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Wealthy College Kid Review By Christianna Hurt – An HONEST Look Inside (2024)

Wealthy College Kid: Learn To Sell On eBay Review
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Thanks for checking out this Wealthy College Kid review. If you’re thinking of joining wealthycollegekid or are interested in selling on eBay, you’re in the right place.

Despite there being numerous books and courses in the Wealthy College Kid catalog, I thought I’d focus on the Best Seller, and the one that is bringing people the most success, Learn To Sell on eBay.

Wealthy College Kid’s Learn To Sell On eBay course is a comprehensive guide that shows you exactly how to go about setting up and running a successful business on eBay.

This course covers all aspects of creating an online store, including listing items, marketing strategies, pricing strategies, finding suppliers, and more. Plus – the success stories from users are totally inspiring!

With this course review in hand, you’ll get everything it takes to succeed in your journey as an eBay seller – insider tips and tricks for getting started quickly so you can make money right away with your new venture.

You’ll also learn reliable ways to maximize profits while minimizing costs so you save time & resources along the way. Read on for our full review of Wealthy College Kid’s Learn To Sell On eBay and see if it’s worth investing your time and money.

wealthy college kid review
Wealthy College Kid’s Most Talked About Program

What is Wealthy College Kid?

Wealthy College Kid is a website that provides resources and advice for college students looking to build wealth and create financial stability.

With a focus on investing, budgeting, and entrepreneurship, WealthyCollegeKid.com offers a variety of articles, tools, and courses aimed at helping young adults navigate the complex world of personal finance.

Whether you’re just starting college or approaching graduation, this site can help you develop the skills and knowledge needed to make smart financial decisions and achieve your long-term goals.

With an easy-to-follow curriculum, Wealthy College Kid is a valuable resource for any college student ready to take control of their financial future.

Who Created WealthyCollegeKid?

On April 5th, 2016, Christianna Hurt experienced a life-altering event: she was dismissed from not one but several jobs. Now 25 years old and the CEO of WealthyCollegeKid, Ms. Hurt’s journey began at that moment.

Desperately seeking employment and lacking sufficient funds to sustain herself, she developed her marketing and network marketing expertise with the assistance of a successful Internet entrepreneur. Consequently, this enabled her to kickstart her own journey in the same field.

In only 6 months of committed dedication, she not only learned a new platform but also generated an impressive $250K in revenue using Shopify.

Not content to remain stationary, she then ventured into other business models including CPA-cost-per-action performance marketing on prominent CPA networks and exploring untapped areas of e-commerce such as high ticket eBay dropshipping and automation.

wealthy college kid review
Christianna Hurt – Founder of WealthyCollegeKid and TheBossPalace

By sharing her experiences and challenges, she created a unique brand dedicated to everyday students who are struggling with the same issues—working long hours for little pay. Drawing from her own journey, she speaks directly to these individuals by acknowledging their hardships and providing guidance on how to make it through.

She has gone from a normal employee to becoming the boss of multiple businesses, including the well-recognized educational platform “Wealthycollegekid” and The Boss Palace (TheBossPalace). With this program, even those with limited resources such as wifi and a bank account can make consistent income online in an ethical and legitimate way.

Over the course of her career, she has mentored and emboldened countless individuals to achieve financial success; from those who have built thriving brands that bring in six-figure earnings, to people who are now able to retire comfortably due to their hard work.

She is a woman who bravely shares her experiences, missteps, and journey not to show off but to spur people on and motivate them; proving that you don’t have to be famous in order to earn the wealth of your aspirations.

Christianna Hurt wants to emphasize the massive potential of a business venture and how it can transform your life in only one campaign.

Why Selling On eBay Is A Great Opportunity

With the rise of the internet age, more and more people are looking for ways to earn money online. One of the easiest and most effective ways to do so is by selling and flipping products on eBay.

Bay is a global online marketplace that allows users to buy and sell goods and services, with over 180 million active buyers worldwide. Here are some reasons why selling and flipping products on eBay is a great online business:

Low startup cost

Starting an eBay business requires minimal investment. All you need is a computer and an internet connection to start selling. You don’t even have to worry about inventory or shipping, as you can find suppliers who will dropship the products for you.

This means that you don’t have to purchase any products upfront or deal with shipping costs. As a result, you can start generating income right away without risking any money.

