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The 5+ Best Game Server Hosting Compared (2024)

Thanks for checking out this article on the best game server hosting. Are you looking to join the online gaming world?

If so, it is important that you consider what type of game server hosting will be best for your needs. When choosing a host for your gaming servers, there are several factors that should be taken into account such as price and features offered.

To help make this decision easier we have compiled a list of the best game server hosting services on the market today with all their pros and cons listed out in detail.

We’ll also provide some tips on how to set up your own game server if needed! So read on to find out more about the top choices when it comes to finding the best game server hosting solutions available right now.

Best Game Server Hosting
Best Game Server Hosting

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Game Server Host

When selecting a game server host, there are several factors to consider.

  • Reliability: Reliability is the most important factor when choosing a game server host. A reliable provider will ensure that your games run smoothly and without interruption.
  • Customer Service: It’s also important to look for customer service from the hosting company, as you may need assistance with setting up or troubleshooting your game servers.
  • Pricing: Pricing is another key factor in selecting a game server host. You should compare prices between different providers to find the best deal for your budget and needs. Make sure you understand what services are included in each package so that you don’t end up paying more than necessary for features you won’t use.
  • Scalability: Another factor to consider when choosing a game server host is scalability – make sure they can accommodate an increase in traffic if needed, such as during peak gaming times or special events like tournaments or live streams of popular games.
  • Mod Support: Additionally, check whether they offer additional features such as modding support or custom maps and levels which could be beneficial depending on your specific needs and preferences.
  • Reviews: Finally, it is worth researching reviews of potential hosts before making any decisions; this can give you insight into their reliability and customer service record from other customers who have used them previously.
  • Being Impartial: Both positive experiences, as well as negative ones, can be valuable information when deciding on which provider to go with for your own gaming needs.

When selecting a game server host, it is important to consider factors such as performance, customer service, and pricing. In the next section, we will look at the top 5 game server hosts to help you make an informed decision.

Best Game Server Hosting Video Review

What Is The Best Game Server Hosting?

Finding the right game server host can seem daunting but luckily there are plenty of great companies offering quality services at competitive prices – here are our top picks:

  1. ShockByte (Personal Favorite) ↗️
  2. Apex Hosting (Runner-Up) ↗️
  3. HostHavoc (Also solid)↗️

1. ShockByte (Personal Favorite)

Shockbyte, a game server hosting platform, stands out with its advanced and affordable solutions. It’s a top choice for gamers around the globe due to its robust offerings. Here are some key features:

best game server hosting
Best Game Server Hosting


  • Unlimited slots for maximum player capacity
  • Instant setup for quick game deployment
  • Money-back guarantee for risk-free trial
  • DDoS protection for secure gaming
  • Dedicated support team for round-the-clock assistance
  • Supports popular games like Minecraft and ARK
  • Allows effortless management of mods
  • Servers located in multiple global locations for optimal performance


Ideal for gamers who prioritize a seamless multiplayer experience. Shockbyte’s robust infrastructure and global data centers make it a top choice for those who want consistent performance, especially for large-scale multiplayer games.

2. Apex Hosting Platform (Runner-up)

Apex Hosting is another game server hosting platform renowned for its high performance and advanced features. It’s a favorite among gamers for its user-friendly and cost-effective solutions. Here are its standout features:

Best Game Server Hosting
Best Game Server Hosting


  • Effortless setup within minutes for immediate gaming
  • Extensive mod support for popular games like Minecraft
  • User-friendly control panel for easy server management
  • Unlimited slots for accommodating numerous players
  • 24/7 dedicated support team for uninterrupted assistance
  • DDoS protection for a safe gaming environment
  • Affordable pricing models and special offers for great value
  • Servers strategically located worldwide for low latency gaming


Best suited for those who are looking for customizable server options. Apex Gaming offers a variety of server configurations, making it a great choice for both indie game developers and professional gaming communities.

3. Host Havoc

Host Havoc is a popular game server hosting provider that offers reliable, low-latency servers for games like ARK: Survival Evolved, Rust, and more.

Best Game Server Hosting
Best Game Server Hosting


  • Easy setup and management tools
  • Full FTP access to the server files
  • DDoS protection
  • Mod support with automated updates and backups.
  • Their pricing plans are competitively priced with no hidden fees or contracts required.

Customers have praised their customer service team for being quick to respond and helpful in resolving any issues they may have encountered while using their services.


Perfect for users who value easy management tools and a user-friendly interface. HostHavoc’s intuitive control panel and extensive support resources make it a favorite among beginners and non-tech-savvy gamers.

