Aurora Software Review – Create Passive Income Using Webinars, IG and Pinterest

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Overview of Aurora

Welcome to this In-depth Aurora Software Review. Aurora is an All-in-One system that automatically sends targeted traffic from Pinterest and Instagram to Professional Webinar pages. These pages are designed to help you earn commissions on high-ticket items.

aurora software review
The Aurora Training Dashboard

It is, in and of itself, an entire system for making money online. Essentially, you would only need to follow a few steps. Then you’d be able to sit back and make commissions.

Those steps would be:

  1. Finding a product
  2. Creating a video around the product, or using another marketers video, which would mean you’d make commissions from their product.
  3. Setup your Webinar page within Aurora (Takes seconds)
  4. Setup your Pinterest/Instagram Accounts (or Buy them in Aurora)
  5. Apply your Automation within Pinterest/Instagram
  6. Sit back and watch the traffic flow in!

Does that seem like a lot? Because if you where using someone elses product/video, it would probably take you less than 10 minutes to set all that up.

And using your own product/video would depend on how long you spent editing.

Aurora Features

Aurora is separated into 3 main parts. The product is set up for you to use in a very linear fashion. From Training to Setup.

In-depth Training 

How to setup an awesome push button method for driving traffic to an affiliate Webinar page that can earn you passive commissions at the push of a button.

Advanced Automatic following of Pinterest and Instagram Users  

When you auto-follow targeted users, it prompts many of them to check out your profile and see what your link/webinar is all about.

Simple & Effective Webinar Pages

These include a basic pre-made video that you can create (or use affiliate product videos) as well as a simple call to action button that leads your audience into buying.

Watch the FULL Indepth Review & Demo!


If you’re looking to make money online in a new and unique way that doesn’t require a lot of grunt work on your end. This might be the product you are looking for.

The social media automation to webinar affiliate page combo is an upgrade on a classic method. This has proven to generate big results for people in the past. It is also dynamic enough that you could incorporate this “Aurora Method” into any current business model that you are using, regardless of what niche you are in.

It’s definitely something I will personally be using. Pinterest has had a flame lit under it recently and I feel like more and more of my reviews are relating to it.

The reason is simple. The Pinterest Audience is a buying audience.

Pinterest, unlike Facebook and Instagram, also promotes links to external website within your content. This is great for anyone trying to drive traffic off-site to a blog, product/offer, or webinar.

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