YouTube Ads Made Easy 2019-20 Review|Create Effective YouTube Ads

Product: YouTube Ads Made Easy

Best Price: Self Made Newbie (Discount Link Includes 26 Bonuses Products)


YouTube Ads Made Easy

Today we’re looking at a product called YouTube Ads Made Easy 2019-20. The makers felt it important to put the date in their branding, which goes to show how often things change when it comes to advertising on YouTube, or any platform for that matter.

YouTube Ads Made Easy is a comprehensive guide on how to run effective ads on YouTube. That means, putting the right ad in front of the right people while minimizing on price per view.


YouTube Ads Made Easy functions as a “Double Product.”

1. Up To Date, Practical Training

YouTube Ads Made Easy goes into how to effectively use different types of YouTube ads properly and as well as guiding you, offers you YouTube ad examples so you can get your head around when to use what kind of YouTube ads.

For me personally, whenever I buy a product I always need case studies, or over the shoulder training as I find the most effective way to learn is to see what others are doing and mimic that, while applying your own twist.

In this instance, it would be seeing YouTube ad examples and seeing how they worked and for who. Such as, when to use long YouTube ads, or in-content in order to generate the least YouTube price per view.

2. A Resellable PLR Product

The second function of YouTube Ads Made Easy is that the makers are giving you free master sellers rights when you purchase, not only the product, but the 22 Bonuses that come with it.

What that means is, if you find that it’s a good product that helps you out, you can rebrand it and sell it off to your own audience with your own branding and name behind it.

Hey Presto, you have a free Digital Product tied to your brand!

To Wrap Up

For $27 during launch week this is an absolute steal. YouTube ads are being increasingly utilized and important the more video becomes important. Video content is not going away any time soon, and is still on the increase.

88% of content consumed online will be video format according to statistics. in the coming years.

That means, if you want to put your message in front of eyeballs, you need to know how to advertise within and around video platforms.

YouTube Ads Made Easy holds a lot of value in it, but it is a very niche, narrowed-down guide. In order to fill in the holes I am giving you 5 Bonuses that are going to cover YouTube as a whole, so should you purchase, you’re going away with a TONNE of knowledge on YouTube (Not only just about how to run ads).

The 5th Bonuses I have for you is getting you exclusive access to 22 Vendor Bonuses, which includes, graphics packs, Training, Plugins and more. Check the video out above for a breakdown of what you can expect.

For the low price of $27 at launch thought, you’re getting 27 Products, all with Resell Rights and a Money back guarantee.

This is one of those deals where you walk away just massively on in the positive. If you break it down, it’s really $1 per product!

Click below to check out the Bonus Page and be sure to check out the in-depth video.

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