Coming Up With Ideas For Content

If you have been through the Self Made Newbie Free Training then you are probably already “in the know” of how to draw viewers to your site. This video takes a piece out of the CEC (Create Engage Capture) model. Namely the Engage stage, which is the stage you need to be spending the most time.

If you haven’t taken the Training, I suggest you do. These tips will simply make more sense to you. You need to learn the fundamentals of blogging before these small tips and tweaks make sense.

Get in on the Free training if you haven’t already.

Remember that creating content doesn’t need to be an ordeal, or a time for racking your brain. You simply need to open your eyes!

Don’t Create. Listen and Document.

That’s the formula.

Enjoy the video! Oh! Drop your thoughts in the comments, too, and if you aren’t subscribed already, smash that button for daily content!

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