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Most of the reviews I’ve been doing over the last few days are video related. This illustrates just how important video is becoming. Statistics say that by 2020, 90% of all content consumed online will be video. It’s no surprise then that all of these products aimed at spicing up your video contents are coming. And, they are flying off the shelves.

Introducing VidVamp. The latest product, which releases April 2nd and has a lot of hype around it. Especially as it requires no editing skills. In fact, that isn’t its purpose. It’s purpose is to quickly simply make your videos look good. It can be very well utilized by those wishing to create cool looking videos on the fly. Whether that’s for for personal, marketing, presentation or advertising purposes. Or as a supplement to your primary video editing software.


VidVamp is essentially your Instagram filter process before you post an image or video, but on steroids. At the highest price point, you can actually get access to as many as 2000 video effects, which is just astronomical.

vidvamp review

A great tool as a final stage to your video editing. It’s simply a case of upload, apply, and render for some sweet video effects.

VidVamp also comes with a low cost commercial license option, which is perfect for this kind of product. A lot of companies making this kind of product, for whatever reason, fail to leave out this option.

What this means is you can use VidVamp as much as you want. You can sell VidVamp products and even provide VidVamp services to clients and won’t to pay any sort of multi-user fee. Any money you make is 100% yours.

To Wrap Up…

If you’re a video nut, like I am, and are looking for ways for your videos to stand out, be different, and have people asking, “How on earth did you make that in so little time?” VidVamp is a cool, supplementary tool that greatly increases your options with regard to what you can do and how you can make your videos look.

This is not full-blown video editing software, like for example Create by Vidello. It is a supplementary effects software that would be a great addition to your video editing tool belt.

This is a great tool that has the potential to boost YouTube video quality, engage your audience more in Facebook video advertisements. In general, it’ll simply allow you to take your videos in directions that nobody else is going without some serious After Effects skills.

Actually, that’s a great way to describe VidVamp. A great go-to, 3-Step, after effects video tool.

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