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itaggz review

Looking for an in depth ITaggz Review? You came to the right place. A recent study showed that, on average, Instagram posts get 58% more engagement than Facebook posts.

Despite statistically having less users than Facebook the question becomes. Are Users the metric we should be looking at? For me its a firm, No.

Like YouTubers are looking at view time and not subscriber count, the same should apply for social media. Marketing 101 says, “follow the eye balls,” and eyes view, they don’t subscribe.

With the realization of the massive growth on Instagram, businesses have started to try and figure the platform out. Instagram is undoubtably what made Kylie Jenner the youngest billionaire at 21, and many young people are following in her footsteps and using the platform as a tool to create a lot of income.

One such product is ITaggz.

The makers behind ITaggz have realized that two of the main indicators of success on Instagram are:

  1. The the correct use of hashtagging.
  2. The correct use of influencer marketing


In short, ITaggz aims to pull data from the top Instagram users in any niche, enabling you to mimic their success.

For example, in the business niche, Gary Vee and Grant Cardone are some of the most influential people on Instagram. ITaggz allows you to analyze exactly what they’re doing. More specifically, analyze which hashtags they are utilizing, which you can then copy and use on your posts.

Not only that, you are even able to search hashtags, like #entrepreneur and follow what else people are using a long with that hashtag.

Good artists copygreat artists steal.

Pablo Picasso

Unlike a lot of companies out there, the makers behind ITaggz didn’t release their product until it was Beta tested. The Beta testers saw great results in using the software.

All of them were able to drive up their views and followers, and some made money in using the Software in order to provide hashtagging services for companies. A popular service these days for the emerging Social Media Marketing Agency crowd.

As a convenience ITaggz will also email you daily hashtags that are performing well within your niche so you can take the guesswork out of what to use on any given day.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, ITaggz has shown to be an effective tool in order to mimic “the greats” of Instagram. It allows you to break down what they are doing especially in the department of up-to-date, relevant hashtag use.

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