How To Be More Efficient

In this video we look at how to be more efficient. I offer a dangerously simple time management tip that will increase your productive efficiency on a day to day basis.

Whether you’re a university student or working and struggling to find time for your side hustle, I’ve personally found that one key to efficiency is the creation of actionable lists. Ones you continue to complete on a day to day basis until they become habits.

The beauty of this method is as you develop your habits, which scientists say takes roughly 68 days, you start to become a lot more efficient at completing them. This enables you to free up more time and get even more things done.

In my opinion this time management tip IS the definition of “working smart.”

The Method

Step 1

Think about what you want to accomplish in any given day, whether it’s a large singular task like a video. Maybe it’s also something you are going to chip away at over time, like online course or digital product creation.

Step 2

Open Evernote or other Note taking app. Make 3 Headings. Morning, Day, Evening. Then, under each heading write what you plan to do during those pockets of time.

In my case, I have a few hours in the morning, and a few hours at night. I produce rough content, both video and written in the morning, and in the evening I edit and clean everything up.

In the day time I will engage with my audience and offer help to people. This is during commuting hours or whenever I find myself idle. Small pockets of time, 1 minute here, 5 minutes there can really add up throughout the day.

List building

Step 3

Check off all of the things you have completed before going to bed. If you didn’t finish everything, try and reflect on what you need to move around and what you need to give priority to or moved to split days.

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