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What is Genie?

Genie Review:

Welcome to this Genie Review and Demo. For those of you looking to save time and effort put into the tedious task of syndicating, or pushing out content onto social media sites, this is exactly the tool for you.

As a long time content creator, one of the things I used to hate was that after spending so much time on content creation, it would often take almost as much time to push my content out in order to get it set up for traffic.

As a content creator, you are often in an expressive mood, it’s doing something you love, and while in that headspace it can be a real downer to then perform administrative tasks like content repurposing and such.

Genie solves this problem for you. The team behind Genie have put together this amazing platform to solve the problem for those who, like me, despise the tedious process of content sharing and curation..

In this Genie demo, we take a deep dive into showing you exactly how that works, and as well as that I’ve also thrown in a bundle of my own Bonuses to ensure that you absolutely get the most out of Genie, and you absolutely do not fail to find success with it.

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