Best Coffee Machine For Office

Best Coffee Machine for Office: Top Picks (2024)

Thanks for checking out this unbiased article on the Best Coffee Machine For Office, a haven for coffee lovers and work warriors alike! We understand that coffee is the unsung hero of many productive workdays, turning sluggish mornings into bursts of creativity and focus.

But with an overwhelming number of options available, how do you find that perfect machine that caters to the diverse taste buds of your team while not breaking the bank?

In the bustling environment of an office, the last thing you want is a complicated machine causing long queues and puzzled faces. The scenario gets even trickier when you’re aiming for quality brews that can kickstart the day on a high note.

The market is flooded with countless models, each claiming to be the ideal solution, but the true fit for your office might be a little harder to pinpoint. The journey to finding the perfect coffee machine for your workspace can feel like a daunting maze.

Fret not, as we’ve done the legwork for you, researching and brewing our way through the options to bring you a curated list of the top 5 coffee machines available on Amazon.

From quick and convenient single-serve options to high-end espresso makers, our guide is designed to cater to all coffee preferences and office sizes. We’ve taken into account ease of use, quality of brew, and overall value to ensure that your next coffee break is nothing short of extraordinary.

So, sit back, take a sip of your current cuppa (we won’t judge), and let’s find the perfect caffeine companion for your workplace together. Let the brew-tiful journey begin!

What’s The Best Coffee Machine For Office?

When it comes to selecting the best coffee machine for your office, it’s important to weigh your options and consider the unique features of each platform. Below, you will find a table summarizing the key aspects of the aforementioned coffee machines to help you make an informed decision.

Each product has its unique selling points, and this overview is designed to highlight them in a clear and concise manner, ensuring a smooth browsing experience without the need for scrolling.

Coffee MachineKey FeaturesBest For:Pricing
1. Keurig K155 Office Pro Commercial Coffee MakerTouch screen, variety of brew sizes, quiet brew technology, energy-saving modeQuick brewing, versatility, convenience$$
2. Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso MachineIntegrated grinder, customizable settings, steam wand, durable designEspresso aficionados, customization$$$
3. Hamilton Beach 49976 FlexBrew Coffee MakerTwo-way brewing, programmable, auto-pause & serveFlexibility, regular coffee and single serve$
4. Nespresso VertuoPlus Coffee and Espresso MakerCentrifusion extraction technology, single touch brewing, automatic capsule ejectionQuality espresso and coffee, ease of use$$
5. De’Longhi ESAM3300 Super Automatic Espresso/Coffee MachineIntegrated grinder, customizable settings, patented cappuccino systemFresh coffee, versatility, convenience$$$

Please note that the pricing indicators are relative and may vary based on the retailer, current promotions, and potential bundles or accessories included with the machine. The dollar sign symbols represent a range from lower ($), middle ($$), to higher ($$$) price points.

Each of these machines has been carefully selected to cater to a range of needs and preferences, ensuring that whether you’re an espresso enthusiast, a lover of traditional drip coffee, or somewhere in between, there’s a perfect coffee machine waiting to enhance your office coffee experience.

So, make your choice, get brewing, and elevate your office coffee breaks to new heights!

1. Keurig K155 Office Pro Commercial Coffee Maker

Stepping into the spotlight, we have the Keurig K155 Office Pro Commercial Coffee Maker, a gem in the world of single-serve coffee makers designed to cater to the fast-paced rhythm of office life.

This sleek machine combines efficiency with simplicity, ensuring every cup is brewed to perfection without any complicated steps. Ideal for offices of all sizes, the Keurig K155 is a reliable choice for those who want quality coffee without the fuss.

Best Coffee Machine For Office
Best Coffee Machine For Office

Key Features

  • Single-serve brewing system: Choose your favorite K-Cup pod, pop it in, and let the machine do the rest.
  • Large 90-ounce water reservoir: This generous tank ensures that you can brew multiple cups before needing a refill, perfect for busy office settings.
  • Full-color touch screen interface: Navigate through the settings with ease thanks to the intuitive and user-friendly display.
  • Adjustable brew temperature: Customize the warmth of your beverage to suit your preferences.
  • Choice of 4 cup sizes: From a small intense shot to a larger, more mellow cup, there’s an option for everyone.


  • Quick brewing time: Your coffee is ready in under a minute, ensuring you’re back at your desk in no time.
  • Easy to use: The straightforward interface makes for a hassle-free experience, even for first-timers.
  • No mess: The K-Cup pod system means minimal cleanup, leaving more time for work (or more coffee!).
  • Sizable water reservoir: Less time spent refilling means more time enjoying your coffee.


