Wordvantage Review | Awesome SEO Plugin for Bloggers

wordvantage review
wordvantage review


Welcome to this WordVantage Review. Wordvantage is an SEO Plugin that has been designed to take all the complexities out of SEO, and provide beginners with an easy to follow SEO checklist for when they are producing content.

A lot of Internet marketers like to put a mysterious stigma around SEO, talk about how complex it is, and how you need to do shady things in order to beat it.

In reality, SEO can be a fairly simple thing to get on top of. Wordvantage illustrates this in the way it supports you every step of the way during content creation. It tells you EXACTLY what you need to do in order to build quality, SEO-Friendly content.

Who is Wordvantage for?

  • Anyone who wants to cash in on FREE traffic while doing the least amount of work
  • Anyone fed up with not being able to figure out SEO (Become an Overnight Expert)
  • Anyone who is ready to start getting results with SEO…without EVER having to do any work
  • Anyone who wants a profitable SEO solution handed to them already done
  • Anyone who wants access to a plugin that automates a powerful income stream

Wordvantage Features

The beauty of Wordvantage is in its simplicity. It, appears as a widget, analyzes your content, and gives your content a live score, while listening things you need to add. EG. Headers, Images, Keyword in a sub-heading etc.

You simply do what it tells you to do, and watch your live SEO score rise up to 100/100.

wordvantage review

It is a simple plugin that is going to help your content rank tremendously and will also work in conjunction with any other SEO plugins you have.

Check out the video below for a full rundown and walkthrough of how it works.

What Wordvantage Includes?

wordvantage review
Watch the in-depth Demo and Review here!


Wordvantage is great if you’re trying to wrap your head around SEO and how to optimize your WordPress content as high as possible. Wordvantage might be exactly what you’re looking for.

It actually reminds me of TubeBuddy, which is a similar tool for YouTube content creators.

Regardless, I would recommend you check it out as it’s a powerful piece of Software that you can currently get for an absolute steal. As a Self Made Newbie reader, you’ll also get 5 FREE Bonus Products that will help you get the absolute MOST out of WordVantage.

Just click the link below and you’ll launch off to my Bonus Page where you can find out more!

ViralEngagr Review | Massive All-in-One Marketing Suite


A Powerful All-in-One Social Media Marketing Tool

Welcome to this in-depth Viral Engager Review. Viralengagr is the world’s biggest and most powerful social media marketing tool. It allows customers to create highly Converting Ad-Like Posts, Campaigns, Optin Pages ,Interest Groups, and Messenger Shops in less than 2 minutes without paying a dime.

Viralengagr is created with PROVEN TO CONVERT ads like posts, CTA Powered Campaigns, Messenger Online Selling, Chatbots, Lead Generators comprising top platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Twitter.


When it comes to Viral Engagr, the question isn’t “What can it do?” as much as “What can’t it do.” It’s very rare that a product comes out with as many features as Viral Engagr.

Post Lead Grabber

Viralengagr allows customers to send bulk private message to facebook users that comments on their facebook ads or page posts and convert them into leads.

It auto subscribe these users into facebook messenger where they can be engage them further or remarketed to.

Viral Poll Creator

Build remarketing lists of people who comments in  participation of a facebook poll or contest post by opting them into a segmented broadcast list base on their choice keywords.

As already explained in interest groups feature above, the viral poll creator is what is responsible for creating interest group from facebook posts.

Viral Carousel Posts

Publish or schedule ecommerce products on facebook integrated with instant payment checkout pages   for high sales conversion.

Get facebook emails of everyone that click on your product from facebook to buy.   Effortlessly run a dropshipping business and sell any product with your choice price mark-ups and get payment instantly through the checkout CTA destination option.

Interest Groups

 This technology allows a customer to track actions users take on their facebook bots like what a user is interested through clicks during conversation with a bot.

For example, in a typical scenario, your bot ask a user, what would you like to buy? And provide two options, clothes or shoes and a user clicks clothes.

What viralengagr does is; when the user clicks clothes , it automatically create a group called clothes and add this user into that list.

These is so important that it allows the customer to know those interested in clothes and be able to remarket to this very list in future.

These feature is not only limited to bots but also for facebook posts. A customer can create a poll or contest post asking users to comment the keyword of their choice. Base on their choice keywords, the customer setup the system to automatically build an interest group.

