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Covert Social Press Review Overview

covert social press review

Welcome to this in-depth Covert Social Press Review. Covert Social Press is “More than just a WordPress theme,” according to its creators. For my money, that pretty much hits the nail on the head. The team at IM Wealth Builders have decided to go one or two steps beyond a simple Theme, and allow you to create a full blown social network right out of your WordPress site.

“An entire social network?” I hear you say.

Well, not like Facebook or Instagram. But, think more about the likes of Medium, Digg and StumbleUpon. These Social Networks became overnight giants as far as content goes, and for two simple reasons.

  1. None of the content was there’s
  2. They realized the whole duplicate content rule on Google was a myth.

Well, not completely a myth. But, Google doesn’t actually discriminate too badly on the same content being spread out throughout multiple site. It’s more about content appearing multiple times on the same site.

This opens the door for individuals to have a blog that generates massive amounts of content, at the click of a button.


This wouldn’t be a Covert Social Press review without talking features. First of all, the platform doesn’t only allow you to take from larger sites. It also allows users to become members of your site and submit content of their own. This model is how Digg, Medium, and StumbleUpon work.

This allows for your site to become an authority of content production because of the shear rate at which you are publishing. You could easily do 20 articles a day, and then your viewers could add to that.

But that’s not all.

covert social press review

Every user that joins your site is also giving you their email. This allows you to generate not only a site that is pumping content out at the rate of CNN or the BBC (in a single niche, if you’d like). But, you’re also passively building a huge mailing list of members.

And how does the quote go?

Money is made in the list!


For anyone working on a niche website or looking to gain exposure to your own work this could be right up your alley. Creating a content curation site that can pump out lots of content will quickly make you an authority in your niche.

By piggybacking of headlines like you saw in the video example, you’re able to jump on trending topics with ease. This would quickly lead to you becoming an authority in whatever niche you choose.

Used in conjunction with Google Alerts and sites like PopURLS, you could have literally every article written about your niche pumped out daily. Right there on your site.

The potential is huge. Imagine becoming that niche-specific Ariana Huffington or LadBible. Very possible, if you chose to remain consistent. Forget the fact that you might even have your own content that you could submit to your new authority site at will?

It’s like being an ammateur poet, but you also on the New York Times. You have a platform for anything else you want to do.

There’s just massive potential in this product. It’s definitely worth checking out, especially at its current very low price point. Also, because you’re a Self Made Newbie viewer and I appreciate you. If you click the link below you’ll also get access to 5 FREE bonuses that will supplement Covert Social Press really well.

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