4. GTX Gaming

GTX Gaming is another well-known game server host offering high-performance servers at affordable prices for games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO), Minecraft, Garry’s Mod (GMod), and more.

Best Game Server Hosting
Best Game Server Hosting


  • Automatic restarts on crash/error detection
  • Full control over your server settings
  • Custom command line options
  • Real-time monitoring via the web interface
  • Mod installation & updating capabilities
  • Dedicated IP address & port forwarding options
  • DDoS protection included
  • Free of charge and 24/7 customer support via email or live chat.


A top pick for gamers who demand high-performance servers. GTX Gaming’s advanced hardware, including Intel-driven servers, ensures top-notch game performance, making it ideal for competitive gaming and esports enthusiasts.

5. PingPerfect

PingPerfect provides quality game servers at reasonable prices with features such as:

Best Game Server Hosting
Best Game Server Hosting


  • Instant setup times after payment confirmation
  • Full FTP access to the root directory of your server allowing you to customize it however you want without needing technical knowledge or assistance from staff members
  • Mod installation & updating capabilities plus pre-configured mods available on request if needed
  • Real-time monitoring through a web interface
  • Anti-DDoS protection included free of charge
  • 24/7 customer support via ticket system, live chat, or phone call.

Customers have given positive reviews about their services stating that they are always willing to help out whenever there’s an issue with the server.


Recommended for those who prioritize server uptime and reliability. With its promise of minimal latency and a wide range of supported games, PingPerfect is a go-to for serious gamers and large gaming communities.

6. Fragnet Networks

Fragnet Networks has been providing top-notch gaming experiences since 2001 by offering reliable yet affordable game servers for titles such as CSGO , ARMA 3 , Battlefield 4 etc . Features include:

Best Game Server Hosting
Best Game Server Hosting


  • Fast setup times after payment confirmation.
  • Complete control over your own private environment including setting up rules, configurations, etc.
  • Custom command line options along with preconfigured ones available upon request if needed.
  • Powerful anti-DDoS protection included free of charge which can be activated anytime during runtime.
  • Mod installations & updates are supported automatically by staff members when requested plus much more.

Customer feedback has been mostly positive regarding their services citing good uptime rates even under heavy load periods due to powerful hardware specs used in all servers provided by them.


Best suited for users who are looking for a versatile hosting solution. Fragnet Networks offers a mix of traditional game hosting along with voice server options, making it a great choice for gaming communities and clans that require integrated communication tools.

Key Takeaway: Game server hosting is a great way to get your website up and running quickly. It’s important to find the right provider for you, as there are several features that need to be taken into account when making a decision such as: • Easy setup and management tools • Full FTP access • DDoS protection • Mod support with automated updates & backups • Competitive pricing plans without hidden fees or contracts required • Quality customer service team.

How to Set Up Your Own Game Server

Setting up your own game server can be a great way to get the most out of your gaming experience. Whether you’re looking for more control over who plays on your server or just want to customize it with unique settings, having a dedicated game server can make all the difference. Here are some steps to help you set up your own game server:

  1. Choose a Host Provider: The first step is choosing a reliable host provider that offers quality service and support. Look for one that specializes in hosting game servers and provides features such as automatic updates, backup services, and customer support options.
  2. Select Your Server Type: Different types of games require different kinds of servers so it’s important to select the right type for your needs. Popular choices include dedicated servers, virtual private servers (VPS), cloud-based solutions, and shared hosting plans. Consider factors like performance requirements, budget constraints, and scalability needs when selecting the best option for you.
  3. Install Software & Configure Settings: Once you have chosen a hosting provider and selected the appropriate type of server for your needs, it’s time to install software such as an operating system (OS) like Linux or Windows Server along with any necessary drivers or plugins required by specific games or applications running on the server before configuring settings such as user permissions levels and other customizations needed for optimal performance depending on what kind of gaming experience you are trying to create.
  4. Test & Launch: Before launching your new game server, test it thoroughly using various tools available online. This will ensure everything is working properly before going live. If there are any issues, contact technical support from your host provider immediately. Once everything checks out, launch the new game sever!

After launching, monitor performance regularly using built-in monitoring tools provided by many host providers as well as third-party solutions if needed.

Keep track of usage statistics including latency times, peak player counts, average playtime per session, etc. so that adjustments can be made if necessary to optimize gameplay experiences across all users connected to this particular server instance.

Key Takeaway: Setting up a game server requires careful consideration of the type of hosting provider, software, and settings. Start by selecting a reliable host provider that specializes in game servers and offers features such as automatic updates, backup services, and customer support.