Messenger Shop

This allows them to pull in products from eBay, Shopify, Aliexpress, Bestbuy, Amazon,Wish,Woocommerce and instantly sell without having a store,website or blog and generate income on autopilot using this software

What does it do?

It enables customers to pull in products from Shopify, Aliexpress, eBay, Bestbuy, wish, and WooCommerce, which you can then sell on Facebook, Messenger and Twitter, without the need for a website or stores or any installs or technical knowledge.

What are the benefits?
Showcase and sell products on facebook, messenger and twitter. Take your customer by the hand through the entire process from finding the right product to closing the sale.

  • NOTHING To Download, Install Or Configure. 
  • No Technical Experience Required
    Convert every visitor into a lead and remarket to
  • Supports shopify, Wish, Woocommerce, Aliexpress, Bestbuy, eBay etc

Twitter List Builder

Instantly build authentic email leads from the first ever implemented twitter lead grabbing technology. Simply create and image post using ViralEngagr only. When a visitor clicks on it you grab the lead on your ViralEngagr Account.

Instantly redirect your visitors from any of your tweets to a set destination. Then, use it to Market and sell products through our integrated checkout page technology. As well as share incentive offers that eventually grab leads through the list building technology.

So every clicked  tweet = Email Lead and A Set Redirect Url or page

Video Campaigns

This allows you to broadcast a highly converting video message that has a call to action button to the inbox of the Social Media users. With the CTA buttons, your conversion rate will triple because they don’t just watch but are prompted to take a action as you specify.

With these technology, you can drive sales to integrating a checkout page, increase traffic to a blog or website and build an instant email list on the fly.

Image Campaigns

This allows you to broadcast a highly converting image message that has a call to action button to the inbox of facebook users and your twitter and instagram followers. Instantly drive traffic to your blogs, stores,websites etc. What’s more, Viralengagr allows users to integrate instant checkout pages to the CTA buttons for instant sales and conversions.


 You don’t need to pay a pro anymore to create and integrate an industry standard Chatbot process. You can now use our AI wizard system to automatically create a stunning robust but yet simple to create Chatbot campaigns.

1 Click Facebook Lead Builder

This is a legal facebook technology that converts every ads clicks into leads. For everybody that clicks on the post or ads, the software pulls in their leads on Facebook This is the ultimate game changer. If you sell any product online, you’ll need so that any person that clicks to your store, you’ll have their email address.

What does it do?
It gets you the emails addresses and details of everyone that clicks on your facebook ads or posts before redirecting them to a specified page.

What are the benefits?
1. Converts every ads clicks into leads
2. Build Remarketing lists
3. Gets you authentic email list

Page Builder

Build landing pages, Optin page design using magic link for grabbing authentic emails, checkout page designs, Product pages and Forms. E.g Appointments, bookings and subscriptions can be integrated. As well as facebook chatbot plugin for high conversion.

Instagram Mix

The ViralEngagr PRO enables customers to send or schedule bulk direct messages to their instagram followers , schedule and broadcast stories, videos and image posts.

It also enable customers to build real hot email lists using the facebook magic link since instagram is now connected to facebook and an average instagram user has a facebook account…

Broadcast link message to instagram follows that when clicked, first get’s their emails before redirecting them to a specified destination.

What does it do?
Viralengagr PRO allows customers to send or schedule bulk messages(text,image,videos) to their instagram followers, while building email lists at the same time.

What are the benefits?

  • Import your Instagram followers into your ViralEngagr broadcast list and start scheduling broadcasts to them
  • Instantly schedule and send bulk broadcast to your created list. 
  • Instantly schedule or publish your best performing videos.
    Build real hot email lists.

Multiple Facebooks

 Multiple accounts connection:

We understand that you could own more than one Facebook account or rather have one/more accounts that you are managing. Imagine unlocking the power of ViralEngagr on your client’s facebook accounts.

Multiple facebook page management:

You are granted access to unlock viralEngagr  across all your pages and even more to be created.


Our webhook technology allows you to still explore the old traditional way of grabbing leads through web forms such as appointment forms, booking forms, subscription forms etc on messenger and facebook. As well as within our well sort after landing pages. 

Watch the FULL Review & Demo Here!


If you’re looking for an all encompassing platform for handling your Social Media Marketing then ViralEngagr has it all.

