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A Powerful All-in-One Social Media Marketing Tool

Welcome to this in-depth Viral Engager Review. Viralengagr is the world’s biggest and most powerful social media marketing tool. It allows customers to create highly Converting Ad-Like Posts, Campaigns, Optin Pages ,Interest Groups, and Messenger Shops in less than 2 minutes without paying a dime.

Viralengagr is created with PROVEN TO CONVERT ads like posts, CTA Powered Campaigns, Messenger Online Selling, Chatbots, Lead Generators comprising top platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Twitter.


When it comes to Viral Engagr, the question isn’t “What can it do?” as much as “What can’t it do.” It’s very rare that a product comes out with as many features as Viral Engagr.

Post Lead Grabber

Viralengagr allows customers to send bulk private message to facebook users that comments on their facebook ads or page posts and convert them into leads.

It auto subscribe these users into facebook messenger where they can be engage them further or remarketed to.

Viral Poll Creator

Build remarketing lists of people who comments in  participation of a facebook poll or contest post by opting them into a segmented broadcast list base on their choice keywords.

As already explained in interest groups feature above, the viral poll creator is what is responsible for creating interest group from facebook posts.

Viral Carousel Posts

Publish or schedule ecommerce products on facebook integrated with instant payment checkout pages   for high sales conversion.

Get facebook emails of everyone that click on your product from facebook to buy.   Effortlessly run a dropshipping business and sell any product with your choice price mark-ups and get payment instantly through the checkout CTA destination option.

Interest Groups

 This technology allows a customer to track actions users take on their facebook bots like what a user is interested through clicks during conversation with a bot.

For example, in a typical scenario, your bot ask a user, what would you like to buy? And provide two options, clothes or shoes and a user clicks clothes.

What viralengagr does is; when the user clicks clothes , it automatically create a group called clothes and add this user into that list.

These is so important that it allows the customer to know those interested in clothes and be able to remarket to this very list in future.

These feature is not only limited to bots but also for facebook posts. A customer can create a poll or contest post asking users to comment the keyword of their choice. Base on their choice keywords, the customer setup the system to automatically build an interest group.

Messenger Shop

This allows them to pull in products from eBay, Shopify, Aliexpress, Bestbuy, Amazon,Wish,Woocommerce and instantly sell without having a store,website or blog and generate income on autopilot using this software

What does it do?

It enables customers to pull in products from Shopify, Aliexpress, eBay, Bestbuy, wish, and WooCommerce, which you can then sell on Facebook, Messenger and Twitter, without the need for a website or stores or any installs or technical knowledge.

What are the benefits?
Showcase and sell products on facebook, messenger and twitter. Take your customer by the hand through the entire process from finding the right product to closing the sale.

  • NOTHING To Download, Install Or Configure. 
  • No Technical Experience Required
    Convert every visitor into a lead and remarket to
  • Supports shopify, Wish, Woocommerce, Aliexpress, Bestbuy, eBay etc

Twitter List Builder

Instantly build authentic email leads from the first ever implemented twitter lead grabbing technology. Simply create and image post using ViralEngagr only. When a visitor clicks on it you grab the lead on your ViralEngagr Account.

Instantly redirect your visitors from any of your tweets to a set destination. Then, use it to Market and sell products through our integrated checkout page technology. As well as share incentive offers that eventually grab leads through the list building technology.

So every clicked  tweet = Email Lead and A Set Redirect Url or page

Video Campaigns

This allows you to broadcast a highly converting video message that has a call to action button to the inbox of the Social Media users. With the CTA buttons, your conversion rate will triple because they don’t just watch but are prompted to take a action as you specify.

With these technology, you can drive sales to integrating a checkout page, increase traffic to a blog or website and build an instant email list on the fly.

Image Campaigns

This allows you to broadcast a highly converting image message that has a call to action button to the inbox of facebook users and your twitter and instagram followers. Instantly drive traffic to your blogs, stores,websites etc. What’s more, Viralengagr allows users to integrate instant checkout pages to the CTA buttons for instant sales and conversions.


 You don’t need to pay a pro anymore to create and integrate an industry standard Chatbot process. You can now use our AI wizard system to automatically create a stunning robust but yet simple to create Chatbot campaigns.

1 Click Facebook Lead Builder

This is a legal facebook technology that converts every ads clicks into leads. For everybody that clicks on the post or ads, the software pulls in their leads on Facebook This is the ultimate game changer. If you sell any product online, you’ll need so that any person that clicks to your store, you’ll have their email address.

What does it do?
It gets you the emails addresses and details of everyone that clicks on your facebook ads or posts before redirecting them to a specified page.

What are the benefits?
1. Converts every ads clicks into leads
2. Build Remarketing lists
3. Gets you authentic email list

Page Builder

Build landing pages, Optin page design using magic link for grabbing authentic emails, checkout page designs, Product pages and Forms. E.g Appointments, bookings and subscriptions can be integrated. As well as facebook chatbot plugin for high conversion.

Instagram Mix

The ViralEngagr PRO enables customers to send or schedule bulk direct messages to their instagram followers , schedule and broadcast stories, videos and image posts.

It also enable customers to build real hot email lists using the facebook magic link since instagram is now connected to facebook and an average instagram user has a facebook account…

Broadcast link message to instagram follows that when clicked, first get’s their emails before redirecting them to a specified destination.

What does it do?
Viralengagr PRO allows customers to send or schedule bulk messages(text,image,videos) to their instagram followers, while building email lists at the same time.

What are the benefits?

  • Import your Instagram followers into your ViralEngagr broadcast list and start scheduling broadcasts to them
  • Instantly schedule and send bulk broadcast to your created list. 
  • Instantly schedule or publish your best performing videos.
    Build real hot email lists.

Multiple Facebooks

 Multiple accounts connection:

We understand that you could own more than one Facebook account or rather have one/more accounts that you are managing. Imagine unlocking the power of ViralEngagr on your client’s facebook accounts.

Multiple facebook page management:

You are granted access to unlock viralEngagr  across all your pages and even more to be created.


Our webhook technology allows you to still explore the old traditional way of grabbing leads through web forms such as appointment forms, booking forms, subscription forms etc on messenger and facebook. As well as within our well sort after landing pages. 

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If you’re looking for an all encompassing platform for handling your Social Media Marketing then ViralEngagr has it all.

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