best electric shaker bottle

The 5+ Best Electric Shaker Bottles For 2023 (Compared)

Thanks for checking this article on the best electric shaker bottles. Are you looking for a better way to mix your protein shakes and supplements?

Most people just use a spoon or shake their bottle by hand to mix their drinks. But that can lead to chunks and an uneven distribution of ingredients. The best electric shaker bottles have blades that spin at high speeds to mix your drinks perfectly every time – without all the shaking.

Not only will you get a more consistent shake, but you’ll also save time. No more standing over the blender, trying to mix everything evenly. With an electric shaker bottle, you can just throw all the ingredients in, close the lid, and press a button.

In seconds, you’ll have a perfectly mixed drink – without all the cleanup. Check out this list of the best electric shaker bottles currently on the market.

best electric shaker bottle

Why You Should Get An Electric Shaker Bottle

An electric shaker bottle is a fantastic investment for anyone looking to take their health and nutrition seriously. With so many amazing benefits, there’s no reason not to consider adding one to your collection of healthy lifestyle gadgets and accessories.

Electric shaker bottles are not only incredibly convenient and easy to use, but they also add convenience and safety to your meal prep routine by letting you blend shakes, smoothies, juices, soups, and more with the push of a button.

Not only that but accidental over-mixing can be prevented with precise controls that regulate the rotation speed of the inner blades.

What To Look For When Choosing An Electric Shaker Bottle

When selecting an electric shaker bottle, there are some key features to consider. It is important to think about the durability and performance of the motor, ensuring years of reliable use.

  1. Design – The design of the container should also be taken into account, as it needs to be easy to handle and maintain while providing an adequate seal when closed.
  2. Quality – Look for a product with a strong, quality construction that won’t leak or break easily. 
  3. Features – Look for features such as adjustable speeds and multiple blending functions that make preparing smoothies or shakes easier than ever before.
  4. Insulation – Whether or not you need an insulated bottle is something to think about considering liquids will stay hot/cold inside. 
  5. Service – Quality customer service is another factor to keep in mind when choosing an electric shaker bottle; a company that stands by its product and provides exemplary customer service will give you peace of mind for many years.

The 5 Best Electric Shaker Bottles

Best Electric Shaker BottleColorsCapacityPriceRecommendation
1. PROMiXX Pro Shaker Bottle (iX-R Edition)Silver/Blue/Grey600ml (20oz)$34.99Best Overall
2. VOLTRX Premium Electric Shaker BottleBlack700ml (24oz)$29.98Best Large Size
3. PROMiXX Charge Shaker BottleBlack600ml
$49.99Best Charging Capabilities
4. LeadNear Electric Shaker BottleBlack650ml
$20.99Best Design / Cleaning
5. mountop Electric Shaker BottleGrey443ml (15oz)$16.99Best Budget / Compact

1. PROMiXX Pro Shaker Bottle (iX-R Edition)

Best overall
best electric shaker bottle

PROMiXX (iX-R Edition)

4.3 (8,626 ratings)
  • Brand: Promixx
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Type: Wide neck
  • Color: Silver Blue/Gray
  • Capacity: 600ml
  • Care: Hand Wash Only
  • Dimensions: 3.54″W x 9.06″
  • Weight: 12.3 ounces
  • Batteries: Lithium Polymer Rechargeable (Included)

Key Features

  • Enjoy all the benefits of a smooth, lump-free protein shake! No more shaking or stirring is required. Performance Vortex Mixer comes with stainless steel trim and patented X-Blade technology to give you that perfect delicious blend every time – no solids left behind. Just add water first, followed by your favorite protein powder.
  • Durable and easy to clean, this bottle is odorless, BPA/DEHP free, and simple to maintain. Just add warm water and detergent inside the PROMiXX electric shaker bottle; turn it on, and watch as your bottle cleans itself.
  • Make life easier with Airtight Supplement Storage’s NUTRiPOD! Keep nutrition on the go securely and efficiently with a 4.5oz/130ml size container. The special through-flow lid allows you to use your shaker bottle as a water bottle without any worries about the contents being compromised or ruined inside. With this unique storage system, it’s never been simpler to bring supplements along wherever you go!
  • Boasting a robust battery, this rechargeable power source will endure your toughest workouts. To restore its energy, simply detach the base and connect the USB cable (provided), then wait until it’s indicated on the green to reveal that it is fully charged – make sure to do so before you begin exercising!
  • The PROMiXX Pro is the perfect gift for athletes, boasting a stylish design and innovative functionality. After six years of dedication to product development, this unique item has been tested and recommended worldwide by professional athletes with an accompanying 1-year warranty plus industry-leading customer service.
best electric shaker bottle


