live intentionally - the 90-day self improvement program review

Live Intentionally Book Review – Honest Walkthrough (2024)

Live Intentionally: 90 Day Self-Improvement Program Review
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Welcome to this Live Intentionally book review, where we go through Live Intentionally – The 90-Day Self-Improvement Program, so you know exactly what to expect if you’re thinking of purchasing the program.

It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to making lasting changes in your life. You may have tried a few different self-improvement programs or books, but you still haven’t been able to make the lasting changes you want.

It’s tough to change our habits, even if we know what we should be doing. We get overwhelmed and give up before we’ve even started.

Live Intentionally is a 90-day self-improvement program that provides you with the tools and resources you need to make real, lasting changes in your life.

What is Live Intentionally – The 90-Day Self-Improvement Program?

Live Intentionally is a transformative 90-day journey that will help you shift the trajectory of your life.

Through intentional changes to habits and routine, as well as shifts in mindset, this project can empower you to become an embodiment of strength and discipline – what god intended for each one of us.

Say goodbye to unhealthy obsessions with pornography or fast food; after three months on Live Intentionally every aspect of your being has been reawakened.

Live Intentionally Book Review (Video Version)

Who Created Live Intentionally?

The program was created by @lifemathmoney, who is an inspiring social media presence on Twitter. He offers his followers a unique perspective on staying mindful and motivated in life, business, and finances.

Not only does he provide tips on living a better life overall, but he also takes the time to help individuals reach their personal and financial goals.

He has a following of over 340,000 followers and aims to inspire people all over the world by providing them with relevant information and insights about navigating their financial freedom.

Over the past few years, he has been successful in doing this and has made a positive impact on countless lives with his thoughtful insights and advice. He is also the creator of the popular program, The Art Of Twitter and the Complete Web Design Course.

Live Intentionally Review
Live Intentionally Book Review

Key Benefits of the Live Intentionally 90-Day Self-Improvement Program

The program aims to turn your life around within 90 days in all of the major areas. You will:

  • Ditch the bothersome bad habits holding you back.
  • Lost fat, tone your body, and build muscle
  • Rid yourself of addictions, like porn and social media
  • Pick a personal mission or goal to work on.
  • Develop your discipline, self-control, and emotional stability.
  • Transform your mindset by ridding yourself of self-defeating thought patterns.
  • Train your focus, attention span, and mental toughness

Best Features of Live Intentionally – The 90-Day Self-Improvement Program

The point of this 90-day project is for you to have a mission – meaning, there’s an end goal you want to achieve. It doesn’t matter what that is; it could be anything from losing weight to building a successful online business. All that matters is that it’s something YOU want to pursue.

Every day of the project, you will focus on this goal.

This program provides the discipline and routine you need to follow through with your goals. No more struggling to find the motivation to stick with something for a few days, only to fall off the wagon again.

This system will help you break that cycle so you can finally achieve your long-term goals.

1. Take control of your thought patterns

The self-project will show you how to take control of your thoughts. You will learn to become an optimist, always looking for chances.

When you can control your thoughts, it changes everything because what we think shapes what we do and who we become. The program provides techniques to relax the mind and be proactive about directing our mental narratives.

2. Increase your focus, attention span, and emotional control

Through things such as meditation, journaling, and self-reflection, the program adds some new habits into your routine.

This won’t just improve your focus and attention span – allowing you to do more work in less time with improved quality – but it will also make you more mindful of how you’re feeling emotionally.

As a result, controlling and regulating your emotions becomes easier, making you happier overall .

3. Get rid of excess fat and build extra muscle

A step-by-step guide that will have you looking and feeling better than ever before. This comprehensive program comes with not only a practical guide to fat loss but also a bodyweight exercise routine designed to be done from the comfort of your home – no gym required!

With its clear structure, staying on track and seeing results has been made to be as simple as possible to follow.

Live Intentionally – The 90-Day Self-Improvement Program Pricing

Considering the program has maintained a 4.9/5 rating out of 340+ reviews and 10,000 copies sold it is quite the steal at only $19.99.

live intentionally book review
Live Intentionally Book Review

What you get:

  1. Live Intentionally: Discipline, Mindset, Direction – A 90-Day Self-Project PDF
  2. The Live Intentionally Workbook for monitoring and tracking progress
  3. A professionally narrated Audiobook version of the program
  4. An English and Spanish version of everything

Pros and Cons


The program is designed to make everything synergistic. This means that the benefits you receive from one part of the program will help you with other parts, and vice versa.

For example, many people struggle with following a healthy diet. To combat this issue, meditation and exercise are introduced early on in the program. These activities release feel-good chemicals in your body which helps curb cravings for sugar and unhealthy snacks.

