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Welcome to this InstantBiz Review. I feel like new website and landing pages are coming out every week. I talked about ClickFunnels 2 weeks ago and a few days later, it was all about Funnel360.

This week we have a simpler product, but one that still performs it’s intended action thoroughly.

Enter: InstantBiz

InstantBiz is a cloud-based platform that enables you to create lead capture web pages with, literally, the click of a button. It also comes with free Email Optin and email marketing elements so you are able to take care of all your marketing needs in one platform.


The beauty of InstantBiz is in its simplicity and boasts a range of features to enable you to create web pages FAST. Great if you’re doing 3rd party web development on fiverr, upwork, or skillshare.

  • Create beautiful websites and pages to use in any kind of business, from online consultant to the local store down on the street
  • Newbie Friendly and easy to use that anyone can create a beautiful page in 60 seconds flat
  • Commercial license included so you can sell those sites and make huge profits with it (the app does all heavy lifting for you)
  • Exclusive local biz feature that explode results of any local business
  • 100% new and more affordable than any other solution available on the market
  • It’s all cloud based, there’s nothing to install and we HOST all the sites for you

You can build your list inside of the app

With an exclusive optin feature you gonna be able to collect leads and create beautiful optin forms that convert – also you get all the emails and can quickly export to a csv file so you can use in any auto responder you want

You can create pop ups

Imagine being able to create a beautiful pop up with a one time deal or a optin form to get subscribers, now you can! And with a html script, you can use this pop up anywhere you want, even if you use WordPress, Clickfunnels, Optimzepress, or any other page builder out there

Beacon & Geofence Technology

With this technology you can explode local businesses results, I’m sure that your local clients will love when you offer them this new advantage. With Beacon and Geofence technology features you and your local clients will be able to send notifications about Special Deals/Offers, Coupons  

& Product page links to the people around your local shop/store straight to their smartphones.

Drag & Drop page/site builder

You have an drag and drop page builder, it’s so easy that allows anyone to create websites and pages right now

It’s all cloud based and hosted by InstantBiz

There’s absolutely nothing to install – it’s all hosted for you on the cloud, you can access InstantBiz even from mobile phones

Check out this InstantBiz Demo to find out more and check out a walkthrough of the product, as well as some Freebies just for you.


InstantBiz really is a great all in one solution to capturing leads, especially if you’re on a budget.

If you go via the link below to find out more, you will also automatically Lock in 5 Deluxe Self Made Newbie Bonus Products. Thats 4 Awesome Free Training Courses from myself, as well as 9 Bonus Products that the team at InstantBiz has also hooked me up with to give you.

I’d encourage you to click below and check out what’s on offer as well as to find out more risk free.

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