Chris Johnson Reviews – Honest Cyber Money Course Review (Fort Knox Course Review)

Chris Johnson Reviews – Overview

Welcome to this Chris Johnson Review, or more specifically a review of his courses Cyber Money, also known as Fort Knox, The Golden Wealth Package, but with an additional Options Trading Course thrown into the bundle (while also being 60% cheaper). If you’re wondering, “Is Chris Johnson Legit? Are the courses legit?” you’re in the right place.

Chris Johnson Reviews

This is an in-depth review, so when you reach the bottom, as my gift to you I’ll be throwing in a bonus bundle of my own products, for free that are going to make building an online businesses easier than it’s ever been.

To begin, Cyber Money and Fort Knox, The Golden Wealth Package are all bundled products (multiple products in one) and are by Online Entrepreneur, self-made millionaire, and army veteran, Chris Johnson. The bundles include everything you need to make money online though the 2 primary stages of wealth creation.

  1. Selling Information, products, and/or services for money
  2. Putting your earnings to work in order to make more money

The layout of Cyber Money (Fort Knox, The Golden Wealth Package) has kept this in mind, and is therefore an awesome all-encompassing package for those of you who re starting to make money online or have tried and failed and are in need of some structured mentoring/fundamentals.

Cyber Money and Fort Knox, The Golden Wealth Package included and are structured as follows

Business & Social Media CoursesStock Market Courses
6 Figure Side Hustle ($40)Stock Market Gems ($40)
Twitter Money ($40)Dividend Income Empire ($40)
Profit King ($25)Intro to Options** ($40)
B.O.B IG Course** Cyber Money Only
Courses listed in recommended order of completion depending on your focus

What Makes both Cyber Money and Fort Knox, Golden Wealth Package such a steal is that they essentially include all of Chris Johnson’s courses all bundled together into one, which means a HUGE saving, compared to if you bought them individually.

In short, Cyber Money allows you to buy $145 worth of top-quality courses at a whopping 72.5% discount.

Chris Johnson Reviews
Despite being almost identical both courses sit within Top 10 Courses on Gumroad, Including claiming the 1st place spot

Chris Johnson Review – Who is Chris Johnson?

Chris Johnson, who goes by the name Wealth Squad Chris on Social Media, describes himself on all-platforms as an Army Vet and Self-Made Millionaire.

Cyber Money Review
Chris Johnson – @CJ_Johnson17th

He is the owner of Seventeenth Watches, as well as an accomplished investor and educator. He has created courses up and down the wealth creation ladder, which no doubt reflect what he has learned on his own journey to creating wealth online.

As mentioned before, the journey being:

  1. Selling Information, products, and/or services for money
  2. Putting your earnings to work in order to make more money

He is also the founder of Wealth Squad, a community that discusses generational wealth, stocks, options, investing, business strategies and more. Chris Johnson is also a well-known figure in the Money Twitter, and Black Wealth Niche Communities on Platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

Video Version of this Review

Chris Johnson Review | The Content

Both Cyber Money and Fort Knox, The Golden Wealth Package are a bundle of Chris Johnson’s best selling courses. While these courses all operate independently of each other, there is a linear flow you can follow or a best way to go through them depending on what you goals are

If you are a newbie, it’s best to start with the the Business Building & Social Media related courses before moving onto Stocks and Investing.

Make the money, then make the money work for you.

Business & Social Media Courses

The following courses are related to starting a business online and making money with Social Media.

  • 6 Figure Side Hustle
  • Twitter Money
  • Profit King
  • B.O.B IG Course

1. 6 Figure Side Hustle

6 figure side hustle review

6 Figure Side Hustle is ultimately step one of where you need to get started and is also where Chris Johnson got started with his 6 figure brand, Seventeenth Watches.

In just a few hours, Chris goes through how he built up his brand while helping you to avoid the mistakes that he made which meant he wasn’t able to get Seventeenth Watches off the ground until roughly 2 years after starting it. This will not be the case for you, however.

This course is focused on building your very own E-Commerce brand and takes you through all of the crucial stages

Finding a Product – How to find the right product first time and avoid months of time wasting

  • Pricing – How to price products correctly in order to maximize your profit. Despite popular belief, selling for cheap often means less sales.
  • Effective Branding – How create a brand that people relate to and become fans of so your business can succeed long term and bring you passive income down the line.
  • Email Marketing – Ever heard the saying, “the money is in the ist”? – Many E-Com brands make 30-50+% of their income from their list. Email is still extremely profitable and understanding Email marketing is crucial for maximizing profit.
  • Store Setup – Learn how to setup your store and what apps you should run in order to make it work well.
  • Scaling Tips & Tricks – Learn the tips and tricks that are going to help you scale your business as fast as possible.

