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Should You Use Bots On Social Media?

People often wonder should they use bots on Social Media, especially on Instagram. I give my experience with what to expect, and how you should really think about your end game, as opposed to just being a slave to a number, as well as the real numbers you should be focused on. (Hint: It’s not […]

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Coming Up With Ideas For Content

If you have been through the Self Made Newbie Free Training then you are probably already “in the know” of how to draw viewers to your site. This video takes a piece out of the CEC (Create Engage Capture) model. Namely the Engage stage, which is the stage you need to be spending the most […]

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How Long Does it Take To Make Money Blogging?

A question that got posed to me recently was how long does it take to make money blogging. And, if it was possible to make money within 3 months. I could hit you with the fluffy answer that success and monetary goals are different to each person. Instead, let’s just assume you mean enough money […]

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How To Be More Efficient

In this video we look at how to be more efficient. I offer a dangerously simple time management tip that will increase your productive efficiency on a day to day basis. Whether you’re a university student or working and struggling to find time for your side hustle, I’ve personally found that one key to efficiency […]

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