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WP Premium Vault

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wp premium vault

Welcome to this WP Premium Vault review. WP Premium vault is a fairly straight forward product. It’s a platform which allows you to download 100+ Premium WordPress Themes and 50+ Premium WordPress Plugins, themes and plugins which otherwise would cost you thousands to buy individually.

How is this possible?

WordPress and products (like themes and plugins) get released under a GPL (General Public License) license. This guarantees the right to redistribute, and/or edit. Most themes get released by developers under a 100% GPL license, and some themes are released only partly under GPL.

The team at WP Premium Vault are allowing access only to themes and plugins that are released 100% GPL, meaning all of the product in the vaults can not only be used for any reason, but they can also be used for clients, redistributed free or for profit, and edited, as long as the original license is passed on to customers, giving THEM the same rights as well.

This will be a goldmine for customers as they will get access to the most popular and efficient themes and plugins.


  • Massive Collection Of Premium WordPress Plugins & Themes
  • One Time LOW Payment
  • Some of the most Desirable and Popular Plugins & Themes From The Market
  • Well Organized
  • Themes & Plugins For Any Type Of Business
  • WordPress is the most popular site builder in the world
  • Use for your own sites or your clients
  • Save Time & Money Spent On Freelancers Or Buying Themes & Plugins
  • Use any of the themes or plugins as many times as you want on as many sites as you want
  • Super Easy To Use
  • Good Fit For Online Marketers, Developers, Entrepreneurs and Freelancers – absolutely ANY niche and EVERYBODY who uses wordpress or who wants to build a website
  • MAY SELL, GIVE AWAY, EDIT free or for profit!

To Wrap up

I’m not going to go through what the 100 Themes and 50 Plugins are. You can see what’s on offer in detail on the WP Premium Vault sales page.

But, don’t go direct! Click the button below and lock-in your bonuses first. Then by clicking on the Green buttons you will get my 5 Additional Training bonuses locked into your bundle as well, before then going off to the WP Premium Vault sales page.

So much value!

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