  • Limited to Keurig’s K-Cups: This might lead to higher ongoing costs compared to ground coffee.
  • May not be the most eco-friendly option: The single-use pods can contribute to more waste, though recyclable options are available.


The Keurig K155 is a stellar choice for offices where time is of the essence, and convenience is a priority. Its swift brewing time and easy operation make it a hit in high-traffic areas, ensuring that everyone gets their caffeine fix without a long wait.

If your team is diverse in their coffee preferences, the variety of K-Cups available ensures that there’s something for everyone, from bold espressos to mellow vanillas. However, it’s worth considering the environmental impact and ongoing cost of the pods.

To mitigate this, you could explore Keurig’s recyclable pods or encourage employees to bring their reusable K-Cup. In the grand scheme of things, the Keurig K155 promises to be a dependable and efficient addition to your office, keeping the coffee flowing and the workday buzzing.

So, if quick, convenient, and consistent are the keywords in your coffee machine search, your quest might just end here.

2. Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine

Elevate your office coffee experience with the Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine, a marvel for aficionados seeking barista-quality espresso without stepping out of the workplace.

This machine bridges the gap between convenience and artisanal, offering a hands-on brewing experience that’s customizable down to the last drop. It’s a stellar option for offices that take their coffee seriously and view the brewing process as a cherished ritual.

Best Coffee Machine For Office
Best Coffee Machine For Office

Key Features

  • Integrated conical burr grinder: Grind your beans on the spot for the freshest espresso shot possible.
  • Precise espresso extraction: Digital temperature control ensures optimal espresso extraction every time.
  • Micro-foam milk texturing: Create lattes and cappuccinos with the perfect milk froth.
  • Digital temperature control (PID): Ensures accurate water temperature for a full-flavored espresso.
  • Single or double shots: Choose your strength with single or double shot options.


  • Freshly ground beans: Nothing beats the taste of freshly ground coffee for your espresso.
  • Consistent brewing temperature: Say goodbye to bitter or sour shots.
  • Ability to create latte art: Impress your colleagues or clients with your barista skills.
  • Customizable settings: Tailor every cup to your exact preference.


  • Requires a learning curve: Not as straightforward as push-button machines.
  • Higher price point: A significant investment compared to other models.


The Breville Barista Express is perfect for offices that house true coffee enthusiasts and are looking to transform their daily coffee ritual into an art form. With this machine, you’re not just brewing coffee; you’re crafting an experience.

The learning curve is steep, but the rewards are worth it—rich, full-bodied espresso with a crema that speaks volumes about quality. However, it’s important to consider if your team is willing to invest the time in learning the ins and outs of this machine.

If the answer is yes, then you’re looking at endless opportunities for coffee perfection and perhaps a fun team-building activity in latte art workshops. It’s a high-end investment with high-end returns in flavor, satisfaction, and the sheer joy of mastering the art of espresso.

So, if your office is ready to take its coffee game to the next level, the Breville Barista Express is waiting to impress.

3. Hamilton Beach 49976 FlexBrew Coffee Maker

Step into the world of versatility with the Hamilton Beach 49976 FlexBrew Coffee Maker, a true chameleon in the coffee brewing realm designed to cater to the diverse tastes of your office.

Whether you have team members who crave the convenience of K-Cups or those who prefer their coffee ground fresh, this machine stands ready to deliver. It’s a crowd-pleaser, ensuring that no coffee lover is left behind, and it does so with an ease that makes the coffee brewing process a breeze.

Best Coffee Machine For Office
Best Coffee Machine For Office

Key Features

  • Two-way brewing options: Choose between a single serve or a full pot to match your coffee needs.
  • Single serve or full pot brewing: Cater to the masses or brew just enough for yourself.
  • Compatible with K-Cup pods and ground coffee: Versatility is the name of the game.
  • Programmable timer: Set it and forget it, your coffee will be ready when you are.
  • Auto pause and serve: Grab a cup before the brewing is done without any mess.


  • Versatility in brewing options: Satisfy a wide range of coffee preferences in one machine.
  • Large brewing capacity: Perfect for when the whole office needs their coffee fix.
  • Easy to clean and maintain: Spend more time enjoying your coffee and less time cleaning up.


  • May take up more counter space: A consideration for smaller office kitchens.
  • Some users may find it tricky to switch between brewing options: Takes a bit of getting used to.


When it comes to accommodating the varying coffee tastes of a bustling office, the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew stands out as a versatile champion. Its ability to switch between single servings and a full pot makes it a flexible option for offices that experience different types of coffee demands throughout the day.

For the environmentally conscious, its compatibility with ground coffee offers a less wasteful alternative to K-Cups. However, for those rush moments when convenience takes precedence, the K-Cup option is a lifesaver.

