Flipping Pallets Course Review (by Ashley J)

Flipping Pallets Course Review (by Ashley J)

Flipping Pallets Course Review - The Course by Ashley J.
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Ensure you read the entire review because at the end I’ll be throwing in a few FREE Exclusive Bonuses that will go hand in hand with the Flipping Pallets, so you can really hit the ground running with building a successful business.

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Want to learn about flipping pallets for profit? You’re in the right place! In this article, we will learn from the pallet flipping queen herself, Ashley J, and go through a Flipping Pallets Course Review, a program put out by Instagram and Twitter money influencer Ashley J.

In this review I will cover who Ashley J is, what flipping pallets is, as well as an insight into her course so you’re able to make a more informed decision about whether it’s right for you.

As well as this, I’m also including a few exclusive custom bonuses that I think will help add rocket fuel to your entrepreneurial endeavors whether that’s with pallet flipping or another online business model.

Flipping Pallets Review

Who Is Ashley J?

Ashley J is the founder of the hugely successful course “Flipping pallets,” which teaches people about discount product reselling and is really a flipping pallets 101 training.

She also has other entrepreneurial-related courses. At the time of writing this, roughly 39,000 students have been through Ashley’s course and become a part of her community.

It wasn’t too long ago when Ashley J says she was struggling financially, sharing a sofa at her mother’s house, and raising two children the best she could. At this low point in her life, her brother suggested that she go along with him and start a pallet-flipping business, which he was already doing.

Ashley J took to pallet flipping very quickly and turned $490 into $1200 on her very first attempt. After this, she was hooked.

Flipping Pallets Review

Over time Ashley was able to systemize her method of flipping pallets and started posting her wins on social media. From this she garnered more and more attention and going by the advice of other friends in the make money online space, she decided to set up a course teaching those who were dying to know how she was making so much.

“The first day I put out the course, I made 200 dollars, and the next day I made 1200 dollars. When you’re used to doing Doordash and making $400 dollars every 5 days, that’s a big difference… I feel like the first day the course came out I changed my mindset. I’m like yeah, this can go far.”

Ashley J.

Ashley J continued to grow, and as she made contact with other influencers in similar spaces, she started to expand and get into creating multiple revenue streams.

After succeeding in many other areas, Ashley replicated her previous model and created expert courses on advertising, item renting, mobile home investing, and others.

Check out her full range of programs here

The success of her programs, and more importantly the students of her programs really speaks for itself. Ashley J. has been consistently in the top 10 for educational products on Gumroad.com, the primary tool used by influencers to create flagship information products, and is in the top 5 for most 5-star ratings and written reviews.

This is something to pay attention to as most people don’t bother writing reviews for products unless they really found success with using them.

“It doesn’t matter where you start. If you dropped out of school or even if you went to college…You can change your life. I changed my life in less than a year.”

Ashley J.
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Before we get into what’s inside and I give my full Flipping Pallets review, a lot of you are probably uncertain about what it actually is. As was I.

What is a Pallet?

A pallet (or liquidation pallet) is a group of products that a retailer has been unable to sell packed together into a single pallet. The retailer then sells the entire pallet at a heavily discounted price. Products included in a pallet may consist of:

  • Products that have been returned by customers
  • Products that the retailer was just unable to sell
  • Damaged products given to them by vendors or manufacturers that they couldn’t sell

A single pallet will likely contain a combination of these products, which is why they are heavily discounted.

What is Pallet Flipping?

Pallet flipping is when you purchase a pallet, take out all of the items, and sell them individually for a profit. Sometimes pallets are marked down by such a large amount that it can be easy to make your money back with just a fraction of what’s inside.

You can see how while a store may be unable to sell products to its limited customer base, someone working online with an unlimited amount of people might have better luck.

Flipping pallets also carries a degree of risk due to the fact that pallets are usually shrink-wrapped tightly and you can only see a certain amount of what is inside.

Flipping Pallets Review

It sounds easy enough, but there are some tricks to the trade especially when it comes to identifying good pallets from the bad, which Ashley J teaches in her program.

Ideally, the goal is to avoid pallets with faulty products and secure those with products that work perfectly fine but just didn’t fit the target market and were pulled off the shelves for that reason.