PROMiXX Pro Shaker Bottle (iX-R Edition) is the priciest on the list at $34.99 and comes with a lithium battery, cable, and instructions. Also, a 1-year warranty. (Click the green button below to check the exact, lowest pricing)

Bottom Line

The PROMiXX iX-R Edition is the best electric shaker bottle overall and includes everything you would want from the size, features, extras, and additional support. If you’re looking to skip the line and go with a no-nonsense electric shaker option, this is it.

2. VOLTRX Premium Electric Shaker Bottle

Best large size (24oz)
best electric shaker bottle

VOLTRX Premium

4.3 (12,475 ratings)
  • Brand: ‎VOLTRX
  • Material: ‎Infant Grade Tritan (BPA Free)
  • Color‎: Black
  • Capacity: ‎700ml
  • Care: ‎Hand Wash Only
  • Dimensions‎: 3.55″W x 9.8″H
  • Weight: ‎0.39 – 0.55lbs
  • Batteries: Lithium Rechargeable (Included)

Key Features

  • Get the most for your money with the VOLTRX VortexBoost mixing bottle! Crafted from Tritan, which is both shatter-resistant and adheres to infant safety standards – plus it’s totally BPA-free. Go ahead, use it however you’d like without worry.
  • Step into the spotlight with a vortex-mixing showstopper! Whether you’re looking to shape up or power through your workouts, this 24oz (700ml) capacity blender is ideal for all of your fitness goals. Not only does it allow for sensational mixing capabilities, but its measurements go beyond 20 ounces – making it an indispensable tool for achieving outstanding results.
  • Treat yourself to a month of uninterrupted device use with just two hours of charging! The powerful motor will guarantee year-round battery life if you utilize your device three times every week – no more stressing about recharging each day. Enjoy peak performance even when the power is running low, without leaving any chunks behind!
  • Effortlessly clean – combine warm water with soap and turn on the mixer! Plus, its IPX5 certification allows you to easily wash off any dirt particles from the outside. Effortless cleaning made simple.
  • VOLTRX VortexBoost rechargeable electric shaker bottle is here to make your life easier, backed by a worry-free 1-year warranty and world-class customer service. Have no fear if the power runs out – it’s supplied with a Micro USB-C charging cable so you can charge up again in no time! Comes packaged specially for optimal protection and convenience.
best electric shaker bottle


The VOLTRX Premium is currently $29.98 including lithium battery, NUTRiPOD storage, USB-C charging cable, and manual. Also, a 1-year warranty. (Click the green button below to check the exact, lowest pricing)

Bottom Line

The Voltrx Premium is the best electric shaker bottle for those looking for that bit extra to take along on their workout. The largest option on the list, the Voltrx Premium will hold 24oz of liquid as well as a NUTRiPOD storage space for supplements. A Solid option for those wanting a bit extra.

3. PROMiXX Charge Shaker Bottle

best charging options
best electric shaker bottle

PROMiXX Charge

4.4 (1,002 ratings)
  • Brand‎: Promixx
  • Material: ‎Plastic (BPA/DEHP Free)
  • Color‎: Black
  • Capacity: ‎600 Milliliters
  • Care: Hand Wash Only
  • Dimensions: ‎9.13 x 3.54 x 3.46 inches
  • Weight‎: 1.18 pounds
  • Batteries‎: 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required (Not Included)
  • Extras: USB input, NUTRiPOD Supplement Storage, Manual.