Then select the right type of server for your needs (dedicated, VPS, cloud-based or shared). Install software like an OS along with any necessary driver plugins before configuring user permissions levels etc.

Test thoroughly then launch – monitor performance regularly to ensure optimal gameplay experiences across all users connected to the server instance.

Best Game Server Hosting
Best Game Server Hosting

Benefits of Game Server Hosting

Game server hosting is an essential part of any online gaming experience. By utilizing a game server host, gamers can enjoy improved performance, scalability, and cost savings.

  • Performance: Game servers hosted by professional providers offer superior performance compared to running the game on your own computer or home network. Professional hosts provide high-end hardware with dedicated resources that are optimized for gaming applications. This ensures a lag-free gaming experience with minimal downtime and no interruptions due to hardware failure or other technical issues.
  • Scalability: With a game server host, you can easily scale up or down depending on your needs at any given time. If you need more players in your session or if you want to add new features like custom maps and mods, it’s easy to do so without having to worry about the limitations of your own hardware setup.
  • Cost Savings: Hosting games through a professional provider also helps save money in the long run since there’s no need for expensive upgrades every few years as technology advances quickly in this space. Additionally, most hosts offer discounts for longer commitments which makes it even more affordable over time when compared to self-hosting solutions.
  • Security: Security is another important factor when choosing a game server host as they will have measures in place such as firewalls and DDoS protection that help protect against malicious attacks from hackers trying to disrupt gameplay sessions or steal data from users connected via their service.

Overall, using a professional game server host offers many advantages over self-hosting solutions; these include improved performance, scalability options, cost savings opportunities and enhanced security measures that keep gamers safe while playing online games with friends around the world.

Game server hosting offers many advantages, such as improved performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness. Now let’s look at the factors to consider when choosing a game server host.

Key Takeaway: Using a professional game server host offers many advantages over self-hosting solutions, including improved performance, scalability options, cost savings opportunities, and enhanced security measures. These features ensure lag-free gaming experiences with minimal downtime and no interruptions due to hardware failure or other technical issues while also providing gamers with the ability to scale up or down as needed and discounts for longer commitments.


Thanks for checking out this article on the best game server hosting. In conclusion, game server hosting is an important factor to consider when playing online games. It can make or break your gaming experience and should be taken seriously.

When choosing a game server host, it’s important to consider factors such as price, customer service, uptime guarantee, scalability options and security features.

We’ve listed the top 5 best game server hosting providers for you to choose from so that you can get the most out of your gaming experience.

Finally, if you’re feeling adventurous and want more control over your gaming environment then setting up your own game server may be something worth considering – just remember that it requires technical knowledge and resources in order to do so properly.

Regardless of which route you take though, we hope this article has helped provide some insight into what goes into finding the best game server hosting provider for you!

Best Game Server Hosting FAQ

1. Which server is best for game hosting?

For the best game server hosting, it’s a good idea to consider several factors such as server options, service quality, and game performance. Shockbyte, Gtx gaming, and HostHavoc are among the top picks in the industry.

Shockbyte, for instance, offers a wide range of games and boasts global data centers, ensuring seamless multiplayer game experiences. Gtx gaming is a popular name known for its robust hardware, including Intel-driven servers, which go a long way in enhancing game performance.

HostHavoc, on the other hand, is renowned for its easy management tools and add-ons that streamline servers for a variety of games, including CS and Space Engineers.

2. What servers are used for gaming?

Servers used for gaming are specialized hardware designed to host multiplayer online games. These servers are equipped with advanced features to handle the demands of multiplayer gaming.

Popular game hosts like Scalacube and Streamline Servers provide a range of server options, from those suitable for smaller indie games to massive multiplayer online games.

The main thing to look for in a gaming server is its ability to handle DDOS attacks, offer a free dedicated IP address, and have data centers in strategic locations such as North America and Europe.

3. How much is a game hosting server?

The cost of a game hosting server varies based on several factors, including the type of game, the number of players it can support, the server’s hardware specifications, and additional features such as apps and add-ons.

For instance, a server with 16 GB RAM might cost more than one with 8 GB RAM. The good news is that there are affordable options available for all budgets, with some providers even offering discounts and deals.

It’s always a good idea to compare pricing and features across different providers to get the best value for your money.

4. What is game server hosting?

Game server hosting refers to the service provided by companies that offer dedicated servers for hosting multiplayer online games. These servers ensure that players can connect and play together in a stable environment.

Game server hosting providers have data centers in various locations worldwide, allowing players to choose a server close to their region for optimal game performance.

In addition to hosting, these providers often offer additional features such as easy-to-use control panels, protection against DDOS attacks, and a wide range of supported games.

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