Likewise, maintaining a healthy diet makes your exercise routine more efficient and it’s easier to meditate when your nutrition is great.

Feedback loops are often time-consuming to figure out, so the program does the hard work for you on that level, too, so you will save yourself from wasting your life away on cheap dopamine hits.


For those of you who like video content like on Udemy, you may be a little disappointed. Not with the content, but perhaps based on your learning style.

The program in its entirety is 2xPDFs with an MP4 Audiobook, which runs for around 1hr20m. They have clearly aimed to ditch any fluff talk, so the program is dense and to the point.

live intentionally book review
Live Intentionally Book Review

Is Live Intentionally – The 90-Day Self-Improvement Program a scam?

This question often gets raised when it comes to buying information products, especially from an anonymous account.

In short, No. The program is not a scam and for $19.99 it’s well worth the money and its numbers speak for themselves. When I say numbers, I mean downloads, ratings, people helped, and testimonials.

See a few for yourself.

live intentionally review
Live Intentionally Book Review
live intentionally book review
Live Intentionally Book Review
live intentionally review
Live Intentionally Book Review
live intentionally review
Live Intentionally Book Review

Live Intentionally Review Case Study Diary: Kristoffer

Start: 21/08-2020 

Hello, my name is Kristoffer. I am a 25-year-old Norwegian that is overweight (103-104kg starting weight), I do high consumption of marihuana, I don’t exercise, I don’t socialize, I don’t have any good friends, but I do have people I hang out with once in a while.

The reason being is that I’ve never felt like I fit in and that my viewpoints always differ from everyone else, except when I scroll down Twitter or read articles.

I used to be athletic, confident and truly a winner in my youth but lost all that somewhere on the path of life, and have been trying to find my way back ever since I dropped out of high school.

My struggles have been anxiety, depression which followed a young man with absolutely no confident and scared of the world. Constantly in a battle with my mind and total delusional views of how things work.

Even though I used to say “I was close to committing suicide” in retrospect I knew there was no choice but to continue fighting, and that someday the tree would be greener and the sun would shine bright.

90-day Challenge:

Once I bought this program, I felt like I had taken too much on, so I decided to do it my own way.

So as unmotivated as I was, I started this program with only implementing the daily exercise routine (which was hard enough) and being more strategic with my time usage. Also, more aware of my social media consumption.

10 days with these habits and I was flying. My day-to-day mood became more stable and my energy levels got higher. But even though I felt a lot of progress I knew there still were plenty of room to improve.

So, I started writing more about my past, about what benefits I had gotten so far, what I felt was my problems and so on. I continued being very disciplined with my training and eating habits, and the further I got the more clarity it gave me.

Then day 28 I decided to face my biggest fear. For the first time I was about to experience my “adult” life without the holy marry jane, the safety net of my life marihuana.

My consumption with the plant was the reason I found meaning in my life again, but also the prison that held me back from action. Weed kind of felt like my only friend at some point, so that made it hard to quit.

I knew the next step had to be total stop; I knew myself well enough to understand that the only way was cold turkey.

It took me 1 day off the bud, and the momentum I had gained from these routines in 28 days gave me the confidence to take on more.

So, I decided to add No fap along with no more consumption of soft drinks.

And the amazing part was how easy it was. Only after 3 days off I felt like I was my young self again, I felt more energetic, more confident and that my mind was shifting back to my child self.

Day 36:

Consistently training bodyweight workouts, jogging almost daily, eating healthy, no drugs, no negative thoughts, and a lot of meditation and writing.

As this became my new norm I all of a sudden had room for building new stuff, and learning new stuff. My mind was no longer foggy and my dreams didn’t give me anxiety anymore.

Even my poker game improved quite a bit along with my stock trading. It felt like nothing could really hurt me no more, I felt more strong than afraid, which made it easier to make decisions.

As my energy levels got higher and my perspective on life continued changing, I now had the courage to fix some of my long-lasting problems.

I finally got the courage to fix my long-lasting issues with my mother, I finally got an interview in a field I’d never had the confidence to go for and I got the courage to start saying no to my so called “friends”.

There were a lot of changes occurring in my life, but at the same time in this process I found a new friend.

And that new friend was me. I realized no matter how tough my past where I was always there for me, I was always there trying to find answers. I realized how wrong it was relying on some external factor determining my happiness.

It is mind boggling to me that changing my habits and applying what LifeMathMoney recommends my mind shifted away from caring what others think, to me being confident enough to be my true self. 

And that it did not matter if I started implementing 1 thing, because the compound effect truly showed its force.

Something else I truly became a fan of was the idea of no fap. I did some research around this and once I implemented this, I really felt the effects. The best way to explain this for me is, I truly got Big Dick Energy.