A wide array of products

eBay has a vast selection of products that you can sell. From clothing to electronics to vintage items and collectibles, there’s a market for almost anything.

You can choose to focus on a particular niche or sell a variety of products. This means that you can cater to a diverse customer base, depending on your business goals.

Flexibility and freedom

One of the best things about selling on eBay is that you can do it from anywhere in the world. You have the freedom to work at your own pace and on your own schedule.

Whether you want to make it a full-time job or a side hustle, eBay allows you to achieve your financial goals while also giving you the flexibility to manage your time according to your needs.

Ease of use

eBay is user-friendly for both buyers and sellers. Creating a seller account is easy, and you can start selling right away. eBay also provides various tools and resources to help sellers manage their businesses effectively.

For instance, you can use eBay’s listing tool to create attractive listings, and the eBay app allows you to manage your sales and activities on the go.


With eBay, the potential for profit is endless. You can earn money through various means, such as selling new or used products, flipping items from garage sales or thrift shops, or drop shipping products from suppliers.

Depending on your efforts and strategies, you can make a lucrative income by establishing your brand, building a loyal customer base, and continuously expanding your product offerings.

Selling and flipping products on eBay is an excellent online business for anyone looking to earn money online. With low startup costs, a wide selection of products, flexibility, freedom, ease of use, and great profitability, it is a great option for beginners and seasoned entrepreneurs alike.

There’s no better time than now to start your eBay business and start earning money online.

Benefits of Wealthy College Kid’s Learn to Sell On eBay Course

Wealthy College Kids Learn to Sell on eBay Course is a comprehensive online course that teaches students how to make money on eBay. The course provides top-notch training and guidance that is unmatched by any other course in the market. Here are the top benefits of taking the course:

1. More Profitable eBay Sales

The course teaches the most effective eBay sales techniques and strategies. By implementing these techniques, students can maximize profits and achieve greater success on the platform.

2. Personalized Support

The course provides one-on-one support to each student. Students can connect with the instructor on any doubts or clarifications they have throughout the course. This personalized support ensures that students can apply the course knowledge effectively.

3. Comprehensive Course Curriculum

The course covers everything that a student needs to know about selling effectively on eBay. From setting up an account to creating listings, managing inventory, and customer service, the course provides complete knowledge of each aspect of eBay selling.

4. Time-Saving Automation Techniques

The course teaches students how to set up automated processes, which helps save time when managing eBay sales. This time-saving process ensures students can focus on expanding their eBay business and scaling it up.

5. Resell Mastery

The course is designed to teach students not only about eBay sales but also about reselling on other platforms. This knowledge helps students diversify their income streams and increase their earning potential through alternative earning channels.

The content inside the program provides its students with extensive knowledge about eBay selling. The course is designed in such a way that it helps students achieve success on the platform and also provides a comprehensive understanding of the reselling industry.

Students can significantly benefit from this course and can gain the skills to earn a sustainable income online.

Pros and Cons

Wealthy College Kids Learn to Sell On eBay Course is a comprehensive tutorial that teaches individuals how to effectively sell products on the online marketplace platform, eBay.

This course has been met with mixed reviews, with some individuals praising its effectiveness while others criticizing its shortcomings. To provide a fair assessment of the course, it is important to examine both its pros and cons.


1. Clear and concise instruction

The Wealthy College Kid’s Learn to Sell On eBay Course is structured in a clear and concise manner. The course is divided into modules that cover various aspects of eBay, such as creating product listings, managing orders, and building a successful eBay business.

Each module is well-organized and the content is presented in a step-by-step format, making it easy for beginners to follow.

2. Excellent customer support

The course offers excellent customer support, with a dedicated team that is available to answer questions and provide assistance. The team is responsive and helpful, ensuring that participants get the most out of the course.

3. Comprehensive coverage of eBay

The Wealthy College Kid’s Learn to Sell On eBay Course covers everything that a beginner needs to know about eBay. This includes creating listings, choosing the right product, managing inventory, shipping products, managing feedback, and much more.


1. Lack of coverage on specific niches

While the course provides comprehensive coverage of eBay, it lacks in-depth coverage of specific niches. For example, individuals who want to sell high-end fashion may find that the course is not tailored to their needs.

However, different niches are constantly talked about in weekly webinars, so you’re still able to keep your finger constantly on the pulse of where the money is.