Key Features

  • Ready for a smooth and delicious-tasting protein shake? With the performance vortex mixer that features revolutionary X-Blade technology, you can make it happen. No more lumps or shaking are required! Simply add water first—no solids necessary—and whip up your favorite beverage in no time.
  • Bring your device-charging Battery with you to the gym, and gain the ability to both supercharge your protein shakes and power up your devices at once. Easily detach it from its protective sleeve when in need of a juice boost or a quick cleaning.
  • No more wasted time on recharging – now you can enjoy maximum workouts without interruption! Before using it for the first time, make sure that all components are fully charged – easy as one, two three!
  • Constructed with sturdy Tritan material, this electric shaker bottle is impact-resistant and created to last. Not only is it safe for everyday use since it’s BPA/DEHP free, but also incredibly easy to clean. Simply add warm water and some detergent into the bottle, turn on your electric shaker and watch as your device cleans itself!
  • With Airtight Protein Storage’s integrated NUTRiPOD, you can safely store your supplements on the go in just 4.5oz/130ml – and the best part? It comes with a through-flow lid so that you can use it as both a shaker bottle and water bottle while keeping all of your essential supplements dry!
  • Give the gift of fitness with Charge! After six years of relentless product development and innovation, they are proud to present a stunningly designed piece of equipment that has earned rave reviews from athletes all around the globe.
  • Each purchase comes with a 1-year warranty and unparalleled customer service experience – so you know your loved ones are in good hands when they receive this perfect fitness gift.
best electric shaker bottle


The PROMiXX Charge is $49.99 and comes with USB input, NUTRiPOD Supplement Storage, and Manual. Also, a 1-year warranty. (Click the green button below to check the exact, lowest pricing)

Bottom Line

The PROMiXX Charge is the best electric shaker bottle for those wanting a premium option with multiple charging capabilities. This is the second PROMiXX on the list and also contains NUTRiPOD supplement storage and a decent-sized bottle.

The appeal of this choice over the others is the direct charging functionality straight from your cellphone. For those who want that kind of functionality on the go, in a solid electric shaker bottle, this is the one for you.

4. LeadNear Electric Shaker Bottle

Best design & Cleaning
best electric shaker bottle


3.9 (379 ratings)
  • Brand: ‎LeadNear
  • Material‎: Tritan (BPA Free)
  • Color‎: Black
  • Capacity: ‎650 Milliliters
  • Care: Hand Wash Only
  • Dimensions:‎ 3.94″W x 8.27″
  • Weight‎: 16 ounces
  • Batteries‎: Lithium Ion batteries (included)
  • Warranty Description: ‎When you purchase the electric protein shaker bottle, you are rewarded with 24-hour free email support and quick refunds. Guaranteed satisfaction for the long term; regardless of what reason, returns accepted.

Key Features

  • LeadNear protein shaker bottles offer a more efficient blending experience than any other type of shaker bottle. The powerful built-in battery-operated blender inside these bottles will ensure that all powdered additions are mixed up smoothly and completely – no clumps in your drinks!
  • LeadNear electric shakers get perfectly blended within eight seconds saving you time from having to shake the mixture for longer periods. Get smoother shakes with less effort when you go with LeadNear’s protein shaker bottle.
  • The motor has been revolutionized with cool-flow technology, providing you with lump-free protein shakes in mere seconds. Furthermore, the battery is three times more powerful than most products on the market; when fully charged it can be used for up to two months (based on a weekly use pattern).
  • To top it off, the LeadNear mixer presents an upgraded version of its vortex mixer featuring 2.0 capabilities and an intensified motor unit that delivers extra mixing power.
  • LeadNear’s protein shaker is the ultimate sidekick for any fitness enthusiast! Made from food-grade 100% Tritan material, it is BPA-free and shatterproof. So no more worrying about lingering smells or breaking your bottle in a gym bag.
  • Plus you can clean this vortex shaker in a matter of seconds: just add water and detergent to the electric cup, press the On/Off button – then rinse off after a few moments – et voilà, sparkling clean!
  • Looking for a special present to show your appreciation and support of their fitness goals? Look no further than the LeadNear electric shaker bottle! This amazing gift will be perfect for birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and more.
  • The innovative design allows them to get tasks done faster and with greater ease – hassle-free convenience they’ll love. Plus, after purchase, you can enjoy 180 days of returns service and 365 days warranty in case any issues arise.
  • LeadNear guarantees superior quality with this electric protein shaker bottle – one that can endure high-intensity use for extended periods of time. LeadNear’s commitment to excellence is further strengthened by the 1-year warranty and 180-day refund service they provide; no other shaker bottles come close! If ever you have any doubts or queries about this product, don’t hesitate to contact LeadNear.
best electric shaker bottle