It’s a machine that understands the dynamics of an office, providing quick caffeine solutions without compromising on taste. So, if your workplace is a melting pot of coffee preferences, and you’re looking for a machine that can keep up, the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew is a strong contender.

Your team will thank you, and the coffee will flow as smoothly as the workday (we hope!).

4. Nespresso VertuoPlus Coffee and Espresso Maker

Embrace the future of coffee brewing with the Nespresso VertuoPlus Coffee and Espresso Maker, a sleek and innovative machine designed to bring a touch of elegance and superior coffee quality to your office.

This machine is all about combining style with functionality, offering a one-touch brewing system that delivers everything from a robust espresso to a large, comforting mug of coffee. It’s the perfect solution for offices where quality and convenience are top priorities.

Best Coffee Machine For Office
Best Coffee Machine For Office

Key Features

  • Centrifusion extraction technology: Ensures a smooth, rich brew every time, no matter your coffee style.
  • One-touch brewing: Simplicity at its finest, choose your coffee style, and let the machine handle the rest.
  • Adjustable cup support: Accommodates various cup sizes for your preferred coffee style.
  • Fast heat-up time: Your coffee is ready when you are, with minimal waiting.
  • Large water tank: Less refilling, more enjoying your coffee.


  • Consistent quality: Every cup is brewed to perfection, meeting the Nespresso standard.
  • Sleek design: Adds a touch of modern elegance to any office setting.
  • Easy to use: One-touch system means even the least tech-savvy can enjoy a great cup of coffee.
  • Variety of coffee styles: From espresso to a large mug of coffee, there’s something for everyone.


  • Limited to Nespresso capsules: You’re tied to purchasing their brand of coffee.
  • Premium price: You’re paying for quality, but it’s an investment.


For offices that crave a seamless blend of style, quality, and variety, the Nespresso VertuoPlus stands out as a premium choice. Its consistent brewing quality ensures that every team member gets a top-notch cup of coffee, regardless of their preferred style.

While the machine does tie you to Nespresso’s range of capsules, it’s a small price to pay for the guarantee of excellence in every brew. Plus, the wide variety of coffee styles available in their capsule range means there’s plenty to explore and enjoy.

It’s a machine that says, “We take our coffee seriously here,” making it a great fit for offices that want to make a statement with their coffee game.

So, if you’re ready to invest in superior coffee quality and a machine that adds a dash of sophistication to your workspace, the Nespresso VertuoPlus is waiting to transform your coffee breaks into moments of pure bliss.

5. De’Longhi ESAM3300 Super Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine

Step into the realm of unparalleled coffee expertise with the De’Longhi ESAM3300 Super Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine, a marvel of Italian engineering designed to transform your office coffee breaks into an exquisite caffeinated journey.

With its robust capabilities and user-friendly interface, this machine is a powerhouse, capable of delivering a wide array of coffee beverages to suit every palate. It’s perfect for offices that value the art of coffee making and wish to bring a touch of gourmet indulgence to their daily routine.

Best Coffee Machine For Office
Best Coffee Machine For Office

Key Features

  • Integrated burr grinder: Enjoy the freshest coffee with beans ground right before brewing.
  • Patented Cappuccino System: Achieve the perfect milk froth for cappuccinos and lattes.
  • Customizable settings: Tailor the machine’s settings to your specific taste preferences.
  • Easy-to-use control panel: No complicated processes; enjoy great coffee at the touch of a button.
  • Removable water tank and drip tray: Ensures easy cleaning and maintenance.


  • Freshly ground coffee every time: The built-in grinder ensures the freshest possible brew.
  • Versatile coffee options: From espressos to lattes, your coffee needs are covered.
  • Consistent quality: De’Longhi’s reputation ensures that each cup meets high standards.
  • Ease of maintenance: Removable parts make cleaning and upkeep a breeze.


  • Higher upfront cost: Quality comes at a price, making this a significant investment.
  • Takes up counter space: The machine’s size may be a consideration for smaller offices.


For offices that are serious about their coffee and want a machine that does it all, the De’Longhi ESAM3300 is a standout choice. It’s an investment in quality and versatility, ensuring that every coffee lover in your team finds their perfect brew.

While it does come with a higher price tag, the durability, and performance of the machine justify the cost. Plus, the savings from not needing to visit the coffee shop daily add up quickly.

It’s a machine that brings a touch of Italian coffee culture to your workspace, encouraging a moment of pause and indulgence in the midst of a busy day.

So, if you’re ready to elevate your office’s coffee experience and make every coffee break a moment to look forward to, the De’Longhi ESAM3300 is ready to impress and deliver perfection in every cup.