2. Twitter Money

Twitter money review

Upon learning the basics of setting up and e-commerce store, it’s recommended that you start looking at Twitter Money. Twitter is a great way to build passive and free, organic traffic to you stores.

A lot of people call twitter their own high-way billboard. If you use it correctly, you can get thousands of views to your profile easily, which in-turn gets people to your site and buyers of your products.

Most people use Twitter to consume, you’re going to start using it to create and sell. Make Twitter work for you, not the other way around. Chris goes into the in’s and out’s of using Twitter in order to get sales to your stores.

From following these strategies, he was able to make $236,000 in 6 months and $310,000 in the last 4 months purely from Twitter traffic. $0 in ads, and this course goes into the “HOW” – a great 2nd course to follow on from after you’ve built up your store.

3. Profit King

profit king review

Profit King follows on from 6-Figure Side Hustle, and goes more in-depth on maximizing profits by understanding what the best products to sell are. This course may as well have been called Product King, as this is the primary focus, and makes an excellent addition to 6-Figure Side Hustle.

Topics covered inside Profit King:

  • Product Finding – Chris teaches you where to look when it comes to finding products with huge profitability potential,
  • Efficient Product Research – You’ll learn how to discern whether a product is a waste of time or if it’s going to get you money in the bank, along with the wisdom to know the difference.
  • 7 Profit King Product Recommendations – You’ll be given a list of products that work and are worth selling immediately.
  • Vendor Management – You will learn exactly how to communicate with vendors/manufacturers to ensure your relationship and selling process goes as smooth as possible.
  • BONUS Pre-Order Strategy – You will learn how to order and sell products from the vendor in the right way so you avoid losing money but also moving towards bulk buying upfront so you can ship faster.

4. B.O.B IG Course

b.o.b ig course review

Build or Bullsh*t is a one hour Instagram course that, similarly to Twitter Money, is going to help you to build a massive traffic source from Instagram so you can in-turn sell more products.

This is the only course within Cyber Money and Fort Knox, The Golden Wealth Package that isn’t able to be bought on its own, although that doesn’t mean it has no value.

Chris has amassed close to quarter of a million followers on Instagram in a very short period of time, and this alone makes him worth listening to.

In the B.O.B IG Course, similarly to his other courses, Chris teaches you the in’s and out’s of what worked for him in order to build a profitable Instagram. Obviously, unable to share the golden nuggets in this review, but there are a lot, making this a great addition to the packge.

Stock Market Courses

The second part of both Cyber Money and Fort Knox, Golden Wealth Package you could lump together into a stock and trading category.

The general goal of all of these courses is to make money, then put that money to work to make more money. These courses aim to fulfill the second part of that equation.

1. Stock Market Gems

stock market gems review

Probably my favorite out of all of the courses, Stock Market Gems is a 2-part course that covers everything you need to know about investing in both long term stocks and swing stocks and the fundamentals of each.

Unlike many other popular investing courses, Chris is able to do explain everything without making you feel bored, which is a real under-appreciated aspect of all of his courses. A comparison would be Todd Capital, who while has amazing courses in his own right, was unable to hold my Interest as well as Chris, and included too much theory for my taste.

Chris teaches you what you need to do to make money in the stock market with the essential fundamental knowledge you need to not mess up. Nothing more, nothing less. You may also note on the Stock Market Gems sales page, Chris states:

“This is not an end all be all course /video there are many other books, courses and lessons you need to learn to keep your skills sharp. The stock market takes consistency and discipline to master, those are things I cannot teach, you must find them and develop them yourself

My intention with this course is to help someone who has no idea what a stock is and get them to buy stocks now and sell them for more at a later date.”

Chris Johnson – Stock Market Gems

As an overview, the topics covered are:

  • What is a stock?
  • Why do stock rise and fall?
  • When should buy and/or sell stock?
  • How do you avoid losses?
  • How do you create a watchlist
  • What are Municipal Bonds
  • How to find stocks that pay dividends 

The Golden Nugget in Stock Market gems (for me at least) is Chris’s chart/graph settings for predicting whether a stock is worth investing or not.

Even after my own deeper study into the stock market, I still employ Chris’s strategy and numbers when it comes to which moving averages I want to see on my charts.

