The Art of Twitter Review by LifeMathMoney: An Honest Look (2024)

The Art of Twitter Review by LifeMathMoney: An Honest Look (2024)

The Art of Twitter Review
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Thanks for checking out this Art of Twitter Review. Twitter can be a great way to make money, connect with customers, and promote your business. But, it’s not always clear how to use it effectively.

With over 320 million active users, Twitter can be a powerful tool for marketing your business, but only if you know how to use it correctly.

With Twitter, you have the ability to reach millions of people with your message – so why not learn how to do it effectively? The Art of Twitter is the perfect guide for anyone who wants to harness the power of this social media giant.

Create a successful strategy, find your target audience, and make “Twitter Money” without a product or serviceCheck Out The Art of Twitter Here

The Art of Twitter Review by LifeMathMoney: An Honest Look (2024)
The Art of Twitter Review – The Number #1 Selling Creator on Gumroad in 2021
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What is The Art of Twitter Exactly?

The Art of Twitter is the perfect guide for businesses who want to learn how to use this social media platform to its full potential. This program will teach you how to create a successful Twitter strategy, grow your following, and make the most of this powerful marketing tool.

While this aims to be an in-depth Art of Twitter review, due to it being an info product, I can only show you the outline of the program so as not to disrespect the work of the creator.

Module 1: Getting Started

This module teaches you the fundamentals of online business. This information is no-nonsense and avoids the fluff that you get from a lot of other Twitter experts.

Module 2: Picking A Niche

Building on basic fundamentals, this module teaches you how to find the audience you’re going to build authority around and who are going to eventually follow you.

Module 3: Setting Yourself Up Part I

In this module, you learn how to attract a large audience in a very short period of time. The information in this module even applies to newbies.

Module 4: Setting Yourself Up Part 2

This module goes into how to build an irresistible pitch that urges people to follow you. It also includes 10 awesome case studies that you can learn from and mimic.

Module 5: Strategies That Don’t Work

While it’s important to know what to do, it’s also important to know what to do. In this module, you learn common mistakes to avoid that have been shown to destroy a lot of Twitter businesses. *Important Info*

Module 6: Growth Strategy

This module gets into how to exactly utilize a method that can grow your Twitter account from 0 to 100k followers in an extremely quick and efficient way, which is rinse and repeatable.

Module 7: Increasing Engagement

This module goes into the day-to-day operation of your Twitter account that makes you stand out from others. Most people don’t know what goes into a viral tweet or how to even use Twitter properly. Here you learn how to tweet like the best with all of the tested elements you need.

Modules 8 & 9: Specialized Growth Strategies

These strategies are one of my favorite parts of the program. These strategies are clearly only known by a certain handful of people who practice what they preach, eg. the program creator, LifeMathMoney with over 100k followers.

This module in and of itself is worth the price of the entire program.

Module 10: Monetization

Monetization is what everybody wants to know about. This module dives into how to monetize in a stable, consistent, and scalable way. Most importantly, you learn how to grow your monetization strategy safely and without having to even sell any products or services.

Module 11: How to Avoid Getting Banned

Another module on what not to do. It’s easy to get too involved in Twitter and let things get personal. This module teaches you how to not blow up your account and get banned. It’s important to learn how to protect your Twitter Business, and this module ensures you’re safe, long-term.

Module 12: A Guide to Networking

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” This module teaches you how to inject networking into your business, which can substantially accelerate how you scale your growth, following, and earnings.

Bonus Material

There are currently bonuses on offer with every purchase of The Art of Twitter.

art of twitter review
The Art of Twitter Review – Bonuses

BONUS #1: How to Create and Monetize Twitter Bots (Value $48)

A comprehensive guide on creating money-making bots on Twitter that are designed to post and make you passive income. No technical skills are required.

The creator owns a few that you can check out, including @BookOfPook, @48_quotes, and @CharlieBot.

