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Cold Email Mastery Review – Solid Course, High Hidden Costs

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Cold Email Mastery Review

Welcome to this Cold Email Mastery Review. This is an honest look inside the program, outlining everything you need to know. To build an honest business online join the SLVRSPN program (Free to start for a limited time) – Click here

Welcome to this Cold Email Mastery Review. In this review, we will take a deep dive into one of the most popular products on Gumroad and see what is actually involved, what you can expect, certain hidden areas, as well as my overall opinion.

Let’s get started!

Cold Email Mastery Review | What is Cold Email Mastery Exactly?

Cold Email Mastery teaches you how to start an agency in either a skill you are good at like web design or coding, or it teaches you to start a lead generation agency.

In the latter case, it would involve you essentially applying the method you’re using to find clients to help other businesses find clients in the same way.

That method being cold email, which is the crux behind the program that despite popular belief, you can cold email clients and do it in a way where you won’t be ignored.

Cold Email Mastery Review

Cold Email Mastery Review | Is Cold Email Mastery a Scam?

I don’t feel like Cold Email Mastery is a scam. I believe the agency model works and it also gives you the option to become a lead generation agency if you don’t have any other skills to offer a company.

There are some great tools available and you are at the front end of the curve with regard to finding success. There are thousands of businesses out there in all kinds of niches who are looking for clients, and the methodology and strategies taught in this will help you to get them.

Overall, it’s not a scam. Having said that, I would say it’s not my favorite business model and I feel it won’t match a lot of people’s strengths, as it does include a lot of necessary tasks and hidden costs that a lot of you won’t be to happy with taking part in, which will get into later.

Cold Email Mastery Review | How to Make Money With Cold Email Mastery

In order to make money with this strategy, you are essentially an agency. You will need to use the tools and strategies inside in order to find leads. Then you will need to get those leads on the phone and close them for a high ticket fee.

That’s essentially the high level view of how money is made with this model.

The Secret Sauce To Cold Email Mastery

First lines are basically the secret sauce of the program or the supposed secret to getting leads intially. In the program, you will learn about writing “first lines,” how they work, and how to do them effectively.

Specifically, for each potential lead you will need to do research on the decision maker, find out something personal about them, like hobbies, events they’ve attended, company news and such, and mention that in your opening line.

The idea is that by opening with a personalized message, you will increase conversion rates, which i believe will work over just spamming the same email to everyone, as these are generally just skimmed over and deleted.

Cold Email Mastery Review | What I Like

I like the product overall. It’s packaged together well and it teaches you everything you need to know in order to get going from start to finish. The success really speaks for itself. There are people who have gone through the course and have succeeded. 

Overall there are only a couple of ways to make money online outside of investing. Those are product selling or E-Commerce, affiliate marketing, freelancing, and building an agency. So it does build on a staple way, and if done correctly and with some consistency you will find success with it.

What I Don’t Like

My dislikes with the program are based around this business model not being right for most people.

While you can start an agency and be your own boss, I still think there are a lot of moving parts that go into the agency model, and out of all the ways to make money online, I believe it is the most stressful, the most difficult, and with the least passive income potential.

A problem I have with the course, in particular, is that while the price is between $245 – $425, this won’t be the only expense you have. So if you are short on money, I wouldn’t recommend this program at all.

What do I mean by that?

Many of the tools you will be advised to use come at their own hefty monthly price, often over $100 a month.

Cold Email Mastery Review
Klean Leads is a product recommended for scraping Business Emails
Cold Email Mastery Review
ContactEcom – For scraping E-commerce brands
Cold Email Mastery Review
ScrapeInfo – For scraping course seller information
Cold Email Mastery Review

Uplead – For instantly unlocking email addresses of enterprise businesses

I’m not saying this method doesn’t work or it is a scam. I am saying that the downside of using this “email agency” model as a way to build an online business is that your tool belt comes with hefty monthly payments.

Some of these tools are necessary to make this agency model work, and you should know going in that the cost of the program will not be your final expense.

On top of that, if you really want a hands-off approach to your businesses, you will also need first-line writers, which the program offers but, again, at an additional fee.

Cold Email Mastery Review

Cold Email Mastery is what I would usually call “upsell city.” There is just too much you are paying upfront before you make any money.

The final thing I didn’t like about the program is that the 5 star rating is somewhat fabricated,  which I found to be a bit dodgy.

Cold Email Mastery Review

I’ve purchased this product 3 times and I know other people who have purchased it, and when they gave it an honest rating of under 5 stars, the creators immediately refunded the product. So, they appear to be refunding people who don’t give 4-5 stars.

My Final Thoughts on Cold Email Mastery

My final thoughts are that if you are going to build a business online, the agency model is a fundamental way. It does work.

But, there are better ways out there.

That goes for beginners and especially for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money upfront or want to spend large amounts of money on their tool belts.

And honestly, without the tools, the entire model becomes extremely tedious if you decided to perform every task manually.

In contrast, building an affiliate and content marketing business, your initial overheads can potentially be zero. Or more realistically, 3 bucks a month for a website domain and $10 a year for a .com. And that’s if you want to even have a website.

There are free autoresponders out there you can use for email, too. So, in comparison affiliate marketing gives you low (or zero) start-up costs, a higher potential to earn passively, easier to scale, and less overall headache, while still being able to make the same or more money.

That’s not mentioning the fact you don’t need to engage in tedious admin-style tasks like first-line writing or getting on the phone with companies trying to sell them. I for one can’t be bothered with all that, and I’m sure many of you can’t either.

Is There a Cold Email Mastery Alternative?

If you are looking for that low start-up cost way to make a living online, I do have a link at the bottom of this page, and in the menu bar under #1 Reccomendation.

Cold Email Mastery Review - Solid Course, High Hidden Costs

Clicking those links will take you to my SLVRSPN program. It’s called the Silver Spoon program because it has been set up in a way that literally holds your hand from start to finish and helps you create a business in content and affiliate marketing, and also earn money extremely quickly.

All you need to do is follow along, do what is said, and I honestly believe it’s absolutely fail-proof as long as you stick to it, step by step.

If you’re interested in joining the SLVRSPN program, you can get started free for a limited time. Simply click the button below and I’ll be online inside the community for any questions you have.

Thank you for reading this Cold Email Mastery Review and take care!

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