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Product: Pixel Scout

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Pixel Scout

It’s hard to judge what this is or who it is for by the name. But, in if you’re involved in a consulting business, or an Social Media Marketing agency, or any service based business.

Take heed!

In this Pixel Scout review, we will look at an amazing client acquisition solution that will help all of you.

Since around 2016 starting up (many successfully) consulting or Social Media Marketing (SMMA) Agencies has become a growing trend for people want to pursue Entrepreneurial goals.

The model is simple. Get good at a high value skill via online training then sell the skill to businesses at a premium. Seems simple because it is. But, don’t be fooled into thinking that “Simple” = “Bad.” It’s also working incredibly well for thousands of people who have worked at it and started agencies.

The reason it works is because you basically only need a single client that you charge a monthly retainer to. If you can pin down a $5000 per months retainer, you’re already earning a $60,000 a year income by the years out. Get 2 clients, or 3 or 10, and you’re laughing. Literally.

After having experience with my own agency and starting from zero, there are 2 problems newbies generally have.

  1. They have a high-income skill but have no idea how to generate leads, and probably couldn’t sell free gold bars to the homeless.
  2. They can pitch a boardroom like Jordan Belfort on how good they are at Facebook, but actually haven’t the foggiest idea of how to even run an ad.

This isn’t a huge problem however because really you have to start somewhere. Pixel Scout as a package (especially with the self made newbie bonuses) aims to automate everything. And in the areas they can’t automate, train you as best they can.


Most Agency owners tend to follow a similar process. Go on Google maps or Social Media, Case potentials, scour the web for a decision makers contact details, save the details, then pitch the lead over the phone, in-person, email, or on Social Media with a free audit/assessment in order to offer value before you secure a meeting.

Sounds pretty normal, right?

Pixel Scout attempts to automise this as much as possible and sell you some of your time back.

It does this by pre-qualifying leads by identifying which local businesses aren’t using Facebook Pixels thus showing you they aren’t using Facebook. (The biggest marketing platform in the world, so often an easy sell).

Pixel Scout then pulls contact information from the web, generates reports with a click of the mouse, and then offers you high converting templates that you can use to pitch your lead.

In list form, it looks like this.

  1. Qualifies Businesses in a Selected Area
  2. Displays who isn’t using Facebook
  3. Pulls the Business Contact Details from the Web
  4. Generates Reports
  5. Sets you up with Email Structure
  6. Provides training so you can actually offer the services you promise. Important! 😉


Pixel Scout is the only platform of its kind and is honestly very cutting edge. SMMA and Consulting Agencies are a growing trend amongst individuals wanting to start a business on the cheap that can potentially earn them a lot.

This is going to help ANYONE who is doing that. Plain and Simple.

Products that sell you your time back are always worth a shot.

Uber sells you your time back, Amazon sells your time back, and so will Pixel Scout.

If you want to check it out for yourself make sure you do it via the links on this page. In doing so, you will access 8 mega bonuses I’m giving away for free, which include further full scale training bundles on those two major skills you need. Facebook skills in General, and Lead Acquisition and selling skills.

No joke. In this bundle there is about a thousand dollars worth of content that I’ve managed to source for you. So if you think Pixel Scout is up your alley click the button below.

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