 1,500 reviews. Unheard of!

cyber money review

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Chris Johnson Reviews - Cyber Money Course Review

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Chris Johnson Reviews - Cyber Money Course Review

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Chris Johnson Reviews - Cyber Money Course Review

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Chris Johnson Reviews - Cyber Money Course Review

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Chris Johnson Reviews - Cyber Money Course Review

Again, thank you for checking out this Cyber Money Review by Chris Johnson. Any questions drop them below, otherwise click the button, secure your bonuses and see you at the top!

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