Authority Freelancer Tutorial

Research Phase

In this video we look at the two areas of research required. Niche research & Service research and why you don't need to worry if you don't have skills to deliver on certain services.

Warm Out-Reach

In this video we look at the best way to do warm outreach on Freelance networks so you can earn a lot more than what is advertised.

Cold Out Reach

Sometimes it's best to use cold out reach in order to find local clients or clients who clearly need help. We look at how to do it efficiently.

Cold Out Reach Productivity Hack

In this video we look at how you can 1000x your productivity with client outreach potentially saving you weeks or months of work.

BONUS: Easy Place to Start

In this video we look at at possible area you could start working in, which is the ever popular Web Development niche, and how you can build an effective business with zero tech skills.