As a Self Made Newbie reader, you are also entitled to a string of Bonus Products that I’ve put together in aims to plug the holes that Viral Engagr is not offering. (which isn’t much)

If they are lacking in any area, it would be the training. So I’ve gotten you all the training you need with 5 Exclusive Bonus Products that are going to help you get the most out of ViralEngagr.

Simply click the link below, and you’ll be launched off to the Bonus Page where you can find out more and “lock-in” your bonuses before purchasing ViralEngagr.

You’re not going to want to miss this bundle!

Extempore Review – Cool, New Mobile Teleprompter

Extempore review


Extempore review

This Extempore Review takes you on a deep dive into this brand-new Mobile Teleprompter App that allows you to make flawless videos on the fly.

What is Extempore?

  • This Brand New App Turns Your Smartphone Into Your Personal Teleprompter
  • Incredibly Easy To Setup and Use!
  • 100% Newbie Friendly (No Technical Savvy Required).
  • Saves Tons of Hours of Editing – Know EXACTLY What To Say Without Any Mishaps.
  • Create Pro Quality Videos On Demand
  • Export Your Videos to HD!
  • Upload To YouTube Seamlessly
  • Share On Popular Social Networks
  • Everything Is Saved To Your Smartphone – No Need To Purchase Any Further Equipment.
  • Major Discount For A Limited Time Only!


5 Minutes Videos At Your Fingertips

With Extempore you can record any video you like up to 5 minutes in length. This is great for quick hits or any motivational videos you may want to create on your favorite platform.Just open the app, hit record after creating your story, and start talking!

Unlimited Takes For Every Single Video You Create

Sometimes you just don’t get the video right on the first try. No worries. With Extempore, we give you the ability to do as many takes as necessary to get it right. And best of all, your audience will never know!

Create Pro-Quality Videos On Demand

The videos you create with Extempore are only limited by the quality of the camera on your phone or tablet. And with most mobile devices having high quality cameras, you’ll look like an absolute star!

Sharing Made Easy on Whatsapp, Social Networks Or Just Download The File If You Choose

We know you’ll be eager to share your videos with the world, so we’ve made sharing incredibly easy with Extempore. After you’re done recording and making a few edits, just use the options in the app to share or download the video.No extra software needed.

Dual Video Recording Options

You’ll also find that you can choose whichever layout you want with Extempore. If you want to get up close and personal, just use the vertical option. Or if you want to share your background, just go for the horizontal layout..

Full Seamless HD Video Export

Another great thing about Extempore is that you’ll be able to export all of your videos with 100% HD Quality. This is a HUGE step up from most other apps that only give you 480p quality that looks like videos from the 80s.

Extempore review
How it Works!

Make Square Videos for Instagram Easily

Square videos are all the rage on Instagram, which by the way is one of the most popular sites online.Well Extempore lets you make those square videos easily so you can post and get on with your day! No additional editing or software conversion needed.

Direct Youtube Upload Integration

One thing that you’ll absolutely love about Extempore is that once you’re done creating and making a few tweaks to your video, you can upload it directly to YouTube! This is great for those people who have a following on YouTube or want to start building one.

Full Review & Demo


If you’ve been looking at other influencers on Instagram on YouTube create flawless, inspirational, phone-to-face videos and you want to do that, too. Now you can.

Extempore is easy to use and nobody is going to tell whether you’re reading from a teleprompter or whether you are just able to talk well.

As a Self Made Newbie reader, you’re also going to get in on Exclusive Bonus Pricing as well as 12 FREE Exclusive Bonus products that are going to go hand-in-hand with Extempore, so you get the most out of it.

This is only available by going through the link below, however. So, get in quick while the offer still lasts.

Rapid Traffic Suite Review | Get Free Traffic Using Pinterest

rapid traffic suite


rapid traffic suite

Welcome to this Rapid Traffic Suite review. Rapid Traffic Suite is a combination of software and training to help anyone from struggling newbie marketer to established store owner avoid dangerously skyrocketing paid traffic costs and drive loads of free, targeted traffic to pages, build lists, and skyrocket commissions and sales. 

With paid traffic costs skyrocketing, it’s becoming harder and harder for smaller marketers (or even established marketers) to get paid traffic. So why bother when you can focus on free traffic using a method that has stood the test of time? Rapid Traffic Suite teaches how to drive millions of clicks from Pinterest, while picking up icing-on-the-cake SEO traffic with no extra work. Anyone can do this and set it up following the training- and the software makes everything 10x easier and faster. 

