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Shop Monopoly

Best Price: Self Made Newbie (Discount Link + Free Included Bonus Products)


shop monopoly

Welcome to this Shop Monopoly Review. In 2015, the E-Commerce seen started to blow up and lots of people went and found success in utilizing online store platforms in conjunction with cheap products and Facebook ads. Better known as dropshipping.

It’s not clear whether large E-Com store platforms, like Shopify, aimed for this to be their primary user, but it didn’t matter.

Soon enough, there were tonnes of people on the bandwagon of selling products online, which they had never seen or touched. All utilizing predominantly Shopify or Woo Commerce.

With anything popular in the Digital Marketing space, there is always something that follows quickly.


Guru’s in something that had just started. Makes sense. A lot of people were making money from courses that showed people how to follow the instructions on Shopify and set up a store.

Unfortunately, the Shopify Platform is massive. Many users/students ended up being overwhelmed with what the best, most effective store build out was. There are just so many themes and widgets out now that it can be quite daunting to a novice.

Introducing, Shop Monopoly.


Shop Monopoly is a Store Creator like Shopify AND a Marketplace like Wish or Etsy. All-in-One.

The selling point of Shop Monopoly is that it has less, and less is more.

Refreshing, in my opinion.

Basically, it is a theme that is going to help you sell. It has cut away every bit of fat that exists on traditional E-Com store builders and leaves you with a single, not-so-customizable style of page that is more or less exactly what you want.

shop monopoly
Page I was able to create in about a minute

Usually new platforms try to profit by including as many bells and whistles as possible. Shop Monopoly is doing the opposite. That means, you get a store builder with a single optimized layout and the primary selling tools you need, which are.

  • Drag and Drop Builder with Customizable Colors
  • In built feature for adding Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel
  • Trust Pages (Disclaimer, About me, Privacy Policy etc)
  • A Countdown Timer for Scarcity
  • A Notification Bar
  • Buttons and Labels to Promote Security and Trust
  • Sales Analytics

That’s fundamentally it. All the tools you need that help you sell and not a thing more. Less confusion. Faster building of optimized pages that will help you sell.

Wrap Up

This feels like one of the shorter reviews I’ve ever done, and it’s quite refreshing to see products like this, which do really cut away the fat and give you what you want.

If you want to create stores quickly and you don’t have a design bone in your body, but still want your stores and pages to look good. Get Shop Monopoly.

During launch, it is also available at $20 One-Time for the basic Front End. After that it will go up to $20 per month. As a Self Made Newbie reader, you are also entitled to 4 Exclusive Bonus Products as well as Vendor Bonus products that are going to help you get the most out of Shop Monopoly as well as massively build up your E-Com know how.

All details are available in the video above. To access the Bonus page, click on the button below.

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