These bots are fully automated and many have 100k+ followers making 4-figures a month each.

The Art of Twitter Review by LifeMathMoney: An Honest Look (2024)
The Art of Twitter Review – Example Bot Account In Action

Bonus #2: Growing Beyond Twitter (Value $48)

This program builds on the Art of Twitter, by helping you build your account by utilizing other social media platforms like Reddit, Telegram, IG, and Facebook

This is all while spending zero seconds creating content or posting on any of the platforms. Learn how to do the work once, and let it run. Very smart.

Bonus #3: 3-Month Subscription to Zlappo (Save $89.97)

Zlappo is a Twitter scheduler that can save you time in posting. Most big accounts use automation and you should too. This is another step to putting your business purely on autopilot.

Bonus #4 TEMPORARY: The Life Math Money Archives (Value $48.50)

These are the archives of the LifeMathMoney account, which you can now have access to for inspiration for your own content. Include 258+ of the best and most viral Life Math Money tweets and you can reconstruct and achieve similar results.

The proven ideas behind those posts are instant engagement magnets.

These tweets garnered hundreds of comments, thousands of likes, retweets, and dollars utilizing smart engagement magnets, which you can also learn about.

Bonus #5: Added SLVRSPN Bonus from Self-made newbie

My SLVRSPN Accelerator program is a 5 video, 5-step, intensive program on how to start making money this week using content and affiliate marketing. It utilizes a specific method, with a specific little-known traffic source that you can exploit immediately and start making your first money online.

art of twitter review
The Art of Twitter Review – SLVRSPN Exclusive Bonus

Is The Art of Twitter a Scam?

The Art of Twitter, unlike many other Twitter programs, has been created by a popular account that is walking the walk and not just talking. I only trust programs where the creator is succeeding in the very thing he is teaching.

Unfortunately, this is quite rare, which makes this the best, and most comprehensive, fully-loaded program on Twitter business that exists back by someone who is one of the few authorities on the subject.

The testimonials are also completely verifiable.

art of twitter review
The Art of Twitter Review – Testimonials 1
art of twitter review
The Art of Twitter Review – Testimonials 2
From Dylan Madden [33,000+ followers]
From Orwell and Goode [500,000+ followers]

How to Make Money With The Art of Twitter

There are multiple ways to make money included in the program as well as in the bonuses, which I can’t disclose explicitly as far as the methods go.

However, if you want to know how someone is teaching how to make money, look at how they actually make money. The same principle applies to me. I make money with content and affiliate marketing, therefore that’s all I teach. It’s all I know.

LifeMathMoney knows how to monetize Twitter accounts without using a product or service and if you follow him on Twitter, check out his Gumroad, and look at his products, you’ll probably have some idea of how he does it, just without the road map as to how he does it the way he does. As is with anybody you study.

This is where the Art of Twitter comes in.

What I Don’t Like

This wouldn’t be an honest Art of Twitter review without some dislikes. But honestly, there isn’t much I disliked about this program. Especially when you include all of the bonuses.

When I first bought this program over a year ago, the gripe I had was that I also wondered what methodologies would carry over to Instagram and other social media platforms, as if reading my own mind, this is now included in the program and bonuses.

I would’ve perhaps, and I’m sure many prefer this, to see more video content of the creator behind it with a more over-the-shoulder look. But this relates more to what I like as a learning style as opposed to a gripe at the content.

What I Like

As mentioned previously, I like someone who can walk the walk. There are so many people releasing products these days that are just jumping on the bandwagon of selling products they have copied from someone else.

There are Instagram courses for people who have under 10k followers. There are affiliate marketing courses for people who make under $500 a week.

With the Art of Twitter, the creator LifeMathMoney walks the walks. His own account is one of the top 5 on money Twitter, and his bots are completely verifiable as are his testimonials.

Whenever anyone asks for my advice on the legitimacy of a program, I ask one question.

“Can you verify that creator is doing exactly what he teaches?”