Probably my favorite course out of them all.

2. Dividend Income Empire

the dividend empire review

After you build up a foundation in the stock market, the Dividend Income Empire should be able to get you even more excited.

For those of you who don’t know what a dividend is, it is a money reward for owning stock in their company. This is one of the most fundamental ways to make passive income since most companies pay their stock holders a dividend every 3 months. The more stock you own, the more you get.

Dividend Income Empire takes what you already know from Stock Market Gems and focuses deeper on those stocks that are owned by companies that will literally pay you money every quarter.

Topics covered:

  • Dividends in General
  • Active and Passive Income
  • How to think about compound Interest
  • Reinvesting
  • Which Companies to Invest in (Dividend Aristocrats)
  • Mistakes to Avoid
  • Diversifying your portfolio in order to stay safe

3. Intro to Options (Cyber Money Only)

intro to options review

Intro to Options is included in Cyber Money, but not Fort Knox, Golden Wealth Package. It is an advanced program that deals with options trading. The reason I say advanced is because options trading carries a much higher risk.

While buying stocks is technically a risk, it’s a risk in the sense that your current job in a risk.

  • Is it possible your company goes under and you lose your job? Sure.
  • Is it possible that you company goes under and you lose that one particular stock? Sure.

But, in the latter you won’t lose everything as you still have other stocks, in other companies, in other sectors

You bet on the idea that the billion dollar company you’ve invested in won’t go ass up and crash leaving you with nothing, and thats a pretty low risk. Investing in general large company stocks is a fairly risk free endeavour.

Options are different however. You’re trading more-so on positioning and whether the stock is going up or down. It’s the gambling side of the stock market. The part people are thinking about when they talk about the stock market being risky.

Having said that, it can be fun, and it can yield bigger, quicker returns.

In Intro to Options, Chris goes into strategies you can employ in order to get into options trading as well as tips, advice, and mistakes to avoid.

I personally don’t do options trading, but for some, it’s what they love.

Chris Johnson Review – Conclusion

Thank you for taking the time to read this Chris Johnson’s Cyber Money Review. I know that half of you a Cyber Money Review and some are looking for a Fort Knox, The Golden Wealth Package Review.

The fundamental differences are essentially Cyber Money gives you more for less, since you get everything in Fort Knox, The Golden Wealth Package PLUS the Intro to Options Course for 60% less price.

I can’t tell you why this is, but it’s likely a temporary thing, so get in on Cyber Money as soon as you can as it’s the biggest steal there is out there, to be perfectly honest.

The Fort Knox package is definitely worth its own $99 price, so Cyber Money is really just insanity at it’s 60% less price point.

Both packages include just SO much for a fraction of any other course you’re going to find out out there. In fact, as I type this I can’t think of a course for making money that includes this much instruction for so low of a price.

If you’re wondering what kind of results you can expect, check these out. There’s a reason Chris’s courses are the number #1 and #6 best selling products on Gumroad.

As my promise to you at the start of this review, I’m also going to include 5 of my own products that you’ll get for FREE if you buy ANY of Chris Johnsons products via the link below.

Simply lock in the bonuses by clicking the green button below. Email me at with a screenshot of your digital receipt and i’ll send these tools off to you, immediately.

Check out the bonuses I’m including for you below.

Bonus #1

todd capital review

Bonus #2

todd capital review

Bonus #3

todd capital review

Bonus #4

todd capital review

Bonus #5

todd capital review

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Todd Capital Reviews – Honest Stock and Options Trading Course Review

todd capital review

If you’re looking for Todd Capital Reviews, you’ve come to the right place, or more specifically a review of his Stock and Options trading courses that have been creating a storm on Twitter as of late. In this review I’ll give my honest opinion of the courses that I bought, went through, and took action with and attempt to help you reading to make a more informed decision about whether you should buy or not.

Todd Capital is owned by Charles L. Oglesby III, and captured my attention on Twitter recently as his name seemed to be one of the more prominent names being mentioned when it came to learning about stock and options trading. Recently, I’ve started to focus on the idea of using money to make money so started to put my feelers out with regards to who was talking about this kind of thing, and who was helping people find success.

todd capital review
2 students of Todd Capital hitting 3-5 figure pay days earlier this year, 2020.

Needless to say it didn’t take long to notice that the people who seemed to be making the most money, on Twitter at least, were also talking about about Todd Capital. Those posting legitimate screenshots of high 5-figure income days all had that in common. A quick scroll-down to their earlier content also showed that they had bought Todd Capital courses, succeeded, and had at some point shouted him out with a thank you.

