Videlify Review

Videlify Review and Bonuses:

Thanks for watching my Videlify review!

What is Videlify? 

Welcome to this Videlify Review. Videlify is ground-breaking software which allows you to legally hijack any video and put your In-stream video ads on it without spending a dime. 

What Are In-stream Video ads?

You see them all the time on YouTube. It’s the ad that they force you to watch (in-stream) before you can watch the main video. When you click the link inside the video, you get directed to the advertiser’s link. 

Here we build Videlify to help you have full control in running your in-stream ads:

  • Without spending a dime.
  • Without having fear of getting your ad account suspended because with Videlify you have full control on your ads.
  • Without waiting for ad approval from anyone.

On top of that, Videlify allows you:

  • Easily add interactive elements (CTA, Button, Clickable Link/Text,Optin Form,etc) on your video ads to get longer viewer attention and better engagement. You can directly promote different kinds of offers you want from your video ads.
  • Hijack authority from any site and put your hijacked video campaign on it to be able to build trust and get more traffic+sales.
  • We have an in-built trending article searcher which will help you get the most trending articles on the internet.  
  • Automatically schedule bulk campaigns to 21 social media platforms throughout a year.

All campaigns are hosted on our blazing server – No hosting, No Domain, No Video Creation, No WordPress Websites, Newbie-friendly.

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