The Million Dollar Question

A Classic method of finding out what you should do, that supplements the last method well.

The more questions you can ask yourself the better you are able to connect dots and find common denominators.

Eularian Destiny 4 Questions

In this video we look at one of the best methods out there for finding out what it is you should be doing, and should be focusing on. Everyone has unique strenghts, but it takes asking the right questions to find out what they are.

Now What??

When I first decided I wanted to make money online, these questions were some of the first pieces of advice I was given...

I had no idea what my strengths were, but over time and the more I thought on it, the clearer things became...

Most people have no idea that this step is even necessary...

They end up chasing what they think will make them rich and fail because they don't know their strengths...

Unlike you...

This already gives you a MASSIVE Head Start!!

Now that you've found your strengths, you are a potential top-tier player in that niche!

You're geared up to compete on STRENGTH! 

Now it's time to start getting practical. To start training on the technology side so you're able to deliver your strength, and MONETIZE it!

The next step in my own journey was to start a website based on my niche strength, and luckily I was recommended the best place to do that by a friend who was already making 5-figures a month.

The place I learned how to monetize my strengths was at Wealthy Affiliate University

A 7-million dollar Blogging, and Affiliate Marketing training platform with over 200,000 active members all putting their strengths into practical action!

Many of them KILLING it financially and quitting their day jobs EVERY, SINGLE DAY.

I thought it only fitting I review it in-depth. So click below if you are curious and want to learn more.