I felt kind of lucky that I’d stumbled upon what appeared to be the right guy to learn from. When it comes to making money online, it’s probably the niche with the biggest amount of lies and scamming that needs to be weighed through. It’s always good, especially for newbies, if you manage to not have to go through that.

Todd Capital Reviews – Who is Todd Capital?

Charles L. Oglesby III, the man behind Todd Capital, is a former certified financial planner and it’s clear from his resume that he isn’t just one of these ‘gurus’ out here regurgitating other peoples material. A brief look at Todd Capitals resume looks like this.

  • Economics Degree from UC Riverside.
  • Registered Investment Advisor since 2009.
  • Holds Series 7, Series 66, and Accreddited Asset Management Specialist.
  • Worked with clients at every level of wealth development; accumulation, protection, and distribution.
  • Managed a book of business of 230M
Charles Oglesby’s appearance in Forbes Magazine

It’s a popular theme within the make money online niche for people to dog on formal education and universities, and say that true entrepreneurs don’t need any of that. While I agree with this sentiment in many cases, there are some areas, where I prefer learning from someone with the formal background. Medical and Financial areas in particular.

Todd Capital represents both sides of the coin. A solid formal background and corporate experience, along with real life investment success. This is something that his courses and his teaching style reflect well, as you’ll no doubt find out.

Todd Capital Reviews – Course Content

While Todd Capital has a range of courses on offer, the biggest successes are those relating to stock and option trading, which include his two biggest and highest reviewed sellers.

  1. Stock Market Fundamentals – 6 Part Course
  2. Options Trading 101 – On-Demand Workshop
todd capital review
Todd Capital holds an almost perfect rating after 932+ reviews on his 2 top products alone

Stock Market Fundamentals – Stock Market Combo Pack

The Stock Market Fundamentals is what I purchased first as I literally had zero experience or knowledge when it came to trading and investing.

The entire bundle consists of:

  • 7 Videos on Stock Market Fundamentals
  • 5 Video Options Workshop including Advanced Material
  • 2 Videos on Options Buying and Selling
  • Several Audio verisons as well as a copy of the Options trading powerpoint slides

The style of teaching is thorough enough while also focusing on what exactly you need to know to get up and start taking action early. As a teacher it’s difficult to find this balance, but he manages this very well.

You will learn ample amount of fundamental knowledge to get started effectively without feeling bogged down too much with information that isn’t going to immediately benefit you. This is something I’m sure everyone will appreciate on what is often considered a dry subject matter.

Options Trading

While the Stock Market fundamentals videos are definitely a must, the information that you really want to get your hands on is the training on Options. This includes the options training in the fundamentals course as well as the Options Trading 101.

todd capital review

Options trading (along with REITs, which you’ll also learn about) is the type of trading that is the most lucrative and what the crux of the training focuses on.

After running through the fundamentals, learning about which software to use, there is a heavy focus on Options training, being about half of the content. Options trading is the most attractive as it allows you to make money on whether the stock goes up or down. You are also able to employ a straddle strategy whereby you can pick whether the stock goes either up or down and bank on both, meaning you make money either way it swings.

The other attractive quality of options is that you are able to essentially buy options that would usually cost you a lot more if you were to purchase the stock in a standard way. This is because options are actually contracts that include 100 shares, which idividually might cost you a few hundred/thousand dollars depending on the company.

This enables those who are new to trading to make a lot of money with very little start up money.

todd capital review
You’re able to win much bigger due to the nature of Options

With traditional stock market investing it’s difficult to make a lot of passive income through dividends if you have very little money to invest. Todd Capital has understood that most people want to know how to make money now, as opposed to only seeing financial gains in the long term.

This is the reason why options is the primary focus of both courses.

todd capital review
Much bigger ROI trading Options – The Focus of the Todd Capital Course

Todd Capital Review – My Results

The thing that kind of triggered me to look up investing was a tweet from someone that said something along the lines of,

“Instead of spending 200 bucks on going out and partying, I invested 200 bucks. Although the money is still gone from my pocket, spending means it has gone forever – Investing means it’ll go and work for me and bring me even more money back.”

I must admit, it was a simple yet, profound eye opener. Why would i go and waste money and spend and consume, when I could just put that same money to work! I definitely know which one I’d feel better about when Monday rolls around.

With regards to my own experience, after the training, I put some money into various companies that I like and believe in. This is actually one of the core messages Charles teaches when it comes to answering the question of, “which stocks should I choose?”

