In this video we go into the groundwork and advantages of leveraging YouTube.

Getting Keyword Research Right

In this video, I go through the first stage involved in ranking a video, which is correct keyword research using the right tools.

Keyword Placement Hacks

in this video we look at where you need to put keywords.

Case Study

In this video we tie everything together and I show you how I exactly ranked a video #1 using purely the SEO tactics previously discussed.

Nosing Out the Competition With BackLinks

In this video we look at how you can use backlinks to boost you above competition with thousands of subscribers.

BONUS For Camera Shy Individuals...

I realize that a lot of people do not feel comfortable on camera or with how they sound - This shouldn't limit you from creating amazing YouTube content.

I've gotten a special deal for you on a product called InVideo that allows you to overcome these 2 things.

How can this help you?

a) You can create Auto-generated slide show presentations 

b) It inserts AWESOME sounding A.I text-to-speech to your videos.

** I used INVIDEO to create the following video: - which brings me passive income almost daily.