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Niche Reaper

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With the increase in blogs and websites being set up in every niche and people pursuing the goal of making money online, so to has come an increase in the tools needed in order to do that effectively.

One such task that is required when setting up a blog or niche site is optimizing your site for keywords related to your niche. As such, there has been a demand for a word suggestions tool that is able to offer you insight into niche related keywords.

There are a few around the web, including Googles free keyword planner, which offers you keywords, competition and search volume checker.

This is the norm, and there are definitely mixed feelings around each keyword tool and everyone has their preference.

Enter Niche Reaper (and this Niche Reaper review).

Niche Reaper is a newbie friendly keyword tool that helps you find profitable niches and keywords easily in any niche that you want. It is targeted towards beginners as well as SEO veterans and content creators alike. They’ve really paid that little bit more attention to the process that newbies actually go through, which is generally.

  1. Thinking of a niche
  2. Researching keywords
  3. Producing content around that niche

It can be more daunting than it sounds for a lot of beginners, but Niche Reaper attempts to solve that by not only being a keyword tool, but a Niche and Keyword Suggestion Tools.

That is, taking the guesswork out of what niches and words you should really go for in a single tool.


Niche Reapers primary selling points are that it boasts the ability to.

  • Find AND qualify keywords in hot trending niches that ANYONE can exploit for practically unlimited profit
  • Completely analyze the competition for SEO factors, giving a“quick reference” visual ranking index score
  • Show availability of keyword domains that can enable domination within that niche.

The way Niche Reaper does this, is that it essentially pulls data from SEMRUSH, a popular monthly subscription Keyword and SEO Platform and offers that information to you in a way that shines a light on the niches and keywords you should be attacking, as opposed to just showing you data.

This enables you to save time and quickly validate any ideas you have around what sites to create and what is or isn’t going to be profitable for you.

Often you think of a great niche idea only to find out there is no audience, or there are already a bunch of authority sites that you’d likely end up failing to compete with.

niche reaper


All in all Niche reaper is going to give you your own virtual keyword research team. No matter what you’re producing content for this is going to help you.

Validating your niche is an absolutely crucial first step in almost any business you try to start online. Whether that’s blogging or selling products on an eCom store. The exact same principles revolving around niche targeting apply.

Another good thing about this new version of Niche Reaper is that it is also being old at a one time price. In the age of subscription-everything, this is a real breath of fresh-air. The fact that you can just buy a product for a single price and use it forever.

A $19 a month product sounds cheap until you realize it’s $228 dollars a year or $456 for 2 years. Yet people are often put off by a product that is over 100 dollars, even when its for life.

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