With these types of investments you can expect an 8% increase per year, or possibly more due to COVID-19.

A friend of mine who I watched the program with got straight into doing options. In the first week he made a few mistakes, but sends me messages here and there of money he’s made. 1500 here, 1000 there, 500 here, 200 there. He seems to be slowly getting the hang of it as he applies what he learned in the courses.

Todd Capital Review – In Conclusion

There are are lot of people on Twitter teaching courses on investing, and a lot of them are going to bring you value. But, a lot of them are going to be rehashed garbage as well.

One thing I have noticed is that all of the people making the money and giving the most value seem to be coming by way of Todd Capital.

By that I mean, they may have their own courses and such, but they are also students of Charles Oglesby. With that in mind, I’d recommend going directly to the top, to the source, to the professional, to the one teaching other successful people. Watch what they watched, learn what they learned, then follow in their footsteps.

Get the Todd Capital Course, rather than something from a less qualified copy-cat.

This is what I have essentially done and things are going well. I’m happy with what I’ve accomplished so far, and I’m happy with what I’ve learned from both courses. I have the knowledge, I have the apps I need, I have enough money, and I have the confidence to start making trades on long term stocks, REITS, funds, or Options.

All of the information is there, and if you’re reading this review because you feel like you need one last push, I’m saying: Go for it!

Training is effective and transparent and not designed as a get rich quick scheme

The fundamentals course in particular is really jam packed full of information is has been extremely helpful. If you want the advanced options course later on, I’d say pick it up after you’ve taken action with the fundamentals and made a little money first. There is plenty in there for you to work with and start taking action.

As a thank you for reading my Todd Capital review all this way, I’d also like to throw a few of my own Exclusive bonus products your way for free as I appreciate everyone who stops by to read my reviews.

Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Click the button below and pick up your copy of Stock Market Fundamentals, Options Trading 101, or other Todd Capital Product.
  2. Screenshot your digital receipt and send it to
  3. I’ll send you over the following Premium Bonus Bundle

What’s inside the Premium Bonus Bundle?

All of these Premium products I’ll include if you click the link below and send me through your proof of purchase.

Thank you again for reading this Todd Capital Review. I know you’re going to get a tonne of value from any of those courses and I wish you the best of luck going forward!

Andrew Tate’s Webinar Review – Millionaire Training: Make Money Online

Andrew Tate’s Webinar Review – Millionaire Training: Make Money Online – Overview

Welcome to Andrew Tate’s Webinar Review – Millionaire Training: Make Money Online. Earlier this month (June, 2020) Andrew Tate released a live Webinar outlining where he promised to give practical, actionable advice on how to make money online. There was a fair bit of buzz around it since Andrew Tate has been known to produce high quality courses on topics ranging from BitCoin all the way through to dating, and a multitude of topics in between. Most of these products run anywhere between $500-$1500, so they’re not exactly in a lot of people’s price range.

When Andrew announced that he would go live on a webinar teaching all of the fundamentals of what it takes to make money online, as well as some actionable steps for a humble $40, many jumped at the change to attend.

Andrew Tate's Webinar Review - Millionaire Training: Make Money Online

Andrew Tate’s Webinar Review – Millionaire Training: Make Money Online – Who is Andrew Tate?

Video Review Version

Andrew Tate’s claim to fame was not akin to the likes of Tai Lopez, Gary Vee or other well known make money online figureheads. In short, he was a 4-time kickboxing world champion who later found notoriety being a house guest on UK Big Brother, and finding more notoriety based on his world views and verbal conflicts on Twitter.

After the pinnacle of his kickboxing career, Andrew’s sole focus was to achieve wealth and in a lot of his content online he will refer to the tenacity and effort he applied in order to build the wealth and lifestyle he has.

His experience in sales and exchanging time for money was vast, but he knew that in order to find success he had to apply everything he knew as well as utilize what assets he had.

He found that one thing he was able to do well was attract females into his life with ease, and he used this “asset” in his first lucrative venture, which was in the cam modeling industry. This is where his first millions where made. He later diversified his income streams and setup other businesses online in areas like digital product creation, BitCoin, and Forex.

Andrew Tate's Webinar Review - Millionaire Training: Make Money Online

Andrew Tate’s Webinar Review – Millionaire Training: Make Money Online – The Content

I’ve been making money online for roughly the past five years and there are a few truths that I know hold true and that I exercise on a regular basis. Two of those are.