At the end of the day, who DOESN’T need traffic right now? Something to sell is the easy part, driving traffic is the hard part. This is a chance for everyone to solve the hard part once and for all.


rapid traffic suite

World-Class Traffic Training

Rapid Traffic Suite comes with one of the most time tested, powerful free traffic methods for rapid AND long term free traffic growth on the net. Stop wasting time with all these “loopholes” pedaled to you, and start building out the right way. You will thank yourself when you have massive results in 3, 6, and 12 months from now!

Hands-Off Traffic Setup

Rapid Traffic Suite teaches how to have your traffic coming in day in and day out, set and forget, while you enjoy a  stream of growing leads you’ve been looking for. It’s easy to scale when the traffic is automated.

Pinterest Account Follow Exchange

When you can have your Pinterest account go from 0 followers to thousands of real followers in days, you are giving yourself a massive head start. Leverage Rapid Traffic Suite’s follow exchange to grow your followers fast and have a MASSIVE head start.

Pinterest Group Board Repository

As you’ll learn in the world-class training, Group Boards are the dirty little secret of fast traffic growth on Pinterest. However, finding the best boards manually takes forever. Skip that step- we are always updating our repository with top group boards- find the top 100 in your niche within minutes and start enjoying the traffic.

Unlimited Graphics Tool

We have included our personal graphics tool so you can spit out quality pins in seconds, as well as ANY graphic you like! Easy to use, powerful, and graphics can be used for yourself, even for clients! Skip using complicated or expensive graphics tools- with Rapid Traffic Suite’s in-house tool, you’re totally covered!

Flawless Tutorials & Support

In addition to the world class traffic training, you’ll also get super easy to follow tutorials on exactly how to set everything up with Rapid Traffic Suite’s powerful software features. You also get our support so you’ll never feel overwhelmed or confused!

Check Out the Full Run-Through!


If you’re looking to take advantage of the buyer-intent audience that is the Pinterest audience, this might be just what you need.

Everyone is focused on Facebook and Instagram these days, but it’s becoming less and less of a secret that It’s no secret that Pinterest is where the buyers are. Those who take advantage the earliest are those who will establish themselves best.

This is the 2nd or 3rd Pinterest related product I’ve come across in as many weeks. You may remember the curation, pinning, and follower automation product, Pinflux, which has been doing really well for people.

As a Self Made Newbie reader, if you click the link below you will also gain Exclusive Access to 12 Extra Bonus products worth over $1000 that I’ve put together to really get the most out of Rapid Traffic Suite. They are only available during launch week, however, so get in quick.

WP Premium Vault Review | 150 Premium WP Themes & Plugins for ONE Price

wp premium vault


wp premium vault

Welcome to this WP Premium Vault review. WP Premium vault is a fairly straight forward product. It’s a platform which allows you to download 100+ Premium WordPress Themes and 50+ Premium WordPress Plugins, themes and plugins which otherwise would cost you thousands to buy individually.

How is this possible?

WordPress and products (like themes and plugins) get released under a GPL (General Public License) license. This guarantees the right to redistribute, and/or edit. Most themes get released by developers under a 100% GPL license, and some themes are released only partly under GPL.

The team at WP Premium Vault are allowing access only to themes and plugins that are released 100% GPL, meaning all of the product in the vaults can not only be used for any reason, but they can also be used for clients, redistributed free or for profit, and edited, as long as the original license is passed on to customers, giving THEM the same rights as well.

This will be a goldmine for customers as they will get access to the most popular and efficient themes and plugins.


  • Massive Collection Of Premium WordPress Plugins & Themes
  • One Time LOW Payment
  • Some of the most Desirable and Popular Plugins & Themes From The Market
  • Well Organized
  • Themes & Plugins For Any Type Of Business
  • WordPress is the most popular site builder in the world
  • Use for your own sites or your clients
  • Save Time & Money Spent On Freelancers Or Buying Themes & Plugins
  • Use any of the themes or plugins as many times as you want on as many sites as you want
  • Super Easy To Use
  • Good Fit For Online Marketers, Developers, Entrepreneurs and Freelancers – absolutely ANY niche and EVERYBODY who uses wordpress or who wants to build a website
  • MAY SELL, GIVE AWAY, EDIT free or for profit!

