Pinflux 2 – The Best Pinterest Automation Tool

I haven’t looked into Pinterest in a really long time. I think I used it when I first started learning to create blogs back in 2015. Even then it was more of just a place to paste my content.

I never really engaged with it or tried to use it properly.

Late last year however, after reading a post of the top up and coming social media platforms, I saw it on the list. Like a long lost cousin I’d met once, but had since forgotten.

And they’d gotten big, and where growing!

That’s what Pinterest is in my eyes. But eyes can be deceiving. Actually, Pinterest has always been growing and is a massive tool used by a predominantly female demographic. Not only that, but a female demographic that like to BUY things. According to the stats.

A growing platform with 250 million users, most of whom are women who love to spend money. Need I say more?

Introducing Pinflux 2

Now like many of you, I have neither the time or patience right now to go learning another social media platform and start trying to stay up to date on it with.

But, you don’t have to…

This awesome tool I got to try out automates Pinterest in every way shape or form you can think of

  • Automated uploads
  • Automated Pinning
  • Automated Repinning
  • Automated Following & Unfollowing

It essentially turns your Pinterest into a Monsterous content creating machine, while following people in your target audience niche groups, and getting followed back.

And because of the automation rate of your content creation, when those people you follow visit your page they see a monsterous Pinterest account that they can’t believe they didn’t know about.

For the Math Majors out there, that equates to: YOU = More Traffic

Check this video for my full Review and Walkthrough, and if you want to purchase, and you want discounts and bonuses DON’T forget to Click Here or the button below the video for your discounts to activate!

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