  1. Never stop learning
  2. Apply yourself every single day

All too often I come across people who neither do one or the other, but another common thing I see is people applying themselves wrongly (flurries of activity), achieving some level of success, but not being humble enough to realize that there is still so much more to learn.

In this world there are things you know that you know. I know I can speak English. There are things you know that you don’t know. I know I can’t do advanced calculus. But, there are also things that you don’t know you don’t know. Mysteries that you have simply yet to come in contact with. A common example is when people hear themselves speak, or watch themselves move on camera. They feel there is a disconnect between how they think they are, and how they actually are.

On Andrew Tate’s Make Money Online course webinar, Unknown unknowns is what you are essentially going to be faced with. I myself learned a lot. If you are a beginner to making money online, you will learn even more.

After many years making money online, I still know there is much to learn, which is why I also signed up to Andrew Tate’s course. In fact, I buy info products or coaching a few times a year at least.

I’ve failed many times, I’ve followed the the wrong people many times, bought into the wrong thing many times, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned from all these failures it’s how to tell the difference between someone who knows their shit, and someone who doesn’t.

Andrew Tate knows his shit and despite his hard exterior and polarizing personality, there is a part of him that wants to pull people up out the gutter and help them.

Andrew Tate's Webinar Review - Millionaire Training: Make Money Online

Andrew Tate’s Make Money Online Webinar Review – What’s Inside?

The problem with reviewing information products like this is that it’s difficult to give too much away without disrespecting the creator of the content itself, therefore I can only give a brief overview of what you can expect inside Andrew Tate’s Make Money Online course webinar.

The language and nature of money

Initially in the video, and my favorite part in fact, is Andrew talks about the transient nature of money and he eloquently describes how money is always moving as well as at what point during this movement you need to position yourself in order to grasp it.

Most people think in terms of making money. One of the most difficult search terms to rank on Google for is even “Make money online,” yet this is the completely wrong paradigm to think in because money isn’t ever made it is only ever taken.

Like Matthew McConaughey’s character in the Wolf of Wall Street says, “The name of the game, moving the money from the client’s pocket to your pocket.”

Making money is something you do in a 9-5 job, but you’re only making it because it’s being given to you by your boss, who is undoubtedly taking it from someone else, and paying you for playing your part in that role.

“Business is other peoples money,” – Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate goes much deeper into the way money moves, and how people need to position themselves. This introductory explanation already had me wide awake and glued to my phone screen.

Ways that money can be made online

The flow on the course goes from high level knowledge and becomes more and more practical. Following on from teaching the fundamentals about money and the movement of money, Andrew flows on to how this is applied in common online money making methods, which are:

  • Selling Information
  • Selling Products and Services
  • Putting Something to work

Selling information could be in the form of an Info products, or selling information. Selling products is something that is used by those involved in E-commerce, dropshipping or online coaching, and putting something to work are those who make other people work for them, like drop-servicing or those involved with investments, which is putting money to work in order to make more money.

Notice how they are all in line with the idea that money is taken, not made. Andrew goes into these three staples and how you can set up each one in a way that can make money for you very quickly.

This process is often easier said than done as there are a few micro-steps that are needed before you can really apply this. Finding your niche, identifying pain points and opportunity in the market and such.

This is something, that I, myself would like to help you with, which I will get to shortly.

Andrew Tate's Webinar Review - Millionaire Training: Make Money Online

Applying what you now know in order to make money immediately

The final part of the video is that Andrew recaps everything that was taught and wraps it up nicely with practical, and actionable ways viewers can leave the course webinar and go off and immediately make money by partnering up in a sense with his brand, credibility, and reputation.

One of the concepts that was discussed was the idea that if you have information people want and you can garner attention mixed with credibility, people will always give you their money.

Information + (Attention + Credibility) = Wealth

At this point in the webinar, many people are likely thinking about their drab Instagram, and how they neither have credibility or attention, which is what makes this all an excellent closure to an already amazing course webinar.

Andrew allows you to set yourself up as a 50-50 affiliate with him, so you can piggy back his credibility and attention in order to make money for yourself, while you build up your OWN business online.

Being able to walk away from a course like this, with an immediate, easy-to-execute steps, is what 99% of information products are missing, and Andrew Tate nails it.

After the course went out LIVE, there were viewers who immediately applied themselves and were making a few hundred dollars. One individual made $2,000 within the first week of watching the video.