Flipping Pallets Course Review – What’s Inside The Course?

Pallet flipping was something very new to me. He reason I signed up for Ashley’s program wasn’t that I knew what it was, but because of the hype and results from others.

My thing is that I’m willing to give anything a try, and I too am very much into creating multiple streams of income, especially if it’s something I can do in a fairly systemized way. This way I can be more hands-off in the long term.

How to Start flipping pallets

Since Flipping Pallets is an info product, I can’t go too in-depth on the HOW, but I can tell you WHAT is inside. In a nutshell, the flipping pallets program is put together in such a way that it’s going to solve the major hurdles people are going to have when they get started. These hurdles include:

  • The best ways to go about flipping pallets for profit
  • The best platforms to sell products on
  • 100-150 Warehouse locations where you can source pallets from today
  • Best practices for finding Warehouses in your area
  • Best practices for identifying the best quality pallets from the garbage
  • A bundle of around 20 websites you can use

Ashley goes into these areas in-depth and teaches in a way that is clear and easy to follow, and it’s very obvious she knows what she’s talking about.

Ashley goes into detail on how you should go about buying and selling and demonstrates how to buy valuable pallets from the likes of Amazon, Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Macy’s, and more, and sell them individually on different marketplaces.

Instruction for each stage of the pallet flipping process is explained clearly and in detail, and as mentioned earlier, it’s not uncommon for students to start making double or triple their money on their first flip.

I think the mark of a good program is one that you can get through, make a few notes, realize you’re not going to hit any hurdles and you can just go and attack it immediately, which is what most of her students did too.

Flipping Pallets Review
Flipping Pallets Review

As far as my own experience goes I actually share a lot in common with Gary Vee and his weird obsession with flipping items I come across in places like yard sales to online marketplaces.

Pallet Flipping shares many similar traits this, except after some solid training you’re getting your hands on much higher quality items if you learn to know what you’re doing.

My biggest flip was I was able to make my money back for an entire pallet with one item (video projection equipment), which made me think I was a natural, but later found this isn’t even so uncommon.

Flipping Pallets Review


Thank you for checking out my Flipping Pallets Review. If you’re looking to start a side hustle and learn the ins and outs of a low-risk, proven business model, starting a pallet-flipping business is a great way to start making money quickly.

The course is worth a lot more than she sells it for. A $25 investment in yourself is more than worth it, as you are going to avoid just about every newbie mistake you can think of, and just get straight into crushing it like many of her students.

There’s so much to learn from this model of buying and selling pallets that can set you up for other businesses later on. Obviously, you very quickly learn a well-known business concept early, which is that you need to spend money to make money but in reality the most risk-free way I’ve seen.

In businesses such as E-Commerce, often your “money-spent” is just blindly throwing money into ads and testing different audiences and can often be disheartening.

It’s not surprising that Ashley J moved on to building other successful businesses very quickly as the lessons in pallet flipping are vast and applicable to the business building as a whole.

To wrap up, if you think you might be up for this tiny investment in yourself, your education, and your finances, I’ve got something for you. By clicking the button below, you will also lock in a few of my own Exclusive Products, which will be sent to you shortly after you purchase Flipping Pallets by Ashley J.

Details on what you’ll get are below, but I’ve put these together to go hand in hand with the Flipping Pallets program, so you learn even more about selling products online and driving traffic to your offers. Essentially, it will add rocket fuel to this or any online endeavor you choose to go down.

Again, thank you for checking out this Flipping Pallets Review by Ashley J. Any questions drop them below, otherwise click the button, secure your bonus products and see you at the top!

Flipping Pallets Course Review | Bonus #1

Flipping Pallets Course Review (by Ashley J)

Flipping Pallets Course Review | Bonus #2

Flipping Pallets Course Review (by Ashley J)

Flipping Pallets Course Review | Bonus #3

Flipping Pallets Course Review (by Ashley J)

Flipping Pallets Course Review | Bonus #4

Flipping Pallets Course Review (by Ashley J)

Flipping Pallets Course Review | Bonus #5

Flipping Pallets Course Review (by Ashley J)

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