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For anyone who has produced content in written or video form, you will know that the creation of the content is only half the battle.

On top of making sure that your content is good, you also need to ensure it’s actually seen. Therefore, there is a lot of time you also need to dedicated to distribution.

In 2019, distribution generally means Social Media. It’s important you know how to distribute on each of the platforms however tedious it may often seem.

xVirally aims to take the tedium out of sharing content on Social Media by offering users a “one-click-distrubte-to-all” solution.


At a glance at xVirally, you might be reminded of apps like Buffer or HootSuite and you wouldn’t be far off. Buffer tries to keep things very simple in what it can do; Automate content. xVirally aims to do a lot more. In that you can also edit and curate content that you distribute, and you can do it within the platform.

xVirally also allows you to share your content on 20 networks as opposed to Buffer and other platforms, which only offer you around 5-6.

SEO Link juice from high authority networks with the click of a button anyone?

Yes, please!

Wrap up

To conclude, if you’re looking for a quick way to get rid of the tedium involved with producing and distributing content, xVirally is a good choice. Especially if you are new and you’re trying to get all the link juice you can.

Also, during launch week and via Self Made Newbie, you are entitled to 4 unique Bonus products from me, and a whooping 25 Bonus products that I’ve gotten you an exclusive hook up to, which the vendor has given me.

So at launch week pricing of $34 for the basic Front End, you’re getting 30 Products total.

Not a bad deal. And, of course it all comes with a 30-Day money back guarantee!

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