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pointrank review
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A few days ago you may have seen the review of ITaggz that I did. A growth hacking tool you can use in order to boost your Instagram by copying the seo terms, and tactics from top influencers.

PointRank works in a similar way, but instead gives you a top search ranking in Google and Youtube.

It does this by using two things. Pulling data from videos that have generated lots of views, in any niche. And, using live video in order to pump out your own videos, using the data of those popular videos.

I believe I used the term, “using the wind out of others sails.”

Rather than simply go after low competition keywords, you go after the keywords actually being used by videos that have generated traffic.

Makes sense, no?


Traditionally, in order to get views to any content on whatever platform, it required you to do the research into SEO terms and low competition keywords in order to get a top search engine ranking.

What PointRank attempts to do, is simply go after videos that have the most popularity for any given search term and copy what they’ve done.

Let’s say for example my niche was bulldogs. I would search for bulldogs in PointRank, which would pull up the most popular YouTube videos. Point rank would then give me the titles, descriptions, and tags of those videos, which I could copy and edit to include my website, or product links.

After that, I’d create my own video, upload it to PointRank, Schedule it, and my video would go out as a live video when I want it to, and as many times as I want it to.

The live video was added no doubt to get it a further boost in search term popularity since YouTube is currently favouring live video.

A pretty smart system. One that reminds me of the old Pablic Picasso quote, “Good artists copy. Great artists steal.”

To Conclude…

When it comes to search engine keyword ranking, It’s very difficult these days to rank for the most popular search term in your niche.

You could rely on SEO, and wait for your website or YouTube channel to build up over time, or just go with what someone else has already done. At the very least, if you are using same data as a video ranking for the most popular search term, you have a very high chance of coming up in “suggested videos.”

In reality, the reason PointRank is earning recognition (like ITaggz), is because if you want a decent search engine keyword ranking, you ultimately need to do whatever you can. Gain search term popularity by not only relying on SEO, but also going after backlinks, and also just copying what has worked for others.

Do it all and then go with what works, not what people are telling you.

I think that is ultimately the message.

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