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Product: Swift Response

Best Price: Self Made Newbie (Discounted Bonus Link)


For anybody with a website or selling anything online there comes a point where you need to start thinking about capturing viewers to your site.

When your website starts maturing, Google will start listing it higher in its rankings, which will inturn create a higher level of viewership.

Creating content and getting views to your content is stage one in blogging. It’s the thing you need to pay a lot of attention to, especially in the very beginning. The next step is Capturing Visitors.

The idea works similarly to any brick and mortar store. Take for example a cake shop. A normal cake shop who isn’t thinking would likely just exist. He’d focus on the quality of his cakes (the content), and let people come in and purchase as they wished.

A smarter cake shop owner, would try and capture his customers, by giving them a discount in exchange for an email address. Another popular option is giving a stamp card, which allows them to get free cakes upon reaching a certain number of stamps.

The idea is the same. Capturing a customer online or offline helps ensure the customer comes back.

In the long term, you create a habit in the customer, and you become the go to option.


There are many popular Email Auto-responders out there, but Swift Response has come into the market doing what no other platform is doing. Giving you a very low price point for a standard license, but also offering an ONE TIME price for unlimited use.

This is smart on the creators part. A lot of email responders out there have been around for years, and over that time have packed out their platforms out with some amazing features and functionality

The problem is that the market price is somewhat high. I mean, it’s really just storing emails. Does a csv text list really need to be $10-25 dollars a month with the added functionality that emails will be sent out by a bot pressing the send button for you?

You decided.

The selling point for swift response is that it’s entering the market with the essentials. A list builder, and an auto-responder for a very cheap $47.99 a month or $197 for life.

Exactly what the market needs.


If you’re looking for an email responder because the current one you’re using is over priced. Or, if you’re new to blogging and looking to capture your viewers without breaking the bank, Swift Response might be exactly what you need.

As a Self Made Newbie viewer, you are also entitled to 5 unique, Deluxe Bonuses. These are going to supplement your purchase of Swift Response extremely well. Also, I only ever choose Bonuses that are tried and tested, and have made other people make money in the past. No Random E-books written by Doctor Knowsnothing.

Access all bonuses by clicking on the green button below. My bonus page is integrated with the Swift Response sales page. So, you will receive all products at the same time automatically, should you decide to purchase.

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