Andrew Tate's Webinar Review - Millionaire Training: Make Money Online

Andrew Tate’s Make Money Online Webinar Review – Conclusion

To wrap it up all up, I’d have to say that this was the best $40 dollars I spent in a long time. I’ve bought courses for anything between $197-3000 and many of those where not put together anywhere close to how well this was put together.

From the initial high level overview about money all the way through to practical methods to apply the knowledge then ending on a hyper specific way you can apply the knowledge immediately.

You can’t ask for more than that.

As an added bonus for checking out the blog here and to show you some love for actually being one of the few people out there willing to humble themselves, keep an open mind, and pursue information that they’re willing to apply and work on, I want to throw in a couple of extra things for you.

I’ve hand picked these few extra bonuses as they will help you overcome any milestones you might reach or fill in any gaps you might have with regards to setting yourself up with your own online business.

Note that in order to get Access to these Exclusive Self Made Newbie Bonus Tools, you must click the link below.

After watching the Course, send me an email at with a screenshot of your digital receipt and i’ll send these tools off to you, immediately.

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Bonus #1

Andrew Tate's Make Money Online Review

Bonus #2

Andrew Tate's Make Money Online Review

Bonus #3

Andrew Tate’s Webinar Review – Millionaire Training: Make Money Online

Bonus #4

Andrew Tate's Make Money Online Review

Bonus #5

Wealthy Affiliate Review – 5 Reasons You WILL Make Money From It

is wealthy affiliate worth it

My Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review

Welcome to this Wealthy Affiliate Review. A question I get asked a lot is, “Does Wealthy Affiliate really work?” and as a long time user, I aim to answer that question for you by visually outlining the Pro’s & Con’s and talk about my own experience with the platform.

I started using Wealthy Affiliate around 5 years ago. Admittedly, it was the product that really allowed me to start turning things around in my make-money-online journey. It was due to Wealthy Affiliate that I made my first ever money online ($0.07 for a book purchase on Amazon). Sounds minuscule, I know…

But a year down the line, I owe Wealthy Affiliate for my first ever $100 day, $1,000 month, and then $1,000 day.

I remember that initially, it took me a while to sign up because I was skeptical of everything. I’d wasted money on so many questions and products that had really just been scams, and not delivered.

Many questions ran through my mind as I starred at the screen wondering whether or not I should Signup.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth it? Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?

These are common questions that I now get asked from people whenever I bring it up, so I wrote this review in order to answer all of the common questions you may have. Video version below, if you prefer.

Wealthy Affiliate Review for those who prefer Video Form

Wealthy Affiliate Review – What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is many things, but primarily it is an online University that teaches you how to go from zero-to-hero in blogging and affiliate marketing. Under that umbrella includes a lot of information however, and Wealthy Affiliate ensures you learn everything in a step by step and easy to understand way.

  • In short, the training covers everything you need.
  • Choosing a Profitable Niche
  • Building a Website via their Amazing 1-Click WordPress Builder
  • Optimizing your Website using SEO tips and tools of a the trade
  • How to’s on Building out your site and producing content
  • Marketing Content
  • How to Effectively and Consistently Generate Income from your Website

A lot of people are skeptical when they see something that promises you passive income, and they should be.

However, Wealthy Affiliate stands out in a number of ways that sets it apart from other Make-Money-Online products in that it advocates hard-work and it isn’t a get-rick-quick product like you may have come across before.

The creators of Wealthy Affiliate ONLY operate Wealthy Affiliate. They have been since roughly 2007. In fact, one thing you’ll immediately notice is the amount of attention, care, and functionality that has been put into the platform to ensure users succeed.

The creators Kyle and Carson are also generally not too hard to get intouch with if you have questions you wish to ask them directly.

This among other things is likely what triggered me to sign up. It was a product with a lot of care and attention put into it, despite a bit of a cheesy name, i’ll admit.

Reason 1: The Community

Unlike 99% of make money online courses or “universities,” Wealthy Affiliate is massive and boasts over 200,000 members. It’s almost like its very own money making Social Media platform in that sense.

wealthy affiliate review

Many people advocate the community aspect of Wealthy Affiliate and I have to as well. The community is incredible. Upon joining, I had random people messaging me out of nowhere asking if I needed help. Every time I posted on my personal Wealthy Affiliate blog regarding milestones I’d hit, people would respond and give praise and words of encouragement.

The community on Wealthy Affiliate is simply second to none. Many people even go out of their way on a weekly basis to offer continued training modules that you can join in on and learn a tonne. Some of these people really have their finger on the pulse so you can be first-in when learning about new technologies, or tips and tricks of how to make more money.

