Should You Use Bots On Social Media?

Should You Use Bots On Social Media

People often wonder should they use bots on Social Media, especially on Instagram. I give my experience with what to expect, and how you should really think about your end game, as opposed to just being a slave to a number, as well as the real numbers you should be focused on. (Hint: It’s not Instagram follower count)

Coming Up With Ideas For Content

blog content ideas

If you have been through the Self Made Newbie Free Training then you are probably already “in the know” of how to draw viewers to your site. This video takes a piece out of the CEC (Create Engage Capture) model. Namely the Engage stage, which is the stage you need to be spending the most time.

If you haven’t taken the Training, I suggest you do. These tips will simply make more sense to you. You need to learn the fundamentals of blogging before these small tips and tweaks make sense.

Get in on the Free training if you haven’t already.

Remember that creating content doesn’t need to be an ordeal, or a time for racking your brain. You simply need to open your eyes!

Don’t Create. Listen and Document.

That’s the formula.

Enjoy the video! Oh! Drop your thoughts in the comments, too, and if you aren’t subscribed already, smash that button for daily content!

How Long Does it Take To Make Money Blogging?

How long does it take to make money blogging

A question that got posed to me recently was how long does it take to make money blogging. And, if it was possible to make money within 3 months.

I could hit you with the fluffy answer that success and monetary goals are different to each person. Instead, let’s just assume you mean enough money to quit your job and to be financially free.

Since, that’s what you mean…

How Long Does it Take To Make Money Blogging? Well, You get out what you put in…

The answer for me is still similar to, “How long is a piece of string.” The answer you seek is going to be determined by one simple factor. What are you putting into it?

If you want be a blogger who gets paid from creating profitable blogs you have to do the work. There are no two ways about it.

Doing one post a week for a year, it’ll take you longer than someone who does a post a day for a year. That’s assuming you are both using correct keyword research, and are setting up your blogs properly with SEO optimization.

What about in 3 months?

It’s uncommon for someone to make this kind of money that quickly. Within the first 3 months, Google isn’t even taking your site seriously to be honest.

From my experience with blogging and even YouTube channel creation, something seems to happen around the 2-3 month mark. It’s almost as if Google has decides to take you seriously after that time. It realizes your blog is updated so often that it isn’t just some new years resolution pet project someone has decided to do, and then leave after a few weeks.

Carrying on from that, I would say that; you goal shouldn’t be to make money in 3 months. It should be; can you remain consistent for 3 months?

3 months is a funny old time period. It’s how long it takes to build traction on blogging. How long it takes to start losing significant weight. It’s even often the time you decided if someone you’re dating is worth carrying on dating in the long term.

The 3 month hurdle seems to be everywhere, and it’s going to be one of many hurdles. One thing I know about that hurdle though is that it’s not a hurdle where you should hope to be celebrating.

It’s simply way to soon.

It should be a target that you see as a goal to reach. Simply because very few people can last 3 months with a new endeavour of any sort.

Did you choose the correct niche?

One thing I would ask yourself is if you have been creating content and your problem is that you think you’re running out of ideas for content, then perhaps another visit to the first quarter of this post might serve you well.

Remember! The goal is to start blogs around things you’re passionate about. Topics you can talk about easily, not what you think is going to be profitable.

Any niche can be profitable.

So, How long does it take to make money online blogging?

In the book, “Knowing oneself,” the author and Harvard Professor, Peter Drucker talks about an idea known as feedback analysis. This is when you run experiments on ideas your have for 12-18 months and then stop and evaluate, with humility.

I would follow this advice, and try to remain somewhat emotionally detached from your blog.

Aim to see decent monetary returns around the 12-18 month mark. And by 12-18 months I don’t mean 1 post a week. I mean working every day.

If you are getting close to the year mark and you’re stumped with what to write about, you kind of hate your topic, or you realize you aren’t that good at what you’re doing? Perhaps then it’s time to take stock and pivot onto something else.

If you want extra help I suggest going to my homepage, here – and clicking on the “Stare Here” link. After you complete that there is more training to be had at the bottom of the page! ALL FREE.

If you are ready to invest a little money for an all in one platform, I recommend going here, and checking out the review of my favourite blogging/training platform.

Best of luck!

How To Be More Efficient

how to be more efficient

In this video we look at how to be more efficient. I offer a dangerously simple time management tip that will increase your productive efficiency on a day to day basis.

Whether you’re a university student or working and struggling to find time for your side hustle, I’ve personally found that one key to efficiency is the creation of actionable lists. Ones you continue to complete on a day to day basis until they become habits.

The beauty of this method is as you develop your habits, which scientists say takes roughly 68 days, you start to become a lot more efficient at completing them. This enables you to free up more time and get even more things done.

In my opinion this time management tip IS the definition of “working smart.”

The Method

Step 1

Think about what you want to accomplish in any given day, whether it’s a large singular task like a video. Maybe it’s also something you are going to chip away at over time, like online course or digital product creation.

Step 2

Open Evernote or other Note taking app. Make 3 Headings. Morning, Day, Evening. Then, under each heading write what you plan to do during those pockets of time.

In my case, I have a few hours in the morning, and a few hours at night. I produce rough content, both video and written in the morning, and in the evening I edit and clean everything up.

In the day time I will engage with my audience and offer help to people. This is during commuting hours or whenever I find myself idle. Small pockets of time, 1 minute here, 5 minutes there can really add up throughout the day.

List building

Step 3

Check off all of the things you have completed before going to bed. If you didn’t finish everything, try and reflect on what you need to move around and what you need to give priority to or moved to split days.