To Wrap up

I’m not going to go through what the 100 Themes and 50 Plugins are. You can see what’s on offer in detail on the WP Premium Vault sales page.

But, don’t go direct! Click the button below and lock-in your bonuses first. Then by clicking on the Green buttons you will get my 5 Additional Training bonuses locked into your bundle as well, before then going off to the WP Premium Vault sales page.

So much value!

GetResponse Conversion Funnel Review – Why it’s the #1 BEST Tool Around

getresponse autofunnel review

GetResponse Conversion Funnel Review | Overview

getresponse autofunnel review

Welcome to this GetResponse Conversion Funnel Review. Today we are going to dive into the latest addition (the 3rd this year) and see exactly why everyone is getting more and more pumped about GetResponse.

When you hear about GetResponse, you think about an Email Marketing platform and auto-responder. But, over the last few years it’s become more than that. A lot more.

GetResponse has quickly become the biggest all-encompassing Marketing platform out there.

It has competition in Email marketing platforms. Mailchimp, Aweber… Sure, but the competition has no system for Landing page creation.

It has competition Landing Page Creation. ClickFunnels, Funnel360… Sure, but those platforms have no Email marketing functionality.

With the addition of GetResponse AutoFunnel, they are quickly becoming unmatched.

GetResponse Conversion Funnel Review | Features

The focus here is not on GetResponse as a whole, but on this latest Conversion Funnel functionality. GetResponse’ New Conversion Funnel takes every function available in GetResponse and seamlessly consolidates it together into the best marketing tool available.

Funnels being the biggest buzzword in the Internet Marketing world right now.

Currently, there are options for creating 3 different kinds of funnels, which come with a plethora of templates.

Sales Funnels

Promote, sell, and deliver your products online with simple, effective sales funnels. Sell anything – a physical product, ebook, an online course – anything.

Send traffic straight to your sales page with the quick sales funnel, or nurture new contacts with automated emails before presenting your offer with the full sales funnel.

Lead Funnels

Generate high-quality traffic from Facebook and Instagram with the Facebook Ads creator, capture their email address on your landing page, nurture with automated emails – and prepare them to buy.

Webinar Funnels

Build relationships and turn your expertise into a commodity with free or paid webinars – without having to pay extra for a webinar service.

getresponse autofunnel review

You are able to choose from over 30 conversion optimized funnels. They are made to sell, build up audience and help you grow.

All relevant funnel elements come with expert copy written by top coaches, bloggers and industry experts. Whether you are a local business, an ecommerce store owner, a writer, coach, or designer Conversion Funnel will work for you.

The templates consist of high quality design and professional copy writing. All you need to do is add minor details about who you are and what you’re offering.

Visit the Bonus Page

GetResponse Conversion Funnel Review – Conclusion

Thanks for taking the time to check out this GetResponse Conversion Funnel Review. If you’re selling anything online or involved with any kind of business online, I would encourage you to check out GetResponse for the Conversion Funnel feature, alone.

Landing pages that act as a means to capture your leads so you can communicate with your audience on your terms is something that is very quickly becoming the norm.

It just works so much better than the traditional blog setup with popups, as the user is simply inundated with options and not a clear direction of what the page once them to do.

GetResponse has already proven to be one of the top Email Marketing platforms out there. Not to mention one of the cheapest (If not thee cheapest).

For the next 25 Days you can check out the Conversion Funnel feature absolutely free if you already have a basic GetResponse plan.

For those who don’t, if you click the link below, you’ll go through to my Bonus Page, which will allow you to secure 30 Days FREE GetResponse.

That includes FREE Access to the Conversion Funnel Feature, as well as 5 FREE Deluxe Bonus Products that will help you get the absolute most out of GetResponse Conversion Funnel.

Stockocity | Unlimited Access to Thousands of 4k Video



Video is no longer a “nice to have” in marketing – it is a 100% requirement. 4x as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. Video on a landing page can increase conversions over 80%.

Far too many videos use rubbish low quality free backgrounds & scenes. 62% of consumers are more likely to have a negative perception of a brand that published a poor quality video.

Quality Matters. Backlinko.com analyzed 1.3 million YouTube videos to better understand how YouTube’s search engine works. One of the key indicators identified is that high quality videos dominate YouTube’s search results. 68.2% of videos on the first page of YouTube are in HD or better.