The LeadNear Electric Shaker Bottle is $20.99 and comes with a lithium battery, manual, 1-year warranty, and 180-day refund. (Click the green button below to check the exact, lowest pricing)

Bottom Line

The LeadNear Electric Shaker Bottle is the best electric shaker bottle for those looking for design and easy cleaning and is a solid budget option that includes everything you need in a sleek, unique design.

For those of you who value design, especially when it comes to easy cleaning, LeadNear has clearly made this a focal point of this model.

No corners, nooks, or crannies to struggle with here. With the removable rounded container, this is a great option design-wise and with all the features and support you need.

5. mountop Electric Shaker Bottle

Best compact option
best electric shaker bottle


3.5 (306 ratings)
  • Brand: mountop
  • Material: Plastic (BPA Free / Odorless)
  • Color: Grey
  • Capacity: 443ml (15oz)
  • Care: Hand Wash Only
  • Dimensions: 2.85″W x 7.48″H
  • Weight: 7.8 ounces
  • Batteries‎: 2x AAA (Not included)

Key Features

  • Crafted from odorless, BPA-free food-grade Tritan material, the mountop electric shaker bottle gives you peace of mind when mixing your protein shakes.
  • With the Electric Shaker Bottle, you can mix your favorite drinks quickly and easily! Just rotate the handle to insert two AAA batteries, then press the white button. The ergonomic design of its handle makes it comfortable to carry wherever you go! Enjoy a delicious shake any time with no hassle at all.
  • This cup has a capacity of 450ml which makes it ideal for pre-workout protein shakes, yet its leak-proof design promises to keep all of your items dry. Enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that this one-of-a-kind cup offers!
  • Time-Saving Cleaning: Measuring in at 4cm, this bottle is not just easy to fill but also incredibly simple to clean. To start your first use of the product, combine some warm water with a detergent and use a cup brush for cleaning. You’ll be amazed by how fast and easy it is!
  • For the ultimate gym buddy, look no further than this superior mixing power. With smooth shakes and the better taste promised to you, it’s ideal for protein shakes, pre and post-workout drinks, or meal replacements! Get ready to take your workouts up a notch with Perfect Partner.
best electric shaker bottle


The mountop Shaker Bottle is $16.99. AAA batteries are not included.

Bottom Line

The mountop Shaker bottle is the best electric shaker bottle for those wanting a budget and compact option. If you want to travel light and aren’t concerned with frequent charging or any additional features like supplement storage, this electric shaker bottle is the best compact option out there for those who like to keep things simple.

Wrap Up

Thank you for checking out this article on the best electric shaker bottles. I hope I’ve listed something here for everybody.

After analyzing the many options in electric shaker bottles, there is no doubt that they are an indispensable tool when it comes to preparing protein shakes and smoothies. With its easy-to-use design and multiple settings, you can quickly make precisely blended drinks with any supplement of your choice.

Thanks to the well-designed seals, you don’t have to worry about spills or leaks as you take these portable bottles along with you for an on-the-go lifestyle.

Electric shaker bottles are more than a convenient accessory – they are an essential requirement for anyone looking to stay healthy and get their proteins and nutrients on the go.

Are there any other questions you have on the best shaker bottles? Drop them below – and I’ll see if I can accommodate you.

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