I felt like an Alpha beast really when I was running every day, passing the same houses with the same people lying on their couches watching tv. I never felt close to this before I started no fap, I felt better but not near the compound effect I got from quitting weed, quitting soft drinks and starting my no fap all at the same time.

Day 50:

Midway! Well, at this point things started to take a turn for the worse.

I woke up in the morning on the 50th day hit with the realization that these changes would actually change my whole life, it would change my friend groups, my interests, and my views. It hit me all at once.

So, I do what most of us humans do when we’re hit with a good slump of fear, I defaulted back to my comfort zone.

I bought weed again, I started skipping my daily workouts, I noticed my mind shift from the “new” positive, back to the secure old miserable mindset I had before all of this.

Days passed, but luckily there were still a part of me that was holding on to this change. I continued trying my best to keep going for walks, keep meditating and working out on days I had “motivation”.

The funny part of this is, me failing midway through was simply a test, or a lesson you could say. It gave me the opportunity to see the effect from my new routines in a total black/white way.

It gave me the chance to really understand how mind and body collaborates and what you do on a daily basis is what you are. You are simply a reflection of your habits.


So, days passed and day 90 were closing in.

From day 65 – 90 I was no longer following this plan. But in my process of following this plan I understood it so well I made it my OWN.

Now we are here on day 90 and I am a totally different, but improved version of myself.

This process transitioned me from a boy to a Man.

Biggest benefits:

  • Emotional Control
  • My Stock Trading jumped to a different level – (Emotionally disconnected)
  • My poker game drastically improved
  • My fitness went from 0 to hero real quick.
  • Starting weight : 104kg
  • 90 Day weight: 89kg
  • Height: 183cm
  • Sleep Schedule starting: 3-4am
  • New Sleep Schedule: 21:30 – 630 0700
live intentionally review
Live Intentionally Book Review

Live Intentionally Book Review Conclusion

Thank you for checking out this Live Intentionally Book Review. Should You Buy Live Intentionally Purchasing the Live Intentionally program can be an important step for those looking to better themselves and reach their potential.

The 90-day program is a comprehensive path of self-reflection, analysis, and action designed to help individuals from all walks of life enhance their lives in meaningful ways.

The program contains tips and resources for exploring interests, building up confidence, eliminating negative habits or behaviors, developing stronger relationships with family members or colleagues, and understanding how to create lasting happiness.

All these benefits are packaged into an activity-driven process that has not only been proven to work but has also been proven to do so in as little as 90 days.

If you’re serious about taking control of your life and striving for success, the 90-day self-improvement program could be the perfect way to do it.

Also, if you’re looking for a surefire way to get the business aspect of your life on track, I’m also throwing in a free copy of my SLVRSPN: Accelerator program, which will teach you how to quickly build a business in content and affiliate marketing.

The perfect supplement to the Live Intentionally program. (Learn more here)

If you have any questions or queries, drop them below and I’ll do my best to help you out.

FAQ: “Live Intentionally” Book Review

  1. Is “Live Intentionally” written by Harsh Strongman?
    • Yes, “Live Intentionally” is not written by Harsh Strongman aka LifeMathMoney on Twitter/X.
  2. Is there an ebook version available for “Live Intentionally”?
    • Yes, “Live Intentionally” is available in ebook format. You can find it on most major online bookstores.
  3. I heard there’s a section on gossiping in the book. Is that true?
    • Yes, the book touches on the topic of gossiping and its impact on self-awareness and personal growth.
  4. Does the book include a fat loss guide?
    • “Live Intentionally” is not primarily a fat loss guide. However, it does discuss the importance of health and well-being in living a purposeful life.
  5. Is this book a concise guide to intentional living?
    • Absolutely! “Live Intentionally” is designed as a concise guide to help readers understand the principles of intentional living and apply them in their daily lives.
  6. Are there any worksheets included in the book?
    • Yes, the book comes with worksheets that serve as a visual reminder and help readers put the principles into practice.
  7. How does the book approach the topic of self-awareness?
    • “Live Intentionally” emphasizes the importance of self-awareness as a foundation for intentional living. It provides insights and exercises to enhance one’s self-awareness journey.
  8. Does the book offer any visual reminders for readers?
    • Yes, apart from worksheets, the book includes visual reminders that readers can use to stay on track with their intentional living journey.
  9. What does the book say about effective touch in relationships?
    • The concept of effective touch is discussed in the context of building meaningful and genuine relationships. It highlights how a simple, effective touch can convey understanding, empathy, and connection.
  10. Where can I purchase “Live Intentionally”?
    • “Live Intentionally” is available in both physical and ebook formats. You can purchase it from major bookstores or online platforms.

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