Reason 2: Training

When I first started trying to make a living online, I remember one of the first things I did was believe the hype behind products that were coming out constantly and promising new flashy ways of making money.

They ALL failed.

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Most of them failed because they were garbage, scammy, products. But, some of them failed because I had no idea how to really utilize or use them due to the fact that I had no fundamental understanding over how to sell, make money, market, use affiliate products effectively, blogging, SEO, nothing!

Wealthy Affiliate’s training is THEE best training I’ve come across online for making money. It’s been refined over the last decade, and literally takes you from Step zero all the way to the holy grail of creating a business and reaching that holy grail of passive income online.

wealthy affiliate review

There is so much hype out there and products flying around promising you the world. At the end of the day, like with anything, you need training and Wealthy Affiliate’s training delivers hard!

Reason 3: Functionality

Functionality wise, it’s almost criminally easy to set up everything and start building a business on Wealthy Affiliate. Here are just a few things that have been implemented over the years to help you out.

Website Builder & Hosting

Wealthy Affiliate trains you on how to build a WordPress site as the basis of your online business. Finding hosting, and setting that up with the right plugins etc can be a daunting task in and of itself.

The programmers behind Wealthy Affiliate though have made that a none-issue. Want to create a new website? Simply click on their website builder and it builds your WordPress site with theme and plugins all included in under 20 seconds. Very cool!

Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting is also extremely quick.

Feedback System

The feedback system is a really good way to make sure you’re heading in the right direction and get some objective advice from peers. When you join Wealthy Affiliate, it’s normal to hit the training first so you can take a step in the right direction, but as you’re going through it, it’s good to be able to get a second opinion.

The Feedback system allows you to get advice from other members on your website in any area you like. The design, the content, or just general advice. The system works in an altruistic way, so whenever you want advice, you simply give advice to another site that is automatically sent to you, and you earn credits which you can then use to get advice on your own site.

Extremely helpful, and not found on any other Affiliate Training online currently.

wealthy affiliate review

Comments System

Another similar system is the comments system. Leave a comment on someone else’s site to earn credits that you can then spend on people putting comments on your site. This is incredible as it means that as soon as you make a post, you can have comments on your content straight away. Google takes this to mean you have engaging content, which is extremely good for ranking your website.

Reason 4: FREE Keyword Planner

Keyword planners are an absolutely essential part of running an online business. Before producing any content, you need to know how much competition is out there with the same content, so you don’t waste your time creating content based on keywords that are too overly competitive to rank for.

Google Keyword planner is free, but it doesn’t give you the numbers you need. Other Keyword planners cost $30-$50 a month on average, but in WealthyAffiliate you get FREE Access to Jaaxy, which is easily my favourite keyword tool.

Simple to use and gives you the exact date you want.

Reason 5: Affiliate Catalogue

One fairly annoying task for traditional Affiliate Marketing was searching for affiliate products and decent affiliate networks that you could find that aligned with your niche and you could sell on your site.

Wealthy Affiliate takes the tedious task of searching for Affiliate Networks and products by providing a curated catalogue of products in any niche and from a number of networks that you can see and use simply by entering in a search term, such as Yoga, Paleo, Baseball cards, or whatever niche you are in.

There are affiliate products you can promote in any niche, believe me, and Wealthy Affiliate makes finding them a no-brainer. This functionality was introduced fairly recently, and it’s saved me SO much time and effort.

To Wrap Up this Wealthy Affiliate Review…

Despite covering my top 5 things, I still feel I haven’t done this Wealthy Affiliate review justice. It feels like it’s more than the 5 things I’ve listed, and it is.

What it really represents for me is the thing that gave me clarity, didn’t steal my money, and actually offered me something that worked. I’ll never remember my first sale of $8.47.

The excitement I felt knowing that it was working, like it worked for other friends I’d made in the community. We were all winning together, and that feeling was, and still is, truly the best.

I’ve tried many Affiliate and Ecom training platforms out there, and none of them come close to Wealthy Affiliate. You immediately sense not only the money, but the care that has gone into creating a platform that is accessible to absolotly any person of any age or level or experience.

As a Self Made Newbie viewer and reader, I’d also like to show you my appreciation for visiting and reading through my review, as a thank you I have a few Goodies for you that will be activated when you check out WealthyAffiliate via the link below.

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In order to write an effective copy, it has to capture attention and be able to amplify the interest of your target audience. It also has to create desire by empathizing with them on the problem that they are facing and propose or produce a solution to solve their problem.

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