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revyoo review
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REVYOO Overview

Welcome to this Revyoo Review. It’s not often a product comes out that offers the promise of passive income, “in just a few easy steps,” which makes me stop and think, “Actually, that would work.”

Revyoo is one such product.

Revyoo helps you create product comparison videos in just a few easy steps. It pulls information from Amazon, Ebay, or Walmart and creates customizable slides that upload in video format to YouTube or Vimeo.

These slides can be customized fairly well. It’s possible to edit the theme, all of the slide content, as well as add your own voice over for a more human, personal feel.

The reason this works, is that comparison videos are a proven money maker, yet there are so many possible comparisons you can make that you can very easily rank in the top 5 (or better) since not many people make comparison videos.

This would especially work well if you were involved with more nuanced niche markets. Mobile phone, or game console comparisons might be saturated, but what about Exercise bikes, fishing rods, or DJ Turntables. There are so many niches out there for you to capitalize on and rank quickly in.


REVYOO’s power lies in it’s simplicity and boasts an easy-to-follow, three step process.


Just enter a keyword. It goes and analyses competition on Google and Youtube. Then it fetches product results from Amazon (along with their sales rank)and eBay. Select all the products you want to use in the video before we go to the next step.


Generate beautiful and high converting review videos/ comparison videos/ list videos in minutes. It automatically add related and SEO optimised tags, description, thumbnail. 

Schedule/Upload on Youtube, FB, Vimeo with a click. It doesn’t get easier that that. These videos are proven to get results.


Rinse & Repeat. You saw the videos above. Even a simple video can get you millions of views while making you affiliate commissions & Adsense earnings. 

Build your list, build brand & authority, build a long-term business working just few minutes every day.Enjoy Free traffic and passive commissions for life.

Watch the FULL Review here!


If you’re looking to have a go at ranking and making money using YouTube and Amazon Affiliates, this product looks like it’d probably work depending on who you where competing against.

Is it as good as a thought out review video by a real person who goes in-depth and offers the human touch. No, most likely not.

But, if there are no other videos to watch and you’re sitting at the top of the YouTube and Google rankings comparing Full Cover Kitty Litter boxes? People WILL click on your review, and they will go through your link.

It’s that simple.

I recommend using this in those more nuanced niches, as opposed to things like phones, cars, computers, and things that a lot of people are already reviewing very well.

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