Almost all the stock video collections launched online are compilations of Creative Commons license videos. These videos can be found through simple Google searches. With our Stockocity collections, we improved the quality of the status-quo with truely licensed stock video.


Now, with Stockocity 4K, we’ve upped the ante, providing your buyers with 3840×2160 Ultra HD (UHD) 4K resolution videos, the highest quality you’ll find anywhere. All the videos in Stockocity 4K are in 6 resolutions — 4K (3840 x 2160), 2K (2560 x 1440), FHD (1920 x 1080), HD (1280 x 720), SD (852 x 480), and Web (426 x 240) — and contain all the keywords and phrases in the filename so your buyers can quickly and easily find exactly which video they need, when they need it.

Stockocity 4K is the new standard for video asset collections.

Who Needs Stockocity 4K?

Stockocity gives you access to 1000’s of 4K video for a one time price, beating out 99% of the more frugal stock video platforms online.

Simply put, if you use video for ANYTHING… you need Stockocity 4K.

  • YouTube marketing
  • Commercial production
  • Video effects
  • Sales videos
  • Attention grabbing ads
  • Filmmakers
  • Social media consultants…
  • Website designers
  • Documentarians
  • Landing pages
  • Presentation designers
  • Search engine consultants
  • Local marketing
  • Music video production…

Stockocity 4K provides the wide variety of top quality stock video assets they all need, at a low collection value price!

Wrap Up

If you like the look of Stockocity and wish to purchase it, you’re also entitled to 5 Deluxe Bonus Products that are Exclusive to Self Made Newbie Readers, as well as some handy Discount Codes, which you can find near the end of the video above.

InstantBiz Review – Beautiful Landing Pages in Seconds




Welcome to this InstantBiz Review. I feel like new website and landing pages are coming out every week. I talked about ClickFunnels 2 weeks ago and a few days later, it was all about Funnel360.

This week we have a simpler product, but one that still performs it’s intended action thoroughly.

Enter: InstantBiz

InstantBiz is a cloud-based platform that enables you to create lead capture web pages with, literally, the click of a button. It also comes with free Email Optin and email marketing elements so you are able to take care of all your marketing needs in one platform.


The beauty of InstantBiz is in its simplicity and boasts a range of features to enable you to create web pages FAST. Great if you’re doing 3rd party web development on fiverr, upwork, or skillshare.

  • Create beautiful websites and pages to use in any kind of business, from online consultant to the local store down on the street
  • Newbie Friendly and easy to use that anyone can create a beautiful page in 60 seconds flat
  • Commercial license included so you can sell those sites and make huge profits with it (the app does all heavy lifting for you)
  • Exclusive local biz feature that explode results of any local business
  • 100% new and more affordable than any other solution available on the market
  • It’s all cloud based, there’s nothing to install and we HOST all the sites for you

You can build your list inside of the app

With an exclusive optin feature you gonna be able to collect leads and create beautiful optin forms that convert – also you get all the emails and can quickly export to a csv file so you can use in any auto responder you want

You can create pop ups

Imagine being able to create a beautiful pop up with a one time deal or a optin form to get subscribers, now you can! And with a html script, you can use this pop up anywhere you want, even if you use WordPress, Clickfunnels, Optimzepress, or any other page builder out there

Beacon & Geofence Technology

With this technology you can explode local businesses results, I’m sure that your local clients will love when you offer them this new advantage. With Beacon and Geofence technology features you and your local clients will be able to send notifications about Special Deals/Offers, Coupons  

& Product page links to the people around your local shop/store straight to their smartphones.

Drag & Drop page/site builder

You have an drag and drop page builder, it’s so easy that allows anyone to create websites and pages right now

It’s all cloud based and hosted by InstantBiz

There’s absolutely nothing to install – it’s all hosted for you on the cloud, you can access InstantBiz even from mobile phones

Check out this InstantBiz Demo to find out more and check out a walkthrough of the product, as well as some Freebies just for you.


InstantBiz really is a great all in one solution to capturing leads, especially if you’re on a budget.

If you go via the link below to find out more, you will also automatically Lock in 5 Deluxe Self Made Newbie Bonus Products. Thats 4 Awesome Free Training Courses from myself, as well as 9 Bonus Products that the team at InstantBiz has also hooked me up with to give you.