Thanks for checking out this article on the Best Coffee Machine For Office, a comprehensive guide aimed at helping you navigate through the ocean of options and find the perfect brewing companion for your workspace.

We understand that coffee is more than just a beverage; it’s a ritual, a moment of pause, a quick escape, and sometimes, the fuel that powers through a long day at work. That’s why choosing the right coffee machine for your office is a crucial decision.

In this roundup, we’ve covered a variety of machines to cater to diverse preferences and office environments.

From the swift and versatile Keurig K155 Office Pro Commercial Coffee Maker to the elegant and sophisticated Nespresso VertuoPlus Coffee and Espresso Maker, we’ve ensured that there’s something for everyone.

Whether your team is filled with espresso aficionados, latte lovers, or those who appreciate the simplicity of a straightforward cup of black coffee, our recommendations are designed to meet and exceed expectations.

Our intention with this guide is to make your decision-making process smoother, informed, and perhaps even enjoyable.

Remember, investing in a quality coffee machine for your office is not just about the beverage itself; it’s about enhancing productivity, boosting morale, and creating a space where employees feel valued and appreciated. So, choose wisely, brew happily, and let the good times (and great coffee) flow!

FAQ Section

What is the best coffee machine for office use?

Finding the best office coffee machine depends on the specific needs of your office. If you’re looking for a machine that offers a range of options and can handle a lot of coffee throughout the day, commercial espresso machines or advanced automatic machines with large bean hoppers might be the right choice.

They offer ease of use with just the push of a button and can provide a variety of coffee drinks, from a standard cup of joe to specialty drinks.

How much is an espresso machine for the office?

Espresso machines can range in price significantly, depending on their capabilities and features. For a small office, a more compact option like the Nespresso Essenza Mini might suffice, providing good coffee without extra work.

For larger offices or for those looking for a machine with more advanced features, something like the Jura Giga can offer a wider range of options but at a higher price point.

Which Nespresso machine is best for an office?

Nespresso machines are great for offices due to their convenience and quality of coffee. The best Nespresso machine for an office setting would be one that balances ease of use with the ability to serve a variety of coffee preferences.

Machines like the Nespresso VertuoPlus are a great choice, as they offer a range of coffee and espresso options, easy-to-use interfaces, and quick brewing times.

Why buy a coffee machine for office?

Investing in a coffee machine for your office can enhance productivity, improve morale, and create a more engaging work environment. It saves time for employees who might otherwise leave the office to get coffee, and it shows that the company values its staff’s well-being.

Additionally, it can save money in the long run compared to the cost of buying coffee from a café every day.

Can these coffee machines make iced coffee or cold drinks?

Yes, certain coffee machines have the capability to make iced coffee or other cold drinks. Machines with a built-in hot water system can also provide the necessary hot water for a French press, which can then be used to make cold brew coffee.

Machines with an automatic milk system can also be used to make a variety of cold drinks.

Is it necessary to have a water line connected to my office coffee machine?

While having a water line connected to your coffee machine offers added convenience, especially in an office setting where a lot of coffee is being consumed, it is not strictly necessary. Many office coffee machines come with sufficiently large water tanks to ensure a steady supply of fresh coffee.

However, for larger offices or for high-end commercial espresso machines, connecting to a water line might be a good option for the best results.

Do these coffee machines come with a built-in coffee grinder?

Some of the coffee machines mentioned in this guide, such as the De’Longhi ESAM3300, come with a built-in coffee grinder, providing fresh coffee with every brew. This is a great feature for coffee drinkers who value the taste of freshly ground beans and are looking for optimal flavor extraction.

Can I adjust the temperature of the coffee with these machines?

Yes, many higher-end machines allow you to adjust the temperature of the coffee to ensure it’s just right for your preference. Machines with advanced features such as programmable coffee makers offer this capability, ensuring that you get the perfect cup of coffee every time.

What if my office is very small? Is there a coffee machine that would fit?

Absolutely, there are plenty of compact options available that are perfect for a small office. Machines like the Nespresso Essenza Mini and the OXO Brew are compact yet powerful, ensuring that even in a small space, coffee drinkers won’t have to compromise on quality.

How do I maintain these coffee machines for the best performance over a long time?

Maintaining your office coffee machine is crucial to ensuring it performs well over a long time. Regular cleaning, descaling, and ensuring that all parts of the machine are in good working order can go a long way. This includes cleaning the milk system (if your machine has one), the coffee grinder, and the drip tray.

Additionally, using the right cleaning products is important to prevent any damage to the machine.

By addressing these common queries, we hope to have provided valuable insights to guide you in choosing the perfect coffee machine for your office, ensuring that every coffee break is a delightful experience.

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