In the case of the Art of Twitter, the answer is clearly a Yes.

My Final Thoughts on The Art of Twitter

I have really enjoyed “The Art of Twitter” program by @lifemathmoney. While I don’t focus on Twitter myself, the content in the program did help me to surpass 1000 subscribers and get reasonable engagement on my posts (Also verifiable).

The program has given me a lot to think about in terms of how to use Twitter more effectively. In particular, I have been thinking about the importance of building relationships and engaging with others on the platform, as I currently only operate on Web 1.0 and YouTube.

I have also been thinking about how to use Twitter to share my own ideas and thoughts in a way that is interesting and engaging for others. A lot of the information inside has been a real eye-opener and has exposed a lot of flaws in the way I was approaching Twitter.

There is a specific language and audience on Twitter, very unlike other social media platforms, which I wasn’t appreciating as much as I should have.

Overall, I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking to improve their Twitter game from one of the best to do it.

Art of Twitter Review Added Bonus…

Thank you for checking out this entire Art of Twitter review.

As a big thank you for checking out this article and the Self Made Newbie blog, I’m also throwing in a free copy of my own SLVRSPN Accelerator Program to those of you who purchase The Art of Twitter using the button below.

I definitely believe that the strategies taught in both programs are really quite different but complement each other well.


  • Who is behind Life Math Money? Life Math Money is the brainchild of a public figure known as Lifemathmoney on Twitter or Harsh Strongman on Gumroad. He’s one of our favorite entrepreneurs who has built a profitable online business and a personal brand that focuses on personal finance, social skills, and strength training.
  • What is the Art of Twitter formula by Life Math Money? The Art of Twitter formula is a reliable method developed by Harsh Strongman. It’s a proven method that guides you on your Twitter journey, helping you create better tweets, grow your followers, and monetize your Twitter profile. It’s a great time to start, especially with the new edition released last year.
  • Can you earn money from Twitter? Absolutely! In fact, Harsh Strongman made his first dollar on Twitter. There are different ways to monetize your Twitter account, such as promoting your own products or existing business, affiliate marketing, or offering consulting services. Harsh shares real case studies in his guide, showing how he and others have turned their Twitter accounts into profitable online income streams.
  • What is the exact method used in the Art of Twitter guide? The exact method involves a combination of technical knowledge, knowledge of general interest, and common sense. It’s about understanding the human aspect of social networks and leveraging it to your advantage. It’s not about pure luck, but about investing enough time and effort.
  • Is Twitter a good place to sell art? Yes, Twitter is a fantastic platform for artists. Given that Twitter’s a text-based app, it might seem like a rare case, but many artists have found success here. They share their work, participate in events like a graphic design competition, and even sell their art directly or through an affiliate link.
  • What’s the best way to grow my Twitter account? The best way is to follow the Art of Twitter guide. It provides you with a step-by-step process, from setting up your profile picture and cover photo to engaging with bigger accounts and growing your own followers. It even includes tips on how to handle your account during high-profile events like the opening day of the World Economic Forum.
  • Are there any additional resources or bonuses included in the Art of Twitter guide? Yes, there is a bonus course included at no extra cost. Also, if you purchase the guide on 18th May, you get a free 3-month subscription to Life Math Money’s premium content.
  • What if the Art of Twitter guide doesn’t work for me? If you’ve followed the guide and haven’t seen any growth in your Twitter account, there’s a good reason not to worry. Life Math Money offers a refund of your purchase price. You won’t lose a single penny.
  • Can I use the Art of Twitter guide for other social media platforms? While the guide is specifically designed for Twitter, many of the principles can be applied to other platforms. For instance, you can use your newfound social skills to grow your Instagram account.
  • How much time do I need to invest in growing my Twitter account? The time investment varies, but a general rule is to spend at least a measly hour of consulting your Twitter growth guides daily. You can break this down into 10-minute segments to fit into random bits of free time in your day.

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