I’d encourage you to click below and check out what’s on offer as well as to find out more risk free.

xVirally Review | Get Social Media Traffic on Auto-Pilot

Now with 29 Extra Bonus Products


For anyone who has produced content in written or video form, you will know that the creation of the content is only half the battle.

On top of making sure that your content is good, you also need to ensure it’s actually seen. Therefore, there is a lot of time you also need to dedicated to distribution.

In 2019, distribution generally means Social Media. It’s important you know how to distribute on each of the platforms however tedious it may often seem.

xVirally aims to take the tedium out of sharing content on Social Media by offering users a “one-click-distrubte-to-all” solution.


At a glance at xVirally, you might be reminded of apps like Buffer or HootSuite and you wouldn’t be far off. Buffer tries to keep things very simple in what it can do; Automate content. xVirally aims to do a lot more. In that you can also edit and curate content that you distribute, and you can do it within the platform.

xVirally also allows you to share your content on 20 networks as opposed to Buffer and other platforms, which only offer you around 5-6.

SEO Link juice from high authority networks with the click of a button anyone?

Yes, please!

Wrap up

To conclude, if you’re looking for a quick way to get rid of the tedium involved with producing and distributing content, xVirally is a good choice. Especially if you are new and you’re trying to get all the link juice you can.

Also, during launch week and via Self Made Newbie, you are entitled to 4 unique Bonus products from me, and a whooping 25 Bonus products that I’ve gotten you an exclusive hook up to, which the vendor has given me.

So at launch week pricing of $34 for the basic Front End, you’re getting 30 Products total.

Not a bad deal. And, of course it all comes with a 30-Day money back guarantee!

Rank Reel Review – YouTube SEO Tools That Boost Rankings

rank reel review


rank reel review
Exclusive Bonus Products Included

Welcome to this Rank Reel review. If you’re looking to increase your YouTube video ranking you’re going to get a lot out of these YouTube SEO Tools.

The YouTube Search Engine is the 2nd most widely used search engine there is, but it’s also a lot easier to rank for than on Google. It’s also possible to rank immediately in YouTube even if your channel is new. With Google it can take 3-6 months before Google decides to rank your blog.

YouTube is therefore an attractive avenue to go down if you want immediate traffic to your content.

Enter Rank Reel.


Rank Reel is an assortment of White-Hat YouTube video SEO tools that are going to massively boost your YouTube video ranking, which can then later contribute to boosting your blog ranking.

If you want to rank in the YouTube search engine it is important in 2019 that you are only utilizing white hat methods. YouTube and Google are getting very good at penalizing sites and channels that try to rank using illegal or questionable methods.

Rank Reel boasts an assortment of Modules that aims to help you rank and improve your YouTube video SEO.

Module 1. Keyword SEO

‘Horizontal’ Keyword/Niche Suggestor – Find synonyms & categories relating to any keyword to rank videos for. This finds broader keywords/niches that other keyword tools wouldn’t be able to find for untapped opportunities.

Keyword Suggestion Finder. Enter any keyword & find tons of related ones & data like Search Volume, Competition, and Confidence scores for each

Module 2. In-depth Competition Research

YouTube Competition Analysis. Spy on the top 10 videos for any keyword and see key metrics you can optimize to beat out their ranking in easy-to-understand red, yellow, & green indicators

Google Competition Analysis. Just like YouTube competition, spy on the top 10 links for any keywords and see what it takes to beat them out to rank on page #1

Module 3. Description & SEO Optimization

YouTube Long/Short Tag Swiper – Swipe the best tags your competitors are using to rank #1.

1-Click Fully Optimized Local YT Descriptions/SEO. Pick a hot local niche and RankReel will auto-generate a high-ranking YouTube title, description, & tags with the businesses name and location you’re trying to rank for.

Module 4. Whitehat Backlinking

Social Bookmarking. Connect multiple accounts to social bookmarking platforms like Bitly, Tumblr, Plurk, Medium, and more. Auto post a link to them all at once or individually.

Whitehat Authority Local Links Maker. Find a variety of whitehat local link opportunities to help your videos rank higher in Google & YouTube.

Module 5. Local Influencer Outreach

Find & make deals w/ the top local influencers on social media for real social signals & organic video views.

Commercial Rights Included. Sell video ranking services, charge per lead sent, sell data ranking reports, and more to make $1000’s a month.

And, far more than that…

To Wrap Up

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