2. Limited information on marketing

The course covers the basics of listing products on eBay, but it does not provide much information on marketing. Individuals who want to build a successful eBay business will need to learn about outside marketing techniques on their own, such as driving traffic via blogging or TikTok.

wealthy college kid review
Free Webinars For Students Updating Them On New Products

3. High price tag

The Wealthy College Kid’s Learn to Sell On eBay Course is priced higher than many other similar courses. This may deter some individuals from purchasing the course. From what I can see though, people tend to make their money back quickly.

In short, while the Wealthy College Kid’s Learn to Sell On eBay Course is a comprehensive tutorial that covers many aspects of eBay, it has its pros and cons. The course is well-structured and offers excellent customer support, making it a useful resource for beginners.

The lack of coverage on specific niches and marketing techniques, as well as the high price tag, may make it less appealing to some individuals, but these cons have been mitigated via constant support and attention on students, with weekly webinars and updated supplementary materials on trending products.

Is Wealthy College Kid Legit? Personal Experiences

I was initially skeptical when a friend recommended Wealthy College Kid’s Learn to Sell On eBay Course to me. However, my curiosity got the best of me, and I decided to give it a try.

To my surprise, the course turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made, and my personal experience with it was extraordinary.

The course is designed to equip individuals with the necessary skills to succeed on eBay, starting from creating a seller’s account to sourcing profitable products and maximizing profits.

The course is comprehensive, straightforward, and engaging, making it suitable for beginners and experienced eBay sellers alike.

One of the aspects of the course that particularly impressed me was the detailed video tutorials. The videos covered every aspect of setting up a seller’s account, sourcing products, and listing items for sale. Additionally, there were quiz questions at the end of each module that helped solidify the concepts learned.

After completing the course, I immediately put what I learned into practice. I sourced inexpensive products and listed them on eBay, following the best practices taught in the course. Incredibly, I made my first sale within one week of listing my products, and my profits increased exponentially in the following weeks.

Since completing the Wealthy College Kid’s Learn to Sell On eBay Course, I have made over $5,000 in profits, and I have no doubt that I will continue to make more. I am now confident in my ability to succeed as an eBay seller, thanks to the invaluable knowledge, skills, and support I received from this course.

In conclusion, I highly recommend Wealthy College Kid’s Learn to Sell On eBay Course to anyone looking to make money on eBay. The course is comprehensive, and engaging, and has helped me to achieve my financial goals.

I am confident that with the right mindset and this course, anyone can succeed as an eBay seller.

Wealthy College Kid Reviews

wealthy college kid review
A Small Fraction Of Wealthy College Kid Testimonials

Is Wealthy College Kid a Scam?

Based on the available evidence, Wealthy College Kids is definitely not a scam. Many students have shared their genuine success stories, attesting to the profitability of reselling items online.

These testimonials often include specific figures and data points, providing concrete evidence of the program’s effectiveness.

Many students have reported making a significant income through reselling on popular platforms such as eBay, Amazon, and Shopify Stores. These platforms offer a vast array of products and services that students can leverage to build their businesses.

By using the strategies taught in Wealthy College Kids, students have been able to identify profitable products, source them at low costs, and sell them for a tidy profit. Furthermore, Wealthy College Kids provides a comprehensive curriculum that covers all aspects of starting and scaling an online reselling business.

The program teaches students how to identify profitable niches, research potential products, create effective listings, and optimize their sales and marketing.

In addition to the coursework, Wealthy College Kids also offers ongoing support and mentorship from experienced resellers. This community of like-minded individuals provides a valuable resource for students, allowing them to continue learning and refining their skills as they grow their businesses.

Given the overwhelming evidence of student success, it is clear that Wealthy College Kids is a legitimate program that offers tangible benefits to those who participate.

While success is never guaranteed, those willing to put in the time and effort required to build a successful online business are likely to see real results with Wealthy College Kids.

To Wrap Up

Thanks for checking out this Wealthy College Kid review. When it comes to becoming wealthy, it is hard to know what to believe. For a college student wanting to make some extra cash, selling on eBay can certainly help.

The Learn to Sell on eBay program serves as a great guide that can help you learn the ins and outs of successful selling. You’ll get tips on what sells well on eBay, how to best market your goods and services, and even how to increase sales.

This program is truly a valuable resource that could potentially help